The Boy who knew The Mountains

الغلاف الأمامي
AlHudhud Publishing And Distribution, 2017

 His family and tribe had misunderstood the boy who knew the mountains. But we knew, he was indeed special.

In this charming tale, a young boy living alone in the mountains rescues a girl who is lost. Upon returning to her village, they are greeted by cheering family and friends. Ultimately, the characters in this story gain an understanding and acceptance of the boy who knew the mountains.

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 Michele C. Ziolkowski B.A. (Honours, Class 1), Grad. Dip. (Information Management.), Ph.D. (Archaeology).

Born: 9th July 1970.

Address: PO Box 432,


United Arab Emirates.

Tel: +971 9 223 3293

Mobile: +971 50 629 9060


Tertiary Education:

Graduate Diploma in Information Management-Librarianship, The University of New South Wales, 1995.

Bachelor of Arts, First Class Honours, University of Sydney, 1996. (Majors: in Archaeology and Fine Arts) (Honours: Near Eastern Archaeology). 

Doctor of Philosophy (Arts), Near Eastern Archaeology, (supervisor: Professor D.T. Potts), University of Sydney, 2002. Thesis title: The Historical Archaeology of the Coast of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates: from the Eve of Islam to the Early Twentieth Century, Volumes I & II.

Relevant Work Experience:

Photographic Assistant: 31-8-89 to 7-12-90, Phillip Mackey & Associates.

Freelance Photographer: since 1991.

Nicholson Museum School Education Programme, University of Sydney, 1997.

Position: Casual tutor.

Education Officer: Helen Nicholson.

University of Sydney, Archaeological Society.

Position: Secretary.

The Archaeology of Western Asia (NE 101), University of Sydney.

Semester Two, 1997.

Position: Casual tutor.

Course coordinator: Dr A. Betts.

The Archaeology of the Near East (NE 101), University of Sydney.

Semester One, 1998.

Position: Casual tutor.

Course coordinator: Prof. D.T. Potts.

1998/99: Consultant for the Fujairah Museum, UAE.

Museum research and display.

1999: Research Consultant for the fujairah Museum, UAE.

London: Archival Research.

Material Studies (2901), School of Archaeology, University of Sydney.

Semester One, 2001.

Position: Casual Lecturer.

Course coordinator: Dr A. Betts.

ADIAS (Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey) Associate Archaeologist.2001-2006.

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