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With reference to the paragraph in the Report which relates to the Rev. Dr. Ilæberlin's edition of the Smritis, the senior Secretary read the following letter from Dr. IIæberlin, dated the 30th January, 1817.

MY DEAR SIR,-With reference to my proposal to print an entire collection of the Smritis, as submitted to the meeting of the Asiatic Society on the 1st of July last, I have the pleasure to inform you, that soon after that date, I addressed a letter to Mr. H. Torrens, then Secretary to the Society, stating, at his request, the probable expense of the undertaking, and requesting to know as soon as possible whether the Committee of Papers had sanctioned the arrangement, and when I might commence upon the work.

In reply Mr. Torrens stated, that I could commence the work whenever I pleased. I send for your perusal his letter to me. considerable portion of the work has in consequence of this intimation of the then Secretary, been already printed. A specimen of the same I beg herewith to forward to you.

As it now appears that the Asiatic Society is scarcely in a position to carry on this important work, I am ready to take the entire responsibility upon myself if the Society will subscribe for 100 Copies. The work will be issued in two octavo volumes, and the price per volume will not exceed 10 Rupees.

I should be sorry, if from any circumstance, the publication of this interesting work should be retarded. Hitherto no attempt has been made to collect these scattered writings. A few of these Smritis only were some years ago (printed in Bengálí characters, and in the form of the usual Native Puthis; but these are not generally known, nor are they at all fitted for common use. I am, therefore willing, with the assistance of the Society, to bear a considerable risk myself, rather than postpone the publication of the work to any future period. Kindly let me know, as soon as possible, whether this proposal meet with the approbation of the Society.

Believe me, yours sincerely,


The Senior Secretary stated on the part of the Committee of Papers, that they recommend to the Society the adoption of the Rev. Dr. Hæberlin's proposal, and a subscription to the Smritis for 100 copies, to be paid from the “Oriental Grant.” Agreed unanimously.

Captain Broome proposed the addition of a section to represent Numismatics and Architectural Antiquities ; this was seconded by Lieutenant-Colonel Forbes, and unanimously agreed to.

The Senior Secretary, on the part of the Committee of Papers, read the subjoined list of members proposed for the several Sections.

SECTION 1.-Oriental Literature and Philology.* The Rev. Dr. Hæberlin.

G. A. Busliby, Esq.
Rev. J. Long

Major Marshall.
Baboo Debendronath Tagore. Welby Jackson, Esq.
Baboo Hurreemohun Sen.

Secretary-Dr. Rocr.

SECTION 2.–Natural History. J. W. Grant, Esq.

Captain Munro. R. W. G. Frith, Esq.

Secretary-J. W. Laidlay, Esq.

SECTION 3.-Geology and Minerology. D. H. Williams, Esq.

Dr. Js. Dodd. Captain A. Broome.

Secretary-J. W. Laidlay, Esq.

SECTION 4.-Meteorology and Physics. Lieutenant-Colonel Forbes.

Rev. Mr. Pratt. J. W. Grant, Esq.

Secretary-Dr. W. B. O'Shaughnessy.

Section 5.—Geography and Indian Statistics. G. A. Bushby, Esq.

S.G. T. IIeatley, Esq. Dr. Duncan Stewart.

Baboo Hurreemohun Sen. Secretary-S. G. T. Heatley, Esq. The foregoing list having been approved of, Captain Broome expressed his desire to leave the nomination of the Section of Numismatics and Architectural Antiquities to the consideration of the Committee of Papers.

Some typographical amendments having been suggested and agreed to, and various remarks made, leading however to no distinct resolution, the Report, with the additions above noted, was unanimously adopted.


Senior Secretary Asiatic Society, 11th February, 1847.

* Captain Latter having left Calcutta, is not included in



Statement of Disbursements on Account of Oriental Publications,

from 1812 10 1346. July 30th, 1842. Paid Maulari Abdullah

for 90 copies of Fatawe Alamgiri, @
10 Rs. per vol.

900 0 0 Stitching ditto @ 4 annas ditto,..

22 8 0

922 8 0 Dec. 19th, paid Maulavi Abdullah for 90 copies of ditto, vol. II.


0 0 Stitching ditto ditto, ..

22 8 0

922 8 0 Ditto ditto paid Rev. J. Thomas for printing Index to the Mahabharata,

2,012 7 9 Jan. 3d, paid Pandit for correcting the proof sheet of Maháblárata,

16 0 0 March Sth, paid Yusuf Ali for copying Deván Slexít in Persial,

19 0 0 Ditto “Share Gulestán," 6 sections,

2 0 0

21 0 0 April 21, paid Munshi for copying Jawahar ul Qurán

in Persian, 19 sections, of 8 leaves to a section @3
sections per Rupee,

6 5 3 Nov. Sth, paid Assistant Maulavi's salary for Sept. and Oct. 1812,

18 5 3 Dec. 12th, paid ditto ditto ditto for Nov. 1812,


0 0 Jan. 13th, 1813. Paid Shafátullah for copying Tawarikh i Nádiri, per bill for Dec. 1812,

10 0 0 Sept. 21st, paid Maulavi Abdullah for print

ing 90 copies of Fatawe Alamgiri, vol.
III. @ 10 Rs. per vol.

