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displease him, and divorce me, and there befall me therein what thou knowest. He is not mine uncle's son, that he should regard my right, nor thy neighbour in thy land, that he should be ashamed before thee.' He said: · Arise-God bless thee! Call to me Buheyseh'---naming his youngest daughter; and she was brought to him. And he spoke to her as he had spoken to her two sisters. And she said—As thou wilt.' He said _Verily I offered this to thy two sisters, and they refused.' 'Nay but I,' said she (and he had not told her what the two had said), 'By God! am the fair in face, the skilful with her bands, the noble in nature, the honourable in her father ; and if he divorce me, God will bring no good upon him thereafter.' And he said God bless thee!' Then he came forth to us and said—I wed to thee, O Hârith, Buheyseh daughter of Aus.' 'I accept her,' said el-Harith. Then Aus bade her mother make her ready and deck her for the wedding; and he gave command that a tent should be pitched for el-Harith, and lodged him therein. And when his daughter was decked out, he sent her in to el-Hârith. And when she was brought in to him, he stayed but a little space, and came forth to me ; and I said—'Hast thou prospered ? No,' said he. How was that ? I asked. He answered -When I put forth my hand to take her, she said " Stay! doest thou thus before my father and my brethren ? No, by God! this is not fitting !" Then he commanded that the camels should be made ready, and we started on our way, taking her with us. And we journeyed a space ; then he said to me-Go on ahead :' and I went on; and he turned aside with her from the road. And he had tarried but a little when he joined me again ; and I said-Hast thou prospered ?' 'No', he answered. Why ?! said I. He answered— She said to me—“ Doest thou with me as with a woman-slave that is hawked about for sale, or a captive woman taken in battle ? No, by God! until thou slay the camels, and slaughter the sheep, and call the Arabs to the feast, and do all that should be done for the like of me." ; I answered

- By God ! I see that she is a woman of a high spirit and understanding; and I hope that she will be to thee a wife who shall bear thee noble sons, if God will.' And we travelled on until we came to our country. And el-Hârith made ready the camels and the sheep, and prepared a feast; then he went in to her. And in a little while he came forth to me, and I asked him— Hast thou prospered ?' 'No,' said he. · How was that ?' I asked. He answered : ‘I went in to her and said—“LO! I have made ready the camels and the sheep as thou seest ;" she answered me—“By God! I was told that thou hadst a nobleness which I do not see in thee.'' “ How so??? I asked. She said-“Hast thou a light heart to wed women while the Arabs are slaying one another ?" " What wouldst thou have me do?" I asked. She said—“ Go forth to these thy kindred, and make peace between them : then return to thy wife, and thou shalt not miss what thou desirest." ‘By God!' said I, a noble and wise woman ! and she has spoken a goodly word!' And he said Come forth with me': so we went forth, and came to the two tribes, and walked between them with peace. And the peace was made on the condition that the slain should be reckoned up, and the price of the excess taken from that tribe who had slain more of the other. And we bore the burden of the bloodwits; and they were in all three thousand camels, which were paid in the space of three years. And we returned home with the fairest of fame ; and el-Harith went in to his wife, and she bore him sons and daughters.” So said Khârijeh ; and these two, Khârijeh and el-Hârith, are the twain whom Zubeyr praises in his song. Such is the testimony of Mohammed son of ‘Abd-el-'Azîz elJauhari.

2 Now while 'Abs and Đubyân were covenanting together for peace, a thing befell that came nigh to setting them at war again. 'Abs had pitched their tents in esh-Sharabbeh at a place called Qatan, and near them were many tents of Đubyân. Now there was a man of Đubyân, Hoşeyn son of Damdam by name, whose father Damdam had been slain in the war by 'Antarab son of Sheddâd, and his brother Herim by Ward son of Hâbis, both of the house of Ghâlib, of ‘Abs; and Hoşeyn swore that he would not wash his head until he had slain Ward or some other man of the line of Ghâlib: but none knew of this oath of his. And el-Harith son of ‘Auf son of Abû Hâritheh and his cousin Khârijeh son of Sinân had already taken upon themselves the burden of the price of blood, and ‘Abs and Đubyân mixed freely together. And a man of ‘Abs, of the house of Makhzûm, came to the tent of Hoşeyn son of Damdam and entered therein. “Who art thou, O Man ?” said Hoseyn. “Of 'Abs,” said he ; and ħoşeyn did not cease to ask his lineage until he found that he was of the house of Ghâlib; and he slew him. And news of this came to el-Harith son of ‘Auf and Herim son of Sinân his cousin, and it was grievous to them. And the news came also to the men of 'Abs, and they mounted and rode in a body towards el-Ħârith’s tent. And when el-Hârith heard of the anger that was in their hearts, and how they purposed to slay him in requital for the death of their brother, (for Hoşeyn son of Damdam was also of the line of Murrah, as was el-Ħârith son of 'Auf,) he sent to meet them a hundred camels, and with them bis son, and said to the messenger—“Say to them— Are the camels dearer to you, or your own lives ?' » messenger went forth to meet them, and spoke after this wise. And erRabî' son of Ziyâd, who was the leader of ‘Abs in that day (-3 for Qeys son of Zuheyr, their chief in the war, though he counselled the peace, yet took no part therein himself, but withdrew from his kin and went away to "Omân, where he became a Christian and spent the remainder of his days in prayer and repentance : for he said—“ By God! never again can I look

in the face a woman of Ghatafân: for verily I have slain her father or her brother or some other dear to her") --er-Raba' cried to his following

