The "Gest Hystoriale" of the Destruction of Troy: An Alliterative Romance Translated from Guido de Colonna's Hystoria Troiana, المجلد 2

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Early English Text Society, 1869 - 586 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 463 - Cromwell, I did not think to shed a tear In all my miseries; but thou hast forced me, Out of thy honest truth, to play the woman. Let's dry our eyes : and thus far hear me, Cromwell; And, when I am forgotten, as I shall be, And sleep in dull cold marble, where no...
الصفحة 463 - Then gently scan your brother Man, Still gentler sister Woman; Tho' they may gang a kennin wrang, To step aside is human: One point must still be greatly dark, The moving Why they do it; And just as lamely can ye mark,. How far perhaps they rue it.
الصفحة xxiv - It will not be difficult from a careful inspection of the manuscript itself, both in regard to the writing and illuminations, to assign it to the reign of Richard the Second; and the internal evidence, arising from the peculiarities of costume, armour, and architecture, would lead us to assign the romance to the same period, or a little earlier.
الصفحة xxiv - There is sufficient internal evidence of their being fforthtrn, although the manuscript containing them appears to have been written by a scribe of the midland counties. which will account for the introduction of forms differing from those used by writers beyond the Tweed.

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