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continued, the nature of the rites and ceremonies, the castes most engaged in each, and any other information which intelligent persons will be so good as to collect. I have often reflected upon the usefulness of such information properly embodied and considered; by such we may be able to throw great light on the ancient religion of the country, and more particularly on the subject of Budhism in its early form. Mr. Laidlay has kindly brought to my notice a very important fact described by Fa-Hian, viz. the existence of a “ Rut jatra,” or Car procession of the image of Budha, at the same period as that now observed for the Car of Jugnath, which fact adds weight to an opinion I have long held that both Jugnath and Somnath were originally Budhist fanes. A great fair was held at Sarnath, last week, a place of known Budhist origin, but the object worshipped is Maha Deva, which again adds weight to another opinion I have expressed on the possibility of that worship being also connected withi Budhism for as I have shown already, wherever Budist relics exist there also we find the emblem of Siva, or the male power.

4th. I request that your Society will apply to Government to allow sculptures and other objects worthy of a place in the Museums of Calcutta and the India House to be taken free of expense on board their river steamers. I for one am so situated that I could supply many very useful specimens. I have at present several very curious idols lately dug up, and many more would be supplied.

In conclusion, I beg to offer my services whilst at this place as agent on all matters of interest to the Society. I wish to further the views of my kind patron, our late lamented Secretary, James Prinsep, whose name is still mentioned with respect and affection at this seat of his first labours for the interest of our Society.

M. KITTOE. The marks of the Society were voted to Capt. Kittoe for his obliging offer para. 2d and last, which was accepted; his suggestions in paras. 3d and 4th being referred to the Council for consideration.

From Baron Van Hammer Purgstall, transmitting a set of the Vienna Review for the last year.

From Dr. Julius Retzhold, Librarian to His Royal Highness the Prince John of Saxony, acknowledging with thanks the present from the Society, of Abdul Razzaq's Dictionary of the technical terms of the Sufees.

From Messrs. Allen and Co., London, dated 19th August, 1817, enclosing annual statement of account.

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From Mr. Christian of Monghyr, presenting the Catechetical die logues of Sook, Sanscrita, with English version.

Received through Mr. Blyth

Meteorological Register for May, June, and July, 1846, kept at Kurachee, by Lieut. Blagrave.

Also, for exhibition, a specimen of Punjabee art, illustrative of the Ornithology of the country of the five rivers.

Communications were submitted from the Council of the Society

1. Informing the Society that Mr. Muller, the accountant, having been compelled by ill-health to proceed to Darjeeling, they had selected Mr. Frederick Greenway to officiate in Mr. Muller's place. (Mr. Greenway is appointed to act for Mr. Muller as accountant to the Mint). Approved accordingly.

2. An opportunity occurring for procuring at cost price, the following valuable works :

Dumas Chimie appliquée aux arts, 8 vols, with atlas.
Villefosse Richesse Minerale, with atlas.
H assenfratz, Siderotechnie ; price for all Rs. 320.

The Council recommend their being purchased for the Library, agreed accordingly.

3. The Council submitted a letter from Mrs. Belnos, forwarding for the inspection, opinion and patronage of the Society, MS. and draw. ings, entitled “ Illustrations of the Sundhya, or daily prayers and poojahs of the Brahmins."

The Council having refer red the application to the examination of a Sub-committee, have received a report, in which the collection of drawings is described as curious and interesting, -the text well writtenand if lithographed by able artists in Europe, and certain Anatomical defects in the drawings remedied, deserving the Society's patronage on the publication being completed. The Council propose that a communication to this effect be addressed to Mrs. Belnos. The Sub-committee and the Council further recommend the purchase for 100 Rs. of a cops of Mrs. Belnos' published work on the manners and costumes of the people of Hindustan.

The preceding proposals were unanimously adopted.

With reference to the objection made by a member lately elected to paying for the whole quarter, he having been elected in the last

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month thereof, the Council propose, as a future rule without retrospective effect, that members only pay from the month in which they are elected-agreed unanimously.

5. The defaulters' list having been again under consideration of the Council by a vote of the September meeting, they propose

That members in India defaulters for more man 12 months be struck off the list, after three months' notification being given—and that the names of members removed on this account be duly published in the Society's proceedings.

Unanimously agreed to, and it was further directed to discontinue sending the Journal till arrears be paid up.

6. The Council submitted a letter from Dr. Roer, presenting the portion of the Rig Veda he has already completed, including the text and two translations, prose and metrical. The Senior Secretary read the prose version of several hymns.