“O my people ! your brother has sent you this message Are the camels dearer to you, or will ye rather take my son and slay him in the stead of your slain ??" And they said—“ We will take the camels and be reconciled, and conclude our covenant of peace.” So peace was made, and el-Hârith and Herim gained the more praise.

And Zuheyr made this song to tell of the noble deeds of el-Harith and Khârijeh, and the rest of the house of Gheyo son of Murrab for all shared in the peace-making, though the leaders therein were elHarith and Khârijeh,

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گل میڈم

بها العين

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درب و


. مربری

من بعد عشرين حجة وقفت

و مربع معرس مرجل



، و

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من أم أوفي دمت لم تل بومانة الدراج المنتم دار تها بالوقمين قالها مراجيع وشم في نواشر معهم

خلفة واطلاعها ينهضن من العين والاراه يمشين

مرجل وفوا كم الوض تم أثافي سعا في معر و أثافي

صباحا أبها الربع رأسلم

ألا انعم فلما عرفت الدار قلت لردعها

فوق جرثم

من تبصر ځايلي هل تري من عائي تستمنى بالعلياء علون بأنماط عتاق ولة وران حواشيها ماله الدم دورکن في السودان يعلون متنه

وادي الرس ۱۰ بون بورا واستون وفي ملهى للطيف من أنيق

كم حطم نزلی به حب گل الماء اقا جمام وضعن عصي فلا وردن

الفنان عن يمين وحزنه وكم بالقذان

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12 ظهرن من الشبان ثم جزعنه على كل قني قشيب ومفام

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,و و و

اقسم بالبيت الذي طاف حوله رجال بنوه من قريش وجرهم بيا تنعم اليدان جدا علي ت حالي من سيل وبوم علی ساعيا مميظ بن مهم بعدما يزال ما به العشي

العشيرة بالدم د اروا بها و بیای بعد تفانوا دوا بينهم عطر مشم ۲۰ وقد ما إن تدير السلم واسعا بالي ومعروف من القول شام با منها على خير موطن

موطن بيدين فيها من عوق وماتم عظيمين في عليا معد هديتما من يشتيم كنوا من المجد يعظم تعفي العلوم بالمگین

بالمئين في صب.

فرامة ام هريقوا بينهم ۲۵ فأصبح يجري فيهم من

فيهم من توم مغانم شلي من قال

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بوو و

بی نها من

ليس فيه



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ال مزنم

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أو أبلغ التحالف في الله وبیای هل أقسم ل مقسم فلا تكتم الله ما في دورم ليفي ومهما يتم الله يعل يؤخر فيوضع في كتاب ويدخر ليوم الحساب أو يل

وما أعرب الا ما عالم و ما هو تنها با دبي الر مم وتضري

متعود ع الحي بثقابية والے دشاف ن ش

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تو هم غلمان أقام لهم تامر عاد ثم ترفع تقطم فلل لهم ما و ثغ كلها ترى بالعراق من قفيز ودرهم

۹3 :

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عمری لنعم التي جر عليهم بما لا يواتيم حصين بن مضم سر کا طویشها على ستة قل هو أبداها ولم يتقدم

وقال سأقضي حاجتي م أي عدوي بألف من ورائي شد ولم يفزع بيوتا كثيرة تتلی

بونا كثيرة لى ي الت تحلها أم قشعم نداي أشد شاکی السلاح ف ته بد أظفا

لم تقلم ي متي يظلم

يظكم يعاقب بظلمه سريعا وان د يد بالظلم يظلم


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, ووی



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- روا طاهم

حلى اذا تم أوردوا فمارا تفری بالسلاح وبسالم وقفو مايا بينهم أصدروا الى که

أصدروا الى ته توبل موم العه ما

جرت عليهم رماحهم ابن تھیک و قتيل المثل ولا شاركت في الموت فی دم نوفل و وه فلا أراهم أعبحوا يعقلونه عينات مال طالعات بما علي جال يعصم الناس أمره إذا طرقت إحدى الليالي

الليالي بمعظم کرام ف

فلا ذو الضغين پدرک تجاه دوم 2

بها ولا ابن المنزم


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سمت تكاليف الحياة ومن يعش مانی تو و با تک شام

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