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* The date reads 186 mághakrsna divādaśamyā buddha [sic] dime. I suggested to Dr. Kielhorn (and he agrees), that divādané” probably

stands for dwādaśamyám tithaw which gives 186 as an expired year (the usual solution for this era.)

lf however we interpret the date

as meaning “on the tenth day,” we have to take the rare solution (I. Ant. XVII. 252) of a current year, with the result (as Dr. Kielhorn informs me) Wednesday, 2nd February, 1065. * Son of Sahkaradeva, born Samvat 177, Ásadha. W8 foll. 30b-31a.

8 No doubt identical with Mahendradeva the yuvarāj (

) in Sivadeva's reign after whom the tank Mahendrasaras

was named. Vlfol. 24b. See plate, fig. 4. The same Mahendra's birth is recorded in V3 as happening is sam, 199 (fol. 31a, where
Sihadevaparameşvarasya putra is apparently an error for Sivad”) See Plate, fig. 9. 1.3.

* Son of a “Sihadeva’ (possibly here Narasimha or Narendra) born in 219 Vaiśākha.

5 According to V8 (f, 31b), born in 233, Ašvina and likewise a son of “Sihadeva.”

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Nepal era, when o MSS., etc. to W.
. otherwise Equivalent } W y
specified. o
to Full date, from tracing (colophon
[Ratnadeval 303 Caitra. [1183 P] Tracing from | Not men- being omitted at p. 86 of Cat.) of
if Nepal era | MS. in Kathm. tioned in MS. 1648G. at Käthm Library: Samv.
Library. any His- 303 [words and figures ] caitra sudi
tory. pañcamyām somadine. As to the
. king see the article.
Someşvaradeva (1) :-- © e to 4, 3 mo. so
Gunakāmadeva II. 307 Phälguna 1187 Cat., p. 76 & e 6 3 Reading of Cat. verified by tracing from
MS. ,
Laksmikāmadeva II. 313 dwir-Āsādha | 1193 Br. Museum, Or. | Not men- | Date retouched. ‘It does not work out'
2279 (No. 550 tioned. (H. J.)
in my Cat.)
316 5 § 1196, July Br. Museum Or. Probably Thursday, 11th July 1196. See
Wiiavakāmad § 3345 (No. 542 ( 17 ... note in B.M. Cat. Sk. MSS. p. 230.
jayakamadeva my Cat.)
( 317 Vaiś 1197 Cat. p., 113 ...
322 [expd.] Asādha 1201 May Cat. p., 83. . . Reading confirmed by my notes in the
Arimallad 2 § 326 expd. Srāv. 1206, July- Cat. p. 96 ... 15 ... Library. “Sunday, 27th May, 1201(H.J.)
rimalladeva (8) Aug. Camb. Add. ( (about 1201- ‘Thursday, 14th Jan., 1216, Kielhorn in
( 336 [expd.] Pausa | 1216, Jan. 1648 to so to 1216) ... I.A. xvii, 249.
[Ramašūral 342 Mārga 1221 * Or. 2208. Not named Perhaps a rāja of another part of Nepal.
No. 512 in m
0. ( Cat.) y s Date (without month), noted by me in
344, 1223 ... [Käthm. No. 214 | 1884. The Pandit apparently did not
s t see this MS., a copy of the Bhāratiya-
| |358, Jyestha 1238 Cat. p. 69 ... nātyaśāstra. Compare Sylvain Lévi
U “Rapport,” p. 16. o
367,ourrent, Māgha. 1246 Jan. B.M. Or. 2203 e
| JFeb. (myCat.No. 536) Date somewhat indistinctly written.

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MS. (Pañca-raksä) not described by
Pandit. Full date from my notes:
367, Phälguna Sukla ekadaši ädityav.
Sunday, 17th Feb., 1247. (H.J.)
See J.R.A.S., 9191, p. 688. A copied date
... and, doubtless copied wrong ; for Dr.
Jacobireports that the week-day works
... out wrong and naksatra impossible.
‘Monday, June 7th, 1255? (K), when
, Punarvasu was the Naksatra; see the
article, p. 8, note,4.
See the same note. . . . i
Wednesday, April 2nd, 1260" (Sewell);
; , see p. 9, note 1. : . . .
s The second form is taken from V8 fol.
35, where the birth. of Jayasiham. is

|{ ... recorded (349, Vaiś.; father: Jagat.

| anekamalla), just before that of

U. Anantamalla. . . . .

Tracing from MS, confirms reading of Cat, but no week-day is decipherable. *

shows, Ananta for Ananda; but Dr.
Kielhorn', reports that the date does
not work out correctly.

