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Book XXVI.

(fol. 159 a.)

Truly, if any robleness had been in him, he could not have treated Troilus as he did.

But a M. pro knightes þrong hym aboute,

hat noyet þat noble, & naked his hede, 10348 And shamfully a shent mon he shope to the

dethe. There he found no defens, ne fightyng agayne; But as a ded mon to deme, þat deiret no wight.

Neuer hond vnto hond harmyt he nother,
10352 But as a caiteff, a coward, no knighthode at all.

Now, loke if his lede soche longyng be worthe,
As pou writis in þi wordes, or were to alow

þat so worshipfull a wegh, as þe wight Troilus, 10356 hat was comyn of a kyng, þe clennest on lyue,

Neuer a bettur of blode borne on bis erthe,-
Shuld traile as a traytor by the taile of his horse.

Hade monhode hym meuyt maynly with-in,
10360 Or gentilnes iugget iustly his werkes,

Sum pytie hade pricket, his purpos to leue,
pat neuer so filthy a fare hade fallyn in his hond.


driven back,

When Paris persayuit the plit of his brother, Grief and mourn. 10364 How he was dolfully ded, and drawen in the ost, ing for Troilus :

Ofte he swonet for swym, as he swelt wold;

And myche dole was þat day, þe Duke to behold. the Trojans,

The troiens with tеne trauailed full sore, striving to recover his body, are 10368 ffor the body of þat bold with baret was slayne,

The corse to Recouer, & kary to toune.
But the grekes were so grym, þai gird hom abake,
And withstode hom full stithly, stonyt hom

euyll. King Memnon 10372 The mighty kyng Menon mikill sorow hade;

ffor be dethe of þat dere with dole at his hert, He chefe to Achilles with a chere felle

And warpit pes wordis in a wild yre :reproaches him 10376 “Thou traytor vntru, þat trust was in neuer, for his ignoble

ffor shame may pou shunt, as shent of all

knightes !

presses to Achilles :






then with a

How found þou þat filthe in þi fals wille,

Book XXVI. Of so dogget a dede in pi derf hert, 10380 So worshipfull a wegh, & worthiest of blode,

pat is comyn of a kyng, the clennest on lyue,
To tegh as a traytor, and traile vpon be erthe,

And hurle at þi horse taile in hethyng of vs? 10384 Leue me now lelly all þi lyfe after,

Neuer kepis þu þi corse out of cold angur.” fol. 159 b.) hen þe kyng at hym caupit with a kene speire, hurls at him with

his spear;
Hurt hym full hidusly, harmyt hym sore,
10388 hat bisi was pe buerne to bide in his sadill,

Or olofte for to lenge in his large sete.
ben he swange out a sword swicly with þat,

swing of his Hurlit thurgh þe helme, hade hym to ground : sword dashes him

to the ground. 10392 With a wound þat was wikkid walt of his horse,

Half lyueles on the laund light vnder fote.
ben pe troiens with tеne tokyn þe body

The body of Of Troiell, pe tru knight, & to toun led. recovered. 10396 be Mirmydons paire maistur, masit on be grene,

Lyfton vp lyuely, led hym away,
Horsit hym in haste, hade hym a lofte.
His strenkith restoris stithly agayn,

Achilles recovers,

and again fights 10400 And he fore to be fight with a fell wyll, with Memnon.

Machit hym monly to Menon þe kyng
And he keppit hym full kenly: pai caupit to-


Menon was myghtier, & met on hym so,
10404 Dat he greuit be greke, and geue hym þe worse.

ben pe batels come bigli vppon bothe haluys,
Sundrit hom sone, pai soghtyn in twyn.
be day wex dym, droupit pe sun,

Night ends the

battle. 10408 pe lyght wex lasse, and be laik endit :

Soghtyn to the sité, & sum to pe tentis,
And logget pe long nyght, layd hom to rest.

Troilus is

Then seuyn daies somyn, sothly þai met,

Book XXVI.

to surround

he come up.

10412 Bateld on bent as hom best likid.

ffell was þe fight þo fomen betwene,

derf þer was ded er þe daie past !

be vij day sothly, saise me the lyne, Achilles instructs 10416 Achilles thurgh chaunse was cherit of his wond. his Myrmidons

King Menon to mare with Malys he poght, Memnon, and engage him till

And bounyt into batell with his buernes all.

He meuyt to his Mirmydons in maner before, 10420 De kyng to vmbcast, & close hym with-in;

Asaile hym on yche side, til hym selfe come
His vilany to venge, and his vile hurt.
ben pe stour was full stithe, sturne men were

slayn ;
10424 Buernes on pe bent blody be-ronen;
(fol. 160 a.)

And mony hathill, in þat hete, of his horse fell.



