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LeMoniteur des Indes-Orientales et Occidentales, Tome II, No. 3.-B. THE EDITOR.

Pre-eminence of the Vernaculars ; or the Anglicists answered : being fu letters on the Education of the people of India. By B. H. Hodgson, Esq.-5 THE AUTHOR.

The Calcutta Christian Observer, for September and October 1847.--B7 THE EDITORS.

The Upadeshak, Nos. 10, 11.—By the Editor.
The Oriental Baptist, Nos. 10, 11.-BY THE Editor.

The Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia, Nos. II, III.BY THE Editor.

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol. X. part II.-By the Society. Jahrbucher der Literatur, for 1846.-By Baron Van Hammer Pure


The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, Vol. XVII. part I.-BY THE SOCIETY.

The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, No. 11.-BY THE 80


Tatwabodhini Patrica, Nos. 50, 51.-BY THE TATWABODHINI SABHA

Bulletin de la Société de Geographie, Troisiéme série, Tome VI.-BY THE Society.

The Oriental Christian Spectator for October 1847.—BY THE EDITORN

Zeitschrift der Deutschen morganlandischen Gesellschaft herausgegeben von den Geschaftsfuhrern. Heft 11.—By The Editor.

EXCHANGED. The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, No 85. The London, Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine, Nos. 205-6. Journal of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society, Vol. VI. part I. The Athenæum, Nos. 1027-30,-31,-32,-31,-35.

PURCHASED. A Comparative Grammar of the Sanscrit, French, Greek, Latin, Lithuania, Gothic, German, and Sclavonic Languages, by Professor F. Bopp. Translated from the German by Lieut. Eastwick, and conducted through the Press by Professor Wilson. 2 Vols. Svo.

Travels in New Zealand ; by Ernest Diffenbach, M. D. 2 Vols. Svo.

Memoirs of the Life and Administration of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Oxford ; with original correspondence and authentic papers, never before published. By Wm. Coxe, 3 Vols. 4to.

Traité de Chimie, Appliquée aux Arts; par M. Dumas, vols, 1 to 3. and a 4to Atlas,


Lá Sidérotechnie, ou l’Art de Traiter les Minéraux de fer pour en obtenir de la Fonte, du Fer, ou de l'Acier ; par J. H. Ilassenfratz. 4 Vols. 4to.

De la Richesse Minérale, Considerations sur les Mines, Usines, des différens Etats presentées comparativement, 1. Sous le rapport des produits et de l'administration, dans une première division, intitulée Division Economique ; 2. Sous le rapport de l'etat actuel de l'art des mines et usines, dans une seconde division, intitulée Division Technique ; (avec une atlas in folio, par A. M. Heron de Villefosse.

The Birds of Australia, by J. Gould. Parts XIVI. XIVII.

The Atesh Kedah, or Fire Temple, by Ilajji Lutf Ali Beg, of Isfahan,
Edited by N. Bland, Esq.

Journal des Savants, Juin et Juillet 1847.

The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine, Nos. 126 and

The Annals and Magazine of Natural Ilistory, No. 131.
The Edinburgh Review, No. 173.
The Calcutta Review, No. 15.
Vetálapanchavingsati, or the twenty-five tales of Vetála. 1 Vol. 8vo.
The North British Review, No. 14.

Cannon and swivel Balls from a Hill Fort near Dhontola Khooda Ghaut
Purgunnah, in the district of Goalpara, Assam.- Presented by W. C. Thor-
burn, Esq.

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At a meeting of the Asiatic Society, held on Wednesday, the 1st of
December, 1817.

G. A. BUSH BY, Esq. in the Chair.

The proceedings of the last meeting were read and confirmed, and the accounts and vouchers for the past month submitted as usual.

The Senior Secretary sought and obtained permission to print the accounts for the past year previous to the next meeting—the meeting to be held on the 12th of January, to permit of the preparation of the Annual Report to be then brought forward.

Capt. Rogers, R. N., Superintendent of Marine, was duly ballotted for and elected a member of the Society.

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Read letters from Dr. L. C. Stuart, withdrawing his name from the list of members.

To the secretary, Asiatic Society, Calcutta. MY DEAR SIR,-I am sorry that circumstances compel me to request that you will be good enough to accept of my resignation as a member, but beg you will ectinue to send me the Journal as heretofore.

May I ask whether I am not entitled to a copy of the Asiatic Researches? I trust that if in your power, you will meet my wishes, and if so, send the Vols. 13 the care of the Govt. Steam Agents at Allahabad.

I regret being compelled at present to withdraw from so distinguished a bodr, but trust hereafter to be enrolled as a member again.

Your's faithfully,


Asst. Surgeon H. M. 29th Regd. Kussoulie, 5th November, 1847.

From the Librarian to II. M. the King of Prussia, forwarding serer: works presented to the Asiatic Society by the Minister of Public Instruction, and the Royal Academy of Sciences of Berlin.

To the Secretary of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Calcutta. Sir,- In continuation of my letter dated 10th June, 1845, I have the honor of forwarding to you a copy of the books mentioned below, intended for the use of the Royal Asiatic Society, and presented on behalf of his Majesty's Minister of Public Instruction and the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Adding a selection of books on behalf of the Royal Library, intended for the same use, I hope that these works may prove of sufficient interest to deserve a plae in the library of the Royal Asiatic Society, and I beg you Sir, to accept the renewed assurance of the highest consideration withi which I have the honor of being,

Your obedient Servant,

Dr. G. N. Pirtz,
His Royal Majesty's Chief Librarian and intimate Counsellor of Government.
Berlin, 16th June, 1817.


