Muhammad in History, Thought, and Culture: An Encyclopedia of the Prophet of God, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
Coeli Fitzpatrick, Adam Hani Walker
ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2014 - 784 من الصفحات

This in-depth examination of the life, history, and influence of Muhammad as discussed by leading scholars provides a wide-ranging look at the prophet's legacy unlike any other in the field of Islamic and culture studies.

Within the Islamic world, the prophet Muhammad's influence is profound. But even outside of the religion of Islam, this visionary had a wide-ranging impact on history, society, literature, art, philosophy, and theology. Within this work's more than 200 A-Z entries, internationally recognized scholars summarize views of Muhammad from the earliest editors of the Qu'ran to contemporary Muslim theologians. This detailed resource explores the traditions, ceremonies, and beliefs of Islam as they have spread worldwide, and examines Muhammad's role in other religious traditions as well as the secular world.

Muhammad in History, Thought, and Culture: An Encyclopedia of the Prophet of God distills 14 centuries of thinking about Muhammad, fully capturing his enduring legacy. This encyclopedia will benefit any reader seeking a greater understanding of the founder of Islam, the fastest-growing religion in the world. No other publication discusses Muhammad at such a high level of detail while remaining easily accessible to non-specialist, Western audiences.

  • Documents Muhammad's broad impact on history, culture, and society
  • Shares viewpoints from more than 100 scholars in the field of Islamic studies to provide different perspectives on how Muhammad's life and beliefs have changed the course of history
  • Explores Muhammad's changing image--and controversies over his depiction and the communication of his ideas--in art, music, and literature
  • Provides an in-depth overview of Muhammad's influences on secular life and culture

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Coeli Fitzpatrick is associate professor of philosophy in the Frederik Meijer Honors College at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI.

Adam Hani Walker is pursuing his doctorate in Islamic history and completed his undergraduate studies in Arabic (University of Leeds) and postgraduate studies in law (Leeds Law School) in the United Kingdom.

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