Differentiated Instruction: Making it Work : a Practical Guide to Planning, Managing, and Implementing Differentiated Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Learners

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Scholastic/Teaching Resources, 2004 - 144 من الصفحات
How can you meet the needs of all your students amid the realities of day-to-day teaching? The answer is differentiated instruction. Veteran teacher Patti Drapeau demonstrates how to make it work in real classrooms with real students from a variety of backgrounds who exhibit a variety of learning styles. Ensuring that all these students successfully meet the standards can be a challenge, but this book will show you how. Recognizing that it's impractical to individualize instruction, Patti shares ideas for differentiating your curriculum into three levels. Within each level, questions and tasks can be presented from simple to more complex and can incorporate a variety of learning styles, so that all students interact with the content at appropriate levels. Patti grounds her teaching in research, drawing on the work of Lev Vygotsky, Eric Jensen, Robert Sternberg, and Howard Gardner. From this research base and her own experience, she offers practical strategies for implementing differentiated instruction.

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Patti Drapeau is currently on the adjunct faculty at the University of Southern Maine. She travels nationally and internationally as a consultant and speaker on instructional issues such as differentiation and curriculum integration, and in the past has served as the president of Maine Educators of the Gifted and Talented. A veteran classroom teacher, she is also the author of Scholastic's best-selling Great Teaching with Graphic Organizers.

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