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Photo-Zincographed at the Offices of the Surveyor General of India, Dehra and Calcutta, April 1878.

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Plate No. II is 14 inches long by 8 inches broad, and has the edges turned up all round, so as to form a raised rim. The inscription is in 14 lines, and the letters have evidently been made with a punch, because their outlines are visible on the back of the plate. The writing is more crowded, and the characters more difficult to read than those in Plate No. I, but with the exception of one or two epithets which are unimportant to the general sense, I think my readings and translation are pretty complete and correct. I have not been able to make a facsimile. Like No. I, the document is a deed of gift of lands to a Bráhman. The donor is Rája Dhanga, and in accordance with the Khajuraho inscription, it is recorded that he was the son of Yaso Varmma, who was the son of Harsha Deva. The date 1055 Samvat (998 A. D.) is written both in words and figures. The Khajuraho inscription which records Dhanga's self-sacrifice in the sacred waters of Prayág is dated 1056 Samvat; this copper-plate shows that he was still living in 1055 Samvat.

This record, therefore, adds but little to our knowledge of Chandel chronology, but it is of value as corroborating the evidence of the Khajuráho inscription, respecting the order of succession of the kings.

It is noticeable that the recipient of the grant recorded in this copperplate is Rudra Srí Yasodhara, a member of the Bháradwaja got, which traced its descent from Angiras, Bháradwája and Várhaspatya: probably he was the same person as the Prime Minister Yasodhara, mentioned in the Khajuraho record. The donee whose name is recorded in Plate No. I, belonged to the same family, and this is perhaps the reason why both inscriptions were found together.

I have not had an opportunity of visiting Mauza' Nanyaurá, but I am informed that an ancient Gaharwár tank exists there, and that there are also the remains of an old village site.

The present village is said to have been founded by one Noní Sáh Kurmí, and to be named after him.

Note.-Dhanga's name has been sometimes incorrectly written Banga, the mistake is evidently due to the similarity of the characters for band for dha in Kutila writing.


Nágari Transcript.

स्वस्ति । परमभट्टारकमहाराजाधिराजपरमेश्वरश्री विद्याधरदेवपादानुध्यातपरमभट्टारक महाराजाधिराजपरमेश्वरश्री विजयपालदेवपादानुध्यातपरमभट्टारक महाराजाधिराजपरमेश्वरपरममाहेश्वरश्रीकालंजराधिपतिश्रीमद्देववदवः कुशली ( 1 ) । प्रतापानल कवलिताखिलदिक्चक्रवालः । सङ्ग्रामाङ्गणनिहतारातिवनिता वैधव्यदानदीक्षागुरुः । य


सत्येन युधिष्ठिरं विजयते त्यागेन चम्पाधिपं गाम्भीर्येण महोदधिं प्रभुतया देवं शचीवल्लभम् । रूपेणापि मनोभवं पटुतया शुक्रं सवाचस्पतिं तस्यान्यैर्विशदेन्दुधामधवलैः किं कीर्त्तितैः स्याद्गुणैः (2) ॥ बुद्धिमान् धार्मिकः शूरः सत्यवादी जितेन्द्रियः । कृतज्ञः सज्जनानन्दज (न) नः शुभदर्शनः ॥ इत्थमनेकगुणगणसमलंकृतशरीरः । निःसारसुन्दरतरालोककदलीगर्भविभ्रमाकारसंसारमाकलय्य (3) सम्बत् ११०० वैशाखमा शुक्लपचे टतीयायां सोमदिने सुहवाससमावाये राजपुरावस्थायां रण मौलसम्बद्ध कठधैग्रामनिवासि महत्तमजनपदान् ब्राह्मणेत्तरान् राजपुरुषांश्च वोधयति ( 4 ) । यात्मीयमातुः राज्ञीश्रीभुवनदेव्याः साम्बत्सरीके | जले विधिवत्स्नात्ना देवमनुष्यपूर्व्वान् पितृन् सदर्भतिलादकेन सन्तर्प्य रवेरर्धं दत्वा भगवन्तं भवानीपतिं समभ्यर्च्य यथावत् इतभुजि हत्वा च (5) । मातापिचेोरात्मनश्च पुण्ययशोभिवृद्धये (6) | टकारी भट्टग्रामविनिर्गताय ( 7 ) भारद्वाजगोत्राय अंगिरस वार्हस्पत्य भार द्वाज त्रिप्रवराय यजुर्वेदशाखिने ब्राह्मण अभिमन्यवे भट्टएल्लापत्राय जयवरनप्त्रे वेदवेदांगपारगाय षट्कमभिरताय सुशीलाय ग्रामायमस्माभिः सजल स्थलः ( 8 ) साम्रमधूकः ( 9 ) सगर्त्ताषरपाषाणः (10) सशैलवादलः (11) सलाहलवणाकरः ( 12 ) सवननिधान: ( 13 ) चतुराघाटविशुद्धः(14) खसीमायणपूर्तिगोचर्पर्य्यन्तः ( 15 ) पूर्व्वदत्त देवब्राह्मणवर्जितः (16) सासनत्वेन प्रदत्तः । तद्भवद्भिराज्ञाश्रवण विधेयैर्भूत्वा ( 17 ) समस्त भागभोगकर हिरण्य दण्डादायादिकमुचितानुचितं (18) तस्योपनेतव्यं । सचन्द्रा केचित्युदधि यावत् खपुत्रपैौचसन्तत्या भुनक्त भोगेन वा प्रयच्छतु अन्यत्य वा ददातु विक्रीणातु कृषतु कृषापयतु वा न कैरपिभाविभोक्तृभिः परिपन्यिभिर्भवितव्यं ( 19 ) । बहुभि र्वसुधा भुक्ता राजभिः सगरादिभिः । यस्य यस्य यदा भूमिस्तस्य तस्य तदा फलम् ॥ ( 20 ) भूमिं यः प्रतिग्टह्णाति यच भूमिं प्रयच्छति । उभौ तौ पुण्यकर्माणिौ नियतं स्वर्गगामिना || ( 21 ) शंखं भद्रासनं छत्रं वराश्वाः वरवाहनाः । भूमिदानस्य चिन्हानि फलं खर्गः पुरन्दर ॥ (22) स्वदत्तां परदत्तां वा यो हरेत वसुन्धरां । स विष्ठायां कृमि भूत्वा पिटभिः सह मज्जति ॥ ( 23 ) स्वर्णमेकं गामेकां भूमेरप्येकमंगुलम्। चरन्नरकमायाति यावदाभूतसंझवम् ॥ (24) मंगलंमदाश्रीः श्रीमद्देववम्मदेवः |