After the reading of the hymns, it was proposed by Col. Forbes, seconded by Mr. O'Dowda, and agreed, that the MS. and versions be referred to the Oriental Section for their report, and that the Assistant Secretary, Rajendra Lal Mittra, be elected a member of that Section.

Lastly, the council by advice of the Oriental Section, recommend the distribution of Dr. Hæberlin's Sanscrit Anthology according to the annexed list, which was handed in :1 The Honourable the Court of Directors,...

25 copies. 2 His Royal Highness John Duke of Saxony, 3 The University of Oxford,

I do. 4 Ditto Cambridge,

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1 copy.

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1 do. 5 Ditto Dublin,

1 do. 6 Ditto Christiania,

1 do. 7 The Royal Asiatic Society,

1 do. 8 The Asiatic Society of Paris,

1 do. 9 The Academy of Berlin,

1 do. 10 Múnich,...

1 do. 11 St. Petersburg,..

1 do. 12 American Philosophical Society, ....

1 do. 13 Prof. H. H, Wilson,

1 do. 14 Dr. W. H. Mill,.

1 do. 15 Sir J. Johnston,..

I do. 16 The Honourable G. Turner,

1 do.


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17 Col. L. C. W. H. Sykes,
18 Sir G. C. Haughton,.....
19 M. E. Burnouf, ..,
20 M. P. E. Faucause, Paris,..
21 M. Langlois, Paris,
22 Capt. Troyer, Paris,
23 Baron Von Hammer Purgstall, Vienna
24 Charles Lassen, Bonn,
25 F. Bopp, Berlin,
26 A. Ewald, Tubingen,..
27 F. Kúchert, Berlin,
28 A. F. Pott, Halle,
29 J. F. Grotefend, Hanover,
30 J. Gildemeister, Bonn,..
31 H. Brockhous, Jena,..
32 Dr. Hófer, Berlin,..
33 F. Benary, Berlin,
35—Gorresis, Turin,
36 The Honourable Mr. Thomason,
37 B. H. Hodgson, fsq.
38 Major G. Marshall,
39 J. Muir, Esq.
40—Trevor, Esq...
41 Raja Radakant Deb,
42 Debendervath Tagore,
43 Dr. J. Ballantyne,..
44 Bombay Branch Asiatic Society, ....
45 Madras Literary Society, ....

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Report of the Curator, Museum of Economic Geology, for the months of Seppo

tember and October.

From W. C. Thorburn, Esq., we have received several cannon and swivel balls of a fine grained granite (almost a micaceous sandstone) from a hill fort near Dhontola-Kooda-Ghat Purgunna, in the district of Gowalpara.

From Major Jenkins we have received eight specimens of Marbles, Serpentines, Jasper, Basanite, &c., some of which are of great beauty, and nearly all good additions to our cabinets in both departments.

In reference to them Major Jenkins remarks that at a future time may find employment for a large body of workmen in converting them into ornamental

articles, as is now done with serpentines of the Lizard, which many of them very exactly resemble. And it was only recently discovered that the Cornish Stones were of any

value. That gentleman has also forwarded to us additional specimens of the Deo Monnee beads, of which some are distinctly enough nothing more than blue and green beads and bugles, and the red ones evidently artificial. In a subsequent letter Major Jenkins sends one of the large spindle-shaped cornelian beads so common on the coast which he also states to be of value as a Deo Monnee. I have procured, and after grinding them a little sent him a supply of various kinds of bazar and European beads amongst which no doubt some may be found to possess the peculiar characters entitling them to be considered as sacred.

Geological and Mineralogical. I have the pleasure to announce here a new mineral discovered by Captain Newbold in the Kurnool district, and which I have named Newboldite.

It has also the rare merit of establishing a new family of Minerals, viz.., one of the double sulphurets of the metals and earths, it being a compound of bi-sulphuret of Iron with some earth, which may possibly be new, but being obtained in very minute quantities I am unwilling to pronounce upon it decisively.

I have put the mineralogical and chemical details into a separate paper for the Journal, as they would not interest the meeting.

Major Jenkins has sent us a few specimens of boulders from Sudiya, amongst which is a very fine specimen of Talcite or Nairite, which is an addition to our Mineral Cabinet.


The following books have been received since the last meeting.


Results of Astronomical Observations made during the years 1834, 1835, 1836,1837, and 1838, at the Cape of Good Hope, by Sir John F. W. Herschel.-BY HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND.

The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, Vol. XXI. part I.-By the ACADEMY.

Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Vol. III. parts I, and II. ---BY THE ACADEMY.

Meteorological Register kept at the Surveyor General's Office, Calcutta, for the months of August and September 1817.-BY THE DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL

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