900 0 0 Stitching ditto @ 4 annas per ditto,

22 8 0

922 8 0

Paid in part, 600 0 0 Oct. 20th, paid ditto ditto,

in full, 3228 0 April 5th, paid Shafátullah, Assistant Maulavi, for co

pying and correcting Persian works for March, 1813, 10 0 0 May 5th, paid Munshi Shafátullah for copying Persian books,

9 0 0 Paper for the same,

1 0 0

10 0 0 Nov. paid Munshi for copying 45 juz of Tafsir Ali Ibn Ilasan Zauwárí for the month of Oct. 1813,

30 0 0 Jan. 9th, 1814. Paid Helál Uddin for copying a Persian book,

6 0 0 March 8th, paid IIájí Farhat Husaiu for copying an Ara

bic work, Kholásatul Ophá, being 52 juz @ 2) per

20 120 29 4 0


with paper,

March Sth, paid Helal Uddin for copying a Persian book, 9 0 0 June 5th, paid ditto for copying a Persian book,

3 0 0 Ditto, paid ditto for copying a Plan of the Town of Amra

watti and a Sketch of Deepauldemna Amrawatti, 12 0 Jan. 9th, 1815. Paid for 1 ream printing paper for Istalahát Sútia,

20 0 0 Jan. 9th, paid Váfiz Ahmad Kabir for printing 500 copies ot' Istalahát Sútia,

210 0 0 March 5th, paid Muslí IIclal Uddin.for copying 32

pages of Kitab Umda Darfane Jarábát, a 9 pages per Rupee,

3 8 9 August Sth, paid Nacoo Painter for painting a Vap of Assam, &c. per Bill,

1.1 6 6 Pitto, paid Ilelal Uddin für copying an Arabic work kitáb Umda,"

9 8 0) Sept. 5th, paid II. M. Smith for printing 750 copies coloured of the Nurbudda River,

136 4 0 Nor. 6th, paid for copying Tawárikh Dost Muhammad,

112 0 Dec. 30th, paid Mauluvi Amánatullah for a printed copy

of Burlián Qáte, compiled by Ibn Khalatut Tabrezí Muhammad Husain,

18 00: Ditto, paid extra Munshí for copying the following works:

- a copy of Pusto Dictionary, by Najibullah Kháu, a Gulestán in the same language, by vír Muhammad Peshawari, and a poetical Urdu translation of Shaikh Fariduddin's letters, Pandanámah made by Maanuddin Tabrezi,

35 00 March 6th to April 21st, 1816. Paid Láfiz. Ahmal Ka

bir for printing 500 copies of the Tawarikh i Nádiri

(History of Nadir Shalı) 386 pages (2-8 per page. : 965 0 0 July 1th, paid Persian writer for copying the Arabic

book Naharul Fáeq Sharch Kanzul Daqaak for June

5 Angust, paid ditto for translating an Arabic work,

10 0 Sept. lith, paid Maulavi Qurbán Ali for copying the

Arabie work Naharul Fúeq Shareh Kanzud Daqúak
for Jugust..

3 0 0 Nov. 24th, paid Maulavi Qurbán Ali for copying the Ara

bic work Waharul Fáeq Shareh Kanzud Daqáak for
Oct. 1816,..

6 0 Dec. Ith, paid ditto ditto ditto for Nor.

4 0 0 Dec. 18th, paid Rev. A. W. Street, Bursar, Bishop's Colleve, for press work and paper

PP. 500 copies of Extra Title and Preface to Abdur Razáy's Dictionary of Technical terms, by Dr. Sprenger ( 3-4 per pace,


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of 9

Coi's Rs. 6,463 1 6

Statement of Disbursements on Account Purchase of Oriental

Publications from 1842 to 1846.

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August 8th, 1842. Paid Thacker and Co., for 5 copies

of Alif Lailah, vol. 4th,
June 25th, 1844. Paid Bhabánícharan Bánarjí for sundry

books per bill,
August 9th, 1845. Paid ditto ditto ditto per ditto,
Nov. 18th, paid Maulavi Masihuddin for books,
March 5th, paid Dr. Roer for Sprenger's Elements of Ilin-

du Law, Vol. II. 8 Rs.; Crawford's History of the

Indian Archipelago, Vol. I. 5 Rs..
Oct. 4th, paid Dr. Roer for sundry books per vouchers,
Dec. 30th, paid Maulavi Badiruddin for a printed copy

of Sarfe Urdu, by Maulavi Amánatullah, in Hin

dustání Poetry, Feb. 4th, 1816. Paid James Francis Corcoran for 35 co

pies of the 1st part of the Urdu Translation of Æsop's

March, paid Bhabánícharan Bánarji for sundry Bengálí

books, per bill,
April 6th, paid ditto for a copy of Bhagabat Gítá,
June 12th, paid Rev. J. Thomas for 30 copies of Dr. Wise's

Commentary on the Hindu System of Medicine, Nov. 24th, paid Ostell and Lepage for a copy of Forbes'

Hindu Manual,

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SECRETARY's Note.-Of the account thus furnished the following items seem to be irregularly charged to the Oriental grant.

Mr. Smith's Bill for map of Nurbudda river, Rs. 136 4 0
Crawford's history of ludian Archipelago,..

5 0

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