Om Svasti. The supreme master, Mahárája Adhirája, the supreme lord Sri Vidyadhara Deva, whose feet were adored by the supreme master Mahárája Adhirája, supreme lord, Srí Vijaya Pála Deva, whose feet were adored by the supreme master, Maharaja Adhirája, supreme lord, the devout follower of Mahesvara, the lord of Kálinjara, Sri Deva Varmma Deva may he prosper! The fire of his (Deva Varmmd's) prowess devours the extremities of space; and he is the preceptor in the rite of giving widowhood to the wives of foemen slain in the arena of battle. Who by truthfulness conquers Yudhisthira; by munificence, the lord of Champá i. e., Karna ; by depth, the great ocean ; by sovereignty, the god beloved

of Sachi, i. e., Indra; by beauty too, over Manobhava; by eloquence, over Sukra with Váchaspati; what is the use of recounting his other qualities, white as the clear splendour of the moon? Wise, religious, valiant, truthful, subduer of his passions, grateful, the producer of the gladness of good men and of auspicious appearance. Thus his body (is) adorned with many qualities. Reckoning this world to be insubstantial (worthless), yet beautiful to look upon as the pith of a plantain tree; on Monday the third date of the black fort-night of the month of Baisákha, Samvat 1107

(25) in Rájapurávastá, informs the principal inhabitants, of whom Bráhmans are the foremost, of the village Kathadau attached to Ranamaulla, and all Royal officers. On the anniversary of the death of my mother, Sri Bhuvana Deví, Queen, having bathed in water according to sacred precept, having satiated the Manes of ancestors with kusa, sesamum and water, after satisfying gods and men, having presented an Arghya to the Sun, having duly worshipped the god, the lord of Bhavání, i. e., Shiva, and having presented oblations in the fire, according to usage; For the increase of the virtue and fame of my parents and myself, to the Bráhmaņa Abhimanyu, son of Bhatta Ellá, grandson of Jayavara, originally an inhabitant of Takarí Bhatta Gráma; a member of the Bharadwaja gotra and the triple pravara of Angirasa, Brihaspati and Bháradvája, skilled in the Vedas and Vedángas, engaged in the six acts proper for a Bráhman, and of excellent disposition—to him this village has been granted by us with its land and water, its mango and mahua trees, with its hollows, waste and stones, its rocks and tillage (?)—with its mines of metal and salt, with its forest and concealed treasure, with its clear defined boundary, with all grass, watering-places (?) and pastures for kine within its limits, excluding aught previously given to the gods or Bráhmans, as a Sásana. Therefore, by you all complying with the orders (herein conveyed) all the rents in kind, taxes, gold payments, fines, hereditary rights and the rest should be made over to this person. Till the moon, sun and earth endure, he with his son, grandson and descendants should enjoy (the grant) or assign it, or give away to another, till it or cause it to be tilled, none who enjoy the kingdom after me, should prove an obstacle in the way. By many kings, Sagara and others, the earth has been enjoyed. Whosesoever has been the land, his has been the fruit. He who accepts lands and he who grants lands, both these doers of virtuous deeds certainly go to Heaven. A Conch, a throne, an umbrella, fine horses and fine elephants, these mark the grant of lands; and the result is Heaven, O Indra! He who resumes land, whether given by himself or given by others, becomes a worm in filth and falls with his ancestors. By stealing a single suverna, a single cow, or even a finger-breadth of land, (the thief) remains in hell till the end of the UniGreat prosperity. Sri. Srimad Deva varmma Deva.


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