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ffyfte shippes in fere to the fflete broght.

Aiax œlius, aunterous in werre,

4088 Thretty shippes full thriste throng into hauyn;

And sex of a sort þat suyt hym after.

Book IX.

with 50 ships


Ajax Oileus, with

30 ships, and 6 others.

Amphimacus from
Calydon, with
80 ships.

Polibos, a proude kyng, & his pere Amphimake,- Polybetes and pai come out of Calydon with a clene pepull; 4092 And foure scoure fyne shippes to the flete broght. Out of Trasy pere turnet triet Vlexes the kyng, Ulysses from

With fyfty, in a furthe, all of fuerse vesell.

Duke Melios the mighty met in a hauyn,

4096 And soght fro his Cité sothely of Pygre, With Eleuon od shippes abill to werre.

Thracia, with 50 ships.

Eumelus from Phere, with 11 ships.

Podarces and
Phylace, with 50

Protesilaus from


Machaon and
Podalirius from
Trica, with 32

Achilles froin Phthiotis, with 50 ships.

Poterhas & Protesselon, po proude Dukes twoo, þai fecchid out of Philace, þat was pere fre londe, 4100 ffyfté shippes in fere, & fore vnto Attens. Machaon & Polidus, pris kynges bothe, Turnyt out of Trision, & triet shippes broght Two & thretty full thryuond, & prong into prise. 4104 Out of Phithes, pe faire Cité folowet Achilles, ffifté shippes full shene strode fro pe depe. Kyng Thelephus tomly toke from his hauyn, Twelue shippes well shapon, & shalkes within, ships. 4108 Of his Rewme noght Riche, Rodan was cald. Rufirus the ryche raght fro his Rewme, bat Sicham was said sothely to nome; And fyfté shippes full shene folowet hym after.

4112 Two Dukes full derke droghen in fere,


I shall neme you pere nomes now, er I pas :Antius & Amphimake, auntirous in werre. pay were lordes of a londe pere ledis in dwelt, 4116 That were bioustious of beiryng, byg men with all,

Enerdond by hor one, & Elyda hit hight.

pai broght to the Brym XL bigge shippes. Polibethes, a proud kyng, pert of his dedis, 4120 He broght to the brym barges eleivan,

Prothylus, a pert kyng, put on the water

Telephus, king of
Mysia, with 12


Euryalus from Sicyon, with 50 ships.

Antiphus and Amphimachus from Elis, with 40 ships. (fol. 64 b.)

Polypotes, with 11 ships. Prothylus, or Prothous, with 50 ships.

Book IX.

(Guneus, king of


Diores from

Boeotia, with 32


The allies of the Greeks were 69 in all, and the number of their ships was 1232; not including Palamedes, who

joined them some time after.




ffyfté shippes fyn, full of folke all,
Of Deymon duly, his owne dere londe.
Kyng Sapmon for sothe soght fro þat hauyn,
With alsmony abill shippes auntrid hym seluyn,
bat Capidoise cald is, the cuntre so hat.
Theorius, a tryet kyng, toke fro his Rewme,
And broght of his brode londe, pat Boisa is

Two & thretty thried shippes prast full of pepull.
And when thies souerauns were somyn, sothely
to telle,

Of kynges full kene, & of kyde Dukes,

The sowme for to set was sexty & nene.

The nowmber of the noble shippes, pat to pe note yode,

ffor to telle hom by tale, was truly a thowsaund Twa hundrethe & twenty, & twelue o pe last, 4136 Without Palomydon pe proude, pat preset hom


With a nauy full noble ;-Nawlus son the grete.
When thes graidly were gedret, & gird into


ben come pai to counsell, as I shall kythe after.

Tent Boke.

How the Grekes sent vnto

Delphon to have onsware of a god of
thayre Journay.

4140 Lenge we a little with lykyng, to telle
How thies kynges with hor knightes carpyn to


When all were at Attens, aunter befell,

Agamynon the gret gedrit in fere,

4144 Into a place þat was playne without the prise Cité,

There Setis for po souerans Sothely was maked,

ffor kynges pat pere come & other kyde Dukes,
Bothe Erles & almen after pere astate.

4148 When all set were in sercle pe souerayn aboute,
And silence on yche syde the serkyll within,
Agamynon the graithe, þat the gomes led,
These wordes he warpid po worthy vnto:-
"Ye princes full prest, þat present are here!
hat with pouer of pepull presit are hider,
And aioynt to pis Jorney Justly to-gedur,
Considirs to this company & the clene strenght,


4156 What bolde ye haue broght into pis brode


What fighting folke yche freike has!