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1. By His Majesty's Minister of Public Instruction :

Corpus inscriptionum Graecarum. Vol. I, U. III., 3 Vols, fol.

Aristoteles. 4 Vols. 4to. 2. By the Royal Academy of Sciences :

Abhandlungen der Königlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin.

Jahrg. 1822–1814, 27 Vols. 4to.

3. By the Royal Library :

Klaproth, Chrestomathie Mandchou, 8vo.
Ejusd. Supplément au dictionnaire Chinois-latin, fol.
Ejusd. Verzeichniss der Chinesischen und Mandschuischen Bücher und Hands.

chriften der Königlichen Bibliothek zu Berlin, fol.
Schott, Fortsetzung des Vorstehenden, 8vo.
Index librorum ad celebranda saecularia reformationis tertia, 8vo.
Index librorum quibus Bibliotheca regia Berolinensis aucta est annis 1835-1839.

4 Vols. 4to.
Entwürfe und Studien eines Niederländischen Meisters ausdem IV. Jahrhun-

dert. quer, 8vo.
Beger, Regum et Imperatorum Romanorum Numismata, fol.
Ejusd. Lucernae, fol.
Ejusd. Ulysses, fol.
Ejusd. Poenae infernales, fol.
Ejusd. Numismata Pontificum Romanorum, fol.

Dîez, Denkwürdigkeiten von Asien. Bd. 1. 2. 2 Vols. 8vo.
Ejusd. Ermahnung an Istambul, 4to.
Ejusd. Ueber Inhate und Vortrag des Königlichen Buchs. 8vo.
Buch des Kabus. Uebersetzt von v. Dîez, 8vo.


From Capt. Madden, B. A., Almorah, announcing the communication of an Essay on the Flora of Kumaon.

From the Officiating Deputy Surveyor General, forwarding the Meteorological Register for November.

From Mr. J. W. Grant, with extracts of a note from the Hon'ble Mr. Thomason, Lieut.-Governor N. W. Provinces, describing a graduating machine invented by Capt. Strange, 7th Madras Cavalry.

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Simlah, 21 Oct. 1847. My dear Mr. GRANT,– Captain A. Strange, 7th Madras Light Cavalry (now here on leave) is a very ingenious mechanic. His forte is the making of Instruments. He has made up himself here a very ingenious little machine for graduating scales. The surface to be graduated is moved not in the common way by a screw, but by a series of wheels, in fact by clock machinery. By its aid he can divide an inch into 1350 parts. He to-day brought me his machine and showed me its ope. ration on the enclosed piece of speculum metal cast by himself. You will observe on it, three sets of scales. The longest and the most perfect was done with care in his own study. The middle and worst was done to-day amongst a room full of people, when the machine was hastily put up in my house, and was impeded by dust, &c. The set at the other extremity were done in his own house, but amongst many interruptions. The sets show divisions 270 to an inch and 1350 to an inch,

with figures. The machine is a mere model, and far from possessing the accura and finish which he could give it under greater advantages than he can have her: Now pray put the piece of speculum metal in your microscope and tell me you think of it.

If as I suppose, you will be much struck with Capt. Strange's ingenuity, pray show it to your scientific friends that his rare qualifications may be known. Perhaps if you were to show it round the room at some meeting of the Asiatic Society, it would attract attention.


From Capt. Newbold, regarding a proposed translation of a Milayan History of Java, by M. Edouard Du Laurier, of the Asiatic Society of Paris.

You will be glad to hear that my talented and indefatigable correspondent M:. Ed. Du Laurier, member of the Council of the Societé Asiatique of Paris, i engaged in the Translation of a Malay History of Java. I give you his own words, and if the President or the Secretaries of the Asiatic Society or yourself can obtja him any subscribers I shall feel obliged.

“Je vais entreprendre en ce moment une grande publication celle de la grande chronique de Java, lylədilispels canles rapporté de Batavia par Raffles, et que j' ai fait copier sur l'exemplaire de ce livre que m'a ete communiqué par le consel de la Societé Royale Asiatique de Londres. L'ouvrage formera deux volumes ca 4to et paraitra en plusieus livraisons."

From Mr. Mansel of Calcutta, through Mr. Piddington, offering to repair without charge the ivory model of the Taj, if sent to his house for that purpose. Mr. Mansel's offer was accepted, and the thanks of the Society recorded.

From Col. Ousely, communicated by Mr. Piddington, enclosing sketches and an account of temples in Surgunge. (Directed to be published in the Journal.)

From Mr. IIodgson, received Dec. 1st, forwarding a comparative Vocabulary of the several languages or dialects of the Eastern subHimalayas, from the Kalee or Gogra to the Dhanseri, with the written and spoken Tibetan, for comparison. (Directed to be published.)

From Capt. Vicary, Sabathoo, announcing the discovery of fossil bones in the " Secondary formation" of the Ilimalayas.

I am happy to announce the discovery of bones, the Fossil remains of Crocodiles, in the limestone beds near Subathoo. These are the first fossil bones which have been found in the “secondary formations” of the Himalayas. The bones

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