Leading from the Front: From Army to Corporate World

الغلاف الأمامي
Sterling Publishers Private Limited, 2008 - 260 من الصفحات
This book is a treatise on management by a world-renowned technocrat, a legend with over 58 years of hands-on-experience, within the country and abroad, in a variety of industrial manufacturing units, both in the public and private sectors, Army (corps of EME), management and technical institutes and professional associations. It is an invaluable guide which covers topics such as leadership development, long--term vision for growth of business, impact of morale and motivation of employees on enterprise performance, oil security and management of the oil sector for energy security and the impact of emotional intelligence of a leader and his knowledge of human psychology. It also gives insights into the use of the training and experience of service officers, for assisting the corporate world with distinction, as and when an opportunity arises. "Leading from the Front" is a priceless possession for policy-makers, politicians, bureaucrats, promoters, entrepreneurs, teachers and students of management, professional managers, historians, media professionals and officers of the armed forces. A definite ace up your sleeve to motivate yourself and those whom you manage.

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حول المؤلف (2008)

Col. S. P. Wahi has been a top executive at several large corporations in India. He is also active in the public sector and has served as the chairman of the Standing Conference of Public Sector Enterprises. He recently received the Life Time Achievement Award Petrotech 2007 for his work in the upstream oil sector.

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