Combat between
Achilles and


Achilles hym chefe to be choise Menon,

And monly pai met with hor mayn speris. 10428 De dentis of po derfe derit hom so,

hat ayther light on be laund, leuyt þaire horse ;
Swange out swordys, swappit togedur;

And ffelli on fote fughtyn þai bothe.
The Myrmidons 10432 he Mirmydons to Menon myghtily þronge,

Vmbset hym on yche side, sesit hym onon;
Hent hym in hond for no help comes,

Ne no rynk hym to rescow, but his ronk fos.

10436 ben Achilles come chaseond with a choise wepyn, steals upon him

Segh Menon with his men myghtilé holdyn:
He stroke hym full stithly mony store dynt,

Till he britnet pe buerne, & broght hym to deth.

10440 Hit was not lik þat þe lede, thurgh lust of hym single-handed.

one, Schuld haue killit pis kyng with his clen


and Achilles

and cuts him down.

He could not have slain him



Book XXVI.

Syn Menon with myght hade marrit hym ofte,

þat ffro þe hede to be hele pe hote blode ran : 10444 And he likkir be lost pen to lyue after.

Herfore ses of þi saghis, pou sore homer,
hat writis of hym worchip, þat worthy is non;

Neuer kyld no kyng, ne no knight zet,
10448 pat a-countid was kene, but with cast treson :

And if treson with trumen be told as for worchip,
ben is þat lede worthe lose for his lichir dedis.

Telamon with a

within the walls.

Menelay with myght meuyt in þen,


Diomedes, and 10452 Diamed be dughti, and derf Telamonius :

great company þes gird in full grymli with a grete ost,

drive the Trojans ffrusshet to paire fos with a fell sthoure,

Greuit hom gretly, gird hom to fote.
10456 ffull mony were marrit, & maymyt for euer !

hen ffled all in fere, and pe feld leuyt,
Soghtyn to the Cité, with sorow .bai hade.

(fol. 160 b.) Theire fos on hom folowet, fell hom full thicke, 10460 Hew on with hard stele, hurt of hom þan,

And mony kild on þe cliffe vnto cold dethe.
pai wan in wightly, warpit to pe yates,

Barrit hom full bigly with boltes of yerne ; 10464 Braid vp the brigges in a breme hast :

The tothir to the tenttes turnyt agayne.
ban was sorow in the Cité, sobbyng of teres, The grief and

dismay of the With Priam the prise kyng, & his pure wyfe; Trojans. 10468 Wailyng of wemen, weping of knightes,

ffor the losse and the lure of þe lele childer,
Honerable Ector, oddist of dedis,

Deffibus the doghty, & the derf Troilus : 10472 Now dem þai no dede but the dethe pole! pan Priam, the prise kyng, prestly did send Priam demands

a truce; which is To Agamynon the gret, for graunt of a tru: granted.

And he assentid full sone, asurit with hond, 10476 And affirmyt hit fast with a fyne othe.


Book XXVI.

Sepulchres are
erected for
Troilus and

Within the tyme of þe true, for troiell was made
A Sepulcre Solempne, set full of stones :

ffor Menon, the mighty, was made pere another, 10480 And the corse of þat cleane close[t] þerein.



Hecuba plans how to slay Achilles.

She consults with Paris,

(fol. 161 a.)

Within the tyme of þe tru, as the trety sayes,
Honerable Ecuba, Ectors moder,

ffor the dethe of hir dere sonnes moche dole hade, 10484 With sykyng and sorow selly to here.

hat worthy, in hir wit, warly bethoght
On all wise in this world þe worthy for to sle,

bat hir greuit so gretly, and to ground broght 10488 All þo fuerse men in fight, with his fals cast.

Parys full priuely sho pulled into councell;
Thies words to þat wegh wepyng she said :-
“Dere son, myche vs deres the dethe of þi

10492 bat falsly in fight are fellit by Achilles.

ffirst, Ector with envy evill he dyssayuet,
Dang hym to dede ; & the derfe troilus,

þat my lykyng hase lost, & left but the none 10496 Of all my semly sons, þat my sclas was in ;

Therfore, sothely me semes, o þe same wise,
bat he with treason were takyn, & tirnyt to dethe,

And done for to dregh, by domys of right,
10500 Soche wirdes & wo, as he wroght has.

He has sere men send, and sadly me prayed,
And deply desyred my doghter to wed,

Pollexena the pert, by purpos of olde.
10504 I will hete hym full hertely his hest for to kepe,

My doghter full dere to his due wyf.
A sonnd will I send by a sad frynd,

On all wise in this world warn hym fro me,
10508 To Appollo pure temple pertly to come,

and advises that he be slain, as he had slain her song, treacherously.

She proposes to
request Achilles
to meet her in the
temple of Apollo:

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