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Book XXXV.

Orestes in grief

and shame vows vengeance on Pyrrhus.

(fol. 209 b.)

Pyrrhus goes to Delphos to give thanks to Apollo for enabling him to revenge his father's death.

Andromache, then with child

to Pyrrhus, and her son Laomedon are left behind in the palace.

Hermione requests her

father Menelaus

to put Andromache to death.

Menelaus attempts to slay Andromache:

Schamyt with pe schalke, that schent of his wife, 13700 And so dernely hym did dere & dispit.

He had playnly no power Pirrus to harme,
To his reme forto ride & reue hym þe qwene;
But he cast hym by course, if a case fell,
13704 To venge of his vilany & his vile schame.
þen Pirrus by purpos prestly con wend
Into delphon a day, as þe dule bad,
In honour of apolyn, þat abill to seche,
13708 And worchip with wyn, as a wale god,

With sacrifice solemne & othir sere halows,
ffor offens of his fadur, þat felli was slayne
With Paris, pe pert knyght, as preuyt is before.

13712 In aparell of prise, on a proud wyse,

He dight hym to delphon with dukis & othir.
In his palais of prise prudly he leuyt
Worthi Ectors wif, þat þe whe had,

13716 Andromoca, in drede, and her dere son
Lamydon pe litill, pat ho left neuer,

And ho boundyn with barne with pe bold Pirrus:
And Ermonia pe myld maynly was ther,

13720 þat he had weddit to wyue, & in wrong held.
Wen Pirrus was past, pis proud in hir yre,
A mon vnto Menelay myghtily sende,
Bad hym turne vnto tessail in a tore hast,

13724 Andromaca to dere, & to deth put ;

ffor Pirrus of pat pert was pristly enamurt,
He had no daynté with dalianse his doghter to

be whe, at þe wordis of his wale doghter,
13728 Turnet vnto tessale with a tore ffare.

He wold haue britnet pe burd with a bare sword,
And schunt for no schame, but hit schope faire.
Andromaca, for drede of pe derf kyng,
13732 Lamydon hir litill sun laght in hir armes,
Hyghet out of halle into hegh strete,


Made an ugsom noyse, pat noyet pe pepull, With wepyng and waile wo to beholde. 13736 be folk, for pe fray, fel to paire armur,

Cayrit after þe kyng in a cant hast.
ben fled he for fere, fell to his schip;
Past to his prouyns, of purpos he sailet.


13740 Orestes full radly of the Renke herd,

bat Pirrus by purpos was past into delphon : He assemblit of soudiors mony sad hundrith, And met hym with mayn in the mekill Ile: 13744 There Pirrus with payne he put vnto dethe,

Slogh hym full sleghly, & slange hym to ground,
And britnet þat bold with a bigge sword.
Then Pirrus the proude was pute vnto graue,
13748 Orestes by right raght to his wife,

And led furth the lady to his lond hom.
Pelleus full prestly and his pure qwene,
Tetid, full tite tokyn Andromaca,

13752 Hir litill sonne Lamydon leddon hir with.
bai turnet out of tessaile for torfer of other,
To melapsa þat menye mevyt to-gedur,

Was a Cité full sure, pere soiornet þai long,
13756 Till the lady was deliuer of a loue sone.
Andromaca pat dere pat duly conceyuit
Of Pirrus the prise kyng, as his pure wife.
The child with chere men Achilides was cald.

13760 Wex & wele threvan in winturs a few,

The corone & the kyngdome kyndly he gaffe


Book XXXV.

the people rise

in arms and drive him away.

(fol. 210 a.)

Orestes with an armed band goes to Delphos and slays Pyrrhus.

He then goes to Thessaly for his wife, Hermione.

Peleus and Thetis take Andromache to Molossis, where she gives birth to Achillides.

To Lamydon the lord, þat was his leue brother, Laomedon be-
The abill sone of Ector, heire vnto Troy,

13764 And in Thessaile he was takyn for a tru kyng.
Thus Achillis achevit his awne choyse frendes,

comes king of Thessaly.

Achillides procures the freedom

Thurgh his prokuryng prestly all the pure of the captive



Book XXXV.

(fol. 210 b.)

Of Troilus,
Achilles, and

How the sister of Memnon came to Troy, collected his remains in a gorgeous vessel, and then vanished.

bat the grekes hade getton at the great toune,
13768 Were deliuert yche lede, & lause at hor willne.
And thus hit turnyt, as I tell, in a tyme short,
Now is Lamydon lord, & the laund hase,
Bothe the corone & the kyth, and a kyng noble
13772 Of Tessaile truly, pere the toyle rose,

bat by Eritage of Auncetry ayre vnto troy.
Here the prosses of Pyrrus I putto an end,

Of other maters to mene, þat in mynd falles.


13776 When Troylus, the tru knight, was turnyt to ground

By Achilles, as chaunset of pat choise kyng, As ye fynd may before in the- & xx boke, The mighty kyng Menon mainly Achilles 13780 Gird to pe ground with a grym hurt,

hat the Myrmydons paire maistur masit pai

And bare to his bastell on a brode shelde,
As for ded of pe dynt, dressit to lye.

13784 pan hit happont in a hond qwile this hed kyng
be slayne,

By the myrmydons vnmonly murtherit to dethe, Whose body, as the boke sais, was beriet in the toune

By Troiellus truly in a toumbe riche.

13788 This Menon the mighty hade a mayn suster, The fairest on fold þat any folke knew ;

Ho soght to pe Cité sythen hur one,

To the toumbe of pat tried truly ho yode,

13792 Toke the bones of hir brother, as the boke sais,
Closit hom full clanly in a clere vessell,

All glyssonond of gold & of gay stonys;
Evyne ymyddes all men, meruell to se,

13796 Waynyt vp to the welkyn, as a wan clowde,



And neuer apperit to the pepull in pat place Book XXXV.


The folke, for þat ferly, faithly hur holdyn

A Goddes full glorius, for grace pat hir fell, 13800 Or a doghter, pay demyt, of a due god.

So thies gentillis a-iugget, & for iuste held?

(fol. 211 a.)

Ulysses in a

vision beholds a lady of surpassing beauty.

He eagerly desires to embrace her:

she shuns him;

then returns and declares the

awful penalty he would incur.

Ulysses then

observes a drawn sword in her

The xxxbj Boke: Of the Dethe of Vlixes By his Son.

As Vlixes the lorde lay for to slepe,

With-outyn noise on a night in his naked bed,
13804 He was drecchit in a dreame, & in dred broght,
hat all chaunget his chere & his choise hert.
He segh an ymage full noble & of a new shap,
ffaire of ffeturs & fresshe, of a fre woman,

13808 Or ellis a goddes full gay, as the gome poght.
He dessyrit full depely pat depe forto hondle,
And þat bright for to bras in his big armes ;
But hym thught pat ho proly prappit away,
13812 And o fer fro the freike foundit to kepe.
To pat noble, onone, ho neghit agayne,

And spird at hym specially what he speike wold.
"I wold dele with pe damysell," pe duke to hir


13816 "To know the full kyndly, as my clene luff." pan the lady to Vlixes, as pe lede poght,

Said hym full sone, all in sad wordes ;— "Now full hard & vnhappy is þi hegh lust, 13820 þat þou couetus vnkyndly to couple with me: Hit is nedfull, with noye, onone aftur þis, The tone dauly be ded, by domys of right." pan hit semyt to be souerain, þat þe sure lady 13824 Had a glaive, a full grym, grippit in honde;

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