Who sothely hath sene soche a pepull ere?
Neuer wegh, as I wene, syn þe world stode,

4160 Se at a Semly soche a sight hoole

(fol. 65 a.)

While the fleet lay at Athens, Agamemnon assembled the leaders to a council.

Speech of

"Renowned princes! who, with your hosts, have joined this expedition, look around you!

Never has there

Book X.

been such a fleet assembled; never such hosts of warriors, young and old !


Surely they are
blinded with rage
who have roused 4168

us to war.

(fol. 65 b.)

The purpose of

this expedition is known to all.

It is to take vengeance on the



Of kynges in a company, & of kyde Dukes,
Erles and other men all of assent;

Ne of one purpas in a place pepull so fele;
So mony yong men & 3epe, zenerus of wille;
So od men in armys, & egur to fight,

To fare in a furde our fos to distroy.

þai are blyndit with baret & with bare sorow,
þat wackons vp werre, & wrathus vs in hert,
Or stiris vs with strenght vpon stuerne wise.
ffor in this semly for sothe, soche men I know
A hundrith, þat with hondes our harmys might

Perfourme our purpos, and put it to end,

þat we so mony and so mighty are meuyt to do.
Ye weton all full wele pe worthy ben here,

Of daunger & desese is don to our londis;
4176 Of shame & of shenship shapyn vs alate;
Our fryndys defelet, and fonget our godys.
be harmes we haue, & hethyng with all,
Hit sittes vs full sore to suffer on lyue.
Hit menys vs with monhede pat malis to venge,
And Aunter vs in armys our Enmyes to greue;
With strenght for to stryve & strokes to dele,
The Troiens to tene pat trespas haue done.
All somyn by Assent, with a sad wille
Το of our velany & our vile greme.
And þat is rightwise & reasonable to riche vs perto;
ffirst, to Refrayne the fame pat men speikes,
And wipe of our wranges, & wirdis vs done;
So pat Troiens fro pis tyme take not on honde
To aspye vs with spite in no spede efte.

Trojans for the


villany they have


Honour must be

upheld, and

disgrace must be avenged;



þat all þe weghes of þe world be warnit by hom, 4192 And pat no tale may be told in tyme for to come, Ne witnes in writyng by weghes herafter,

hat any lord of our londe shuld lacche soche a



Vnwrokyn with wondis: þat weghes may


4196 Ne we, þat are so worthy & wight men ynogh, Shall not slely let slide, ne slip out of mynde, bat our successoures may say sothely, ne holde Dyssehonour of our dedys, & dem vs for feble. 4200 Syn we now bene of noble men in nowmber so fele,

And of strenght so stern stondyng in one,

Who is now so qweme or qwaint of his wit,

Book X.


that posterity may not hold us in dishonour.

Who so bold, or

so foolish, as to

That couthe mesure our might, or with mouthe defy the might of


4204 The pouer of our pepull, & our playn strenght?
Who so hardy durst hede, or on hond take
To wrathe vs be any way, or wirk vs dyssese?
Saue þes fonnet folke, pe frigies of troy,

4208 þat vnwysely has wroght with wyttis full febill,
And offendit our frenchyp thurgh foli of hom


Ne mynd not pes men of þe mykyll harme, That a sone of our folke before hom has done, 4212 When lamydon was lord & pe lond eght,

That was fader to the freike that offens mas;
Kyld all his Knightes, cumbrit his rewme,
Sesit his sit, slong it to ground,

4216 And fele of his folke fongit on lyue,
Led into our londys, pat lengis þer zet,
In seruage and sorow set for to dwelle.
perfore, sotly hyt semys not surfetus harde

4220 No vnpossibill, thys pupull perfourme in dede,
That fyuetymes fewer before home has done.
þai wetyn full wele pe wyllys of vs here,

That we purpos a pouer to put in hor lond, 4224 To noy hom with note and negh hom belyue. Sum helpe for to haue, hast hom þay wyll, Of ledys of other lond lyond hom gayne,

(fol. 66 a.) such an alliance ?

None but tho

who have had already a specimen of our power and our vengeance.

They know us
well, and they are
certain to have all

their allies
collected to

oppose us.

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