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Nader sabry , 01‏/01‏/2021 - 300 من الصفحات

Less than 1% of companies grow. But with a systematic and creative approach to growth that changes everything. Growth thinking is a new approach changing the way organizations grow.

Nader Sabry, author of the bestselling book Ready Set Growth Hack, created growth thinking to exponentially change your results in a quick, easy and creative way…

Growth thinking helps leaders who want to solve for "how to grow exponentially." If your organization needs to adapt to new realities but doesn't have the growth strategy to give you that competitive edge, growth thinking solves precisely. Growth thinking helps you go:  

From idea to action - accurately and rapidly turn growth hacking ideas into execution quickly and cost-effectively,  

Think at scale - quickly and effortlessly find methods to take an abstract growth hack, structure it and scale it, and

Save time and money - rapidly prototype your growth hacking ideas saving time and money. 

and happens through the systematic and creative process by:

Visualization - design-thinking approach to quickly and easily see how a growth hack will work, 

Systemize - turn designs into structured sequences that turn an idea into an actual growth hack, 

Optimization - instantly find improvements and generate new better growth hacks with little effort,  

Rapid development - the systematic learning approach accelerates the improvement and development of new growth hacks, and

Collaboration - swiftly and efficiently get feedback and co-create growth hacks with others.

Growth thinking helps you tackle the challenge of growing your organization – creating powerful growth hacks that supercharge your growth by testing them and executing them quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. 

If you have used one of the following methods, you would have been able to build a business, a product, or service, but what they don't do is help you grow:

Designing thinking, 

Sprint by Jake Knapp,

Business Model Generation, or 

Value Proposition Design by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

These models serve to build a business/product or service and show value, but not how to grow exponentially, and this is where Growth thinking complements these methodologies. 

Additionally, you get access to training on the process and free upgrades on advanced skill training worth $300 free. You will also get access to resources and tools for the growth thinking community. 

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Sabry’s work has been described as

“He is the guy you don’t want your competition to hire....” 

Nader Sabry is a keynote speaker, strategist, innovator, and entrepreneur as well as a leading voice in innovation, space technology, government, and health/wellness. He is a passionate advocate for inspiring the youth to embrace science and technology, through the initiative in partnership with the US Space Foundation. 

Sabry has directly raised US $20 million in venture capital, indirectly $100 million for startups he has advised or cofounded, and $3 billion in foreign direct investment. He was the 43rd person in history to be NASA Space Technology certified, has served as a judge for the US Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame, is a top-50 writer globally on, has been ranked one of the top 13 innovators in the MENA region making a difference by Step Conference, and was featured by A.T. Kearney as one of their top alumni. 

Sabry is the former CEO and Founder of TIMEZ5 Global Inc.; a Canadian space technology certified company by NASA’s Space Foundation and a GIES Innovation award winner from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. TIMEZ5 was founded in 2012 after five years of R&D selling in 37 countries; it has been recommended by healthcare professionals globally. 

Prior to TIMEZ5 Global, Sabry was head of innovation and thought leadership at A.T. Kearney, chief strategist for The Dubai Department of Economic Development, and director of strategy for the Dubai Foreign Investment Office. He has also advised several governments and Fortune 1000 companies. 

Sabry contributes to innovation globally as a published author, speaker, and lecturer, and as the former chairman of the Institute for Strategy Complexity Management forum. Additionally, he has been featured in Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Financial times – merger markets, MIT Technology Review, and NASA’s premier publication Spinoff.

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