Teaching Translation and Interpreting: Advances and Perspectives

الغلاف الأمامي
Łukasz Bogucki, Mikołaj Deckert
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012 - 212 من الصفحات
Translation is a phenomenon that affects us all on a daily basis, the more so now that dissemination of information is greatly enhanced by modern technology. However, there are no strict regulations on who can become a translator and what qualifications are required. The contributors to this volume strive to find out whether translators are taught, self-taught or trained, what the teaching or training programmes are like and how they can be improved.

This is a companion volume to Teaching Translation and Interpreting: Challenges and Practices (edited by Å ukasz Bogucki, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010). It contains papers delivered at two international conferences devoted to teaching translation and interpreting, organised in Å Ã3dÅ°, Poland, as well as invited contributions. The authors are translation and interpreting scholars and teachers from leading Polish and Ukrainian universities.

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