The Hounds of Hell: And Other SM Tales

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L.T. Publications [L. Townsend], 2000 - 224 من الصفحات
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Larry Townsend has been writing kinky stories for decades, and "The Hounds Of Hell" is one of his many collections. The key factor in this book is that Townsend has created settings for each story to different historical locales and then allowed his kinky imagination to roam the period. Populating "The Hounds Of Hell" are Egyptian Princes, England's elite in the early 1900's, World War II soldiers, Viet Nam War covert-operatives, and in one of the book's best pieces, an erotic re-imagining of the tale of Aladdin and his Lamp. What sets Townsend's work apart from many other writers in the SM field is his attention to detail and his command of the language. In "Prisoner Of War," his description of the German farmhouse is so perfect that you feel the dank of the abandoned basement. He also has an emotional feel for the characters in his stories. You often gain insight into what attracts these men to their fetishes and their actions, more so than most writers in the genre.

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حول المؤلف (2000)

Larry Townsend has been in the forefront as a writer of male - to - male stories since the late 1960's. His numerous novels, short stories and articles have mostly dealt with leather/SM subject matter, although he has also written science fiction and historical pieces. He makes his home in CA.

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