- | In the Cat, we must read, as my tracing

1 Though no MSS. of this reign are extant, Someşvara is duly recorded by Kirkpatrick (reign 6 years 8 months) and in V8

(fol. 82a), where we learn that he was the son of Mahendra and born in 240 Phalguna sudi 13, Māghanaksatra.

If the following phrase

UTSIT orgs ww.uk means that he reigned and died in (240 + 53) 293, it will not fit well with the ascertained date of Amrtadeva. * According to W*, fol. 32b, Arimalla, son of Jayaši [sic], Malladeva, was born 274, reigned 15 years (according to Vl.25 years 10

months; but this does not suit with the other dates

our last date from MSS. will just allow. * Born 366, son of Rājadeva. He was apparently childless. For at 26b (Plate: fig. 7. l. 1) we read that in his reign the

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the usual form in the Chronicle) Jayādityadeva imprisoned his uterine brother, Jayānandadeva.

) and lived 62 years 10 months. This puts his death towards the end of 336, which

Now a

Jayāditya, according to W8 (35b), was the son of Jayabhima, and was born 358. Probably there is something wrong in this last (Coll. Óf 1893)


s 467 Sravana ... 1347 Wl 28b Plate “Accession with assent of both royal fig. 8 families and with general consent” (V1 | 7 7 28 b.; Plate fig. 8, line 1). d- to \ || 474 1353-4 Cat. p. 71 Year (no month) verified by tracing from J ayarijadeva 9. e MS. 476 1355-6 As Soc, Beng. See J.A.S.B., LXII. i., 250. MS. omitted

in Kuñjavihāri's Cat. Correct king's name

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(Vijayarājadeva) to Jayar” (tracing).

*Date verified in my notes. ‘Monday,
484 Kārttika . 1863, Oct. ... Cat, p. 31 to ope to o e } 23rd October, 1363; naksatra etc. cor-
rect” (H. J.)
491 Bhādrap. ... 1371 Cat. p. 88 ...
493 Pausa ... | 1372 Camb. Add. Peterson, Hitopadeśa, Pref., p. ii.
Jayārjunamalla (8) ... “ s 2564.
494 Bhādrap. 1374 ... | Camb. Add.
* 1689 * @ 9
Saka 1297, Phälg. 1876 Febr. Cat, p. 121 ... Earliest MS. dated by a non-Nepalese
era. Date: Friday, 22nd Feb. 1376
\. (H. J.)


statement. For it seems unlikely that Anantamalla should not only have superseded an older heir-apparent, but also have allowed him to live on as heir-apparent to himself. Moreover, in W8 (36b) we find mention of Jayabhima as rāja in 378 and Jayasimhamalladeva (who seems to have actually succeeded him, according to W126a) as yuvarāj. This seems very strange if Jayāditya was alive all the time. The statement of Wright may be correct in so far as it implies a divided kingdom in Ananta's time. * * 1 Jayarudra was the son of Jayatuñgamalla. Jayāri is called svakutumba, a vague phrase for ‘kinsman' perhaps. The full date of his death (or of the suttee of his wives—the punctuation would allow of either interpretation) is 446, Asādha púrnami, W8 at 46b

gives the same date, for the death (No perhaps ‘time up to which he remained in the world,' a common. expression in the chronicle), not mentioning the suttee; but it makes two suspicious additions: (1) The addition of ‘prathama' to the month, though Asādha was not intercalated ; (2), the impossible allowance of 30 years 8 months to the king’s reign. * Born 437, Phálguna krsna datamā dhanesta [sic], brhaspati vära ; son of Jayānandadeva by a sañgrahani bhāryū (WB, 45b). The tracing referred to in the last column was kindly sent me by Mahām. Haraprasād Săstri. & Son of Jayarājadeva and Rudramadevi, apparently (see p. 11, note) born in 467, Waiš sudi 7. (W1, f. 28b; Plate fig. 8.) According to WB (60b) he died in 502, Māgha badi 5. This may well be correct; for the date 504 given doubtfully in my Cambridge Cat., p. 119, is much too uncertain to form a contrary argument. On re-examination I find the middle word looks more like cihna (not known as a numeral word) than bindu. On the other hand, visuya = 5 is certain; so that Jayārjuna was alive in 500 or A.D. 1379-80.

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