The Pyramids: Their Archaeology and History

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Atlantic Books, 2002 - 495 من الصفحات
The pyramids of Egypt are a perennial source of fascination, wonder, and mystery. Yet there has not been an updated, complete introduction to the pyramids published in decades. This ambitious and exhaustive book offers an unparalleled guide to these incredible structures -- from the ancient culture that created them to the excavation sites that have been discovered to date. Miroslav Verner, a preeminent Egyptologist, recounts the history of ancient Egypt and describes the religious and political beliefs that gave rise to its great pyramids. He illuminates the technical, material, and organizational brilliance of the architects and workers who built these structures five thousand years ago, without iron or bronze and with only the most elementary systems of calculation. As he explains the magnitude of this accomplishment, Verner also traces the history of the pyramids' discovery and the endless myths and theories about who built them and why. The Pyramids is packed with fascinating information and insights, complemented by more than two hundred illustrative line drawings and photographs. Accessibly written and based on the most current research and findings, it is more comprehensive than any other book in print. It will likely become the definitive book on the subject, one that will appeal to experts and general audiences alike. - Publisher.

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The pyramids: the mystery culture, and science of Egypt's great monuments

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Director of the Egyptology Institute of Charles University in Prague and leader of the Czech excavations at Abusir's Fifth Dynasty pyramid field, Verner has assembled the first comprehensive study of ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله

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