101 Sex Positions: Steamy New Positions From Mild to Wild

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Ulysses Press, 28‏/04‏/2008 - 112 من الصفحات
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Fully dedicated to offering new positions. This is the most attractive and most complete positions book with 101 positions and an average of over 3 photos for each positions.101 SEX POSITIONS Nothing spices up your sex life faster than a new position. Open to any page in this book and discover exciting new thrills you can try tonight. From the Semi-Lotus, Swan, and Sweet Music to the Rock and Roll, Cobra and Whirlwind, the positions emphasize the fun, adventure and enjoyment of experimenting with previously unexplored pleasures.Over 300 photos illustrating positions of all types and at all levels of difficulty: *Woman on Top*Standing*From Behind*Sitting*Oral on Her*Man on Top*Oral on Him*Tantric Pleasure*G-Spot Stimulation*Side by Side

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In her 20-year career as a British newspaper and women’s magazine journalist, Samantha Taylor has interviewed swingers, porn stars and fetish fans, advised women on how to improve their love lives and has been sent on assignment sampling everything from pole dancing to erotic scriptwriting. Publications she has edited or contributed to include the Daily Star newspaper, Real, Now, and Full House! She lives in London, UK.

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