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lithographs confirmed him in the belief that the funds of the Society had been most improvidently wasted. The sets of Cantor's collection had cost Rs. 2561, being 183 Rs. each set-now he had much experience in the expense of lithographs, and would pledge himself to produce plates infinitely superior to those now before the Society at the cost of from 5 to 10 Rupees per 100. Whether vouchers were forthcoming or not was now of no consequence. The money had been irrecoverably lost, but to guard against future extravagance of this kind he proposed, that, "no future outlay take place for drawings of any kind without regular estimates being in the first place submitted to and approved by a general meeting."

Dr. O'Shaughnessy having seconded the resolution it was unanimously carried.

We must not allow the present occasion to pass without adverting to the highly interesting lecture on the Buddhistical remains of Gyah and its neighbourhood, delivered in the Society's hall, on the 31st ult. by Capt. Kittoe. As the substance of the lecture is contained in the various papers handed to the Secretaries by that gentleman for publication in the Journal, it is unnecessary to give any more extended notice of it here; but we may mention that there was a goodly attendance of both members and strangers, who appeared much gratified with the instruction and entertainment of the evening. We trust that Capt. Kittoe's good example will be followed by others whose researches admit of communication in the same agreeable form.

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