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النشر الإلكتروني
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tirkhe, armpit
kund, widow
oghke, a tear
meda, husband
ghaza, wife
daroo, gunpowder
purod, grass
ghalla, grain
speen, white
soor, red
tor, black
ábee, blue
zyad, yellow
sheen, green
mahee, fish
ghwashe, meat
Imar, sun
rikeboona, stirrups
muloona, bridle
ghar, hill
seen, river
khight, brick
nikka, grandfather
wurr nikka, great grandfather
masai, grandson

chaplai, slippers
doond, blind
gung, dumb
koon, deaf
god, lame with both legs
rást, straight
koj, crooked
tsappa, upset
lewânai, mad
khapa, angry
ranzoor, ill
starai, tired
dard, pain
lár, road
safar, journey
noom, name

kad wasai, great grandson
kosai, great great grandson
zoom, son-in-law
warindára, sister-in-law
orara, nephew
orerá, niece
tra and aka, uncle
troree, aunt


Vocabulary of Verbs. rátalal, to come

talal, to weigh tlal, to go

ve pemawal, to measure ravdal, to bring

pakhawal, to cook odal, to carry away

khlas wal, pátakedal, to place

wáz wal, to open odaradil, to rise

paránatal, porta kawil, to raise

tadal, to blind kghenastan, to sit

parkawal, to cut akhistan, to take

seere kawal, to tear wenissa, to seize

mátawal, to break khudal, to eat

zghastal, to run chghil, to drink

Iwastan, to read zbeghil, to suck

girzedal, to stroll chichil, to bite

skawul, to pull ghwkhan, to chew the cud pákawal, to wipe

jo owal, to chew khandil, to laugh jadil, to weep wahal, to beat jagh?

to call kawal S skandal, to pinch gandal, to sew beredal, to fear tukhedal, to cough teláwúl, to push ghakhá wal, to press lád egh wurzawul, to spit ghwul kawal, to ease one's self leedal and katal, to see tisháwul, to employ bázee kawal, to play waiyil, to speak wuruk kawal, to lose mudal, to die

purewatal, to fall
zejal, to bring forth
purawal, to borrow
por warkawal, to lend
put wal, to conceal
ghakhauwal, to bury
zij dedal, to tremble
kháls wal, to loosen
garawul, to scratch
togawul, to pour
pookawul, to blow

to make water
dakawul, to fill

jaghawul, to play on an instru-
lirekawal, putting away
mzaka kandan, to dig
paghal, to sow
waswa, to burn

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Sentences and Dialogues.

The Afghán Salutation-"Rogh BOD." Jod e gha táze gha khushal e gha , Are you well ? quite fresh ? quite raghale?

happy welcome ? Answer. Jha wose pa khair wose Ş

May you be well. May all be makhwár reje.

right with you. May you never be badly off.

Sta noom sa de?

What is your name? Ta soke?

Who are you? Kum yanye?

Who is there? Tási chare zai

Where are you going ? Tási la kum záe rágháliyást

Whence come you ? Dwa myásht me sooeedee chi la It is two months since I came

Candhára rághale yam $ from Candahar. Dá lár da Shikarpoor de? Is this the road to Shikarpoor? Za khabar neyam pakhpula mu-l I don't know, I am myself a trasapar yam

veller. Lár waghaiya

Shew the road. Tsa khabrá la Bádsháh ávaradi. Have you heard any news of the leeyast?

s king?


Wai ee chi Shikarpoor ta wara They say he has arrived at Shiseda.

skarpoor. Da Hinduwáno pa kághaz kghe | What was the news from Herat da Harát da babata tsa kghe

in the Hindoo's letter? lawoo?

It was written that the Persians Kshilawoo da kajar tag o da Kam

had retired, and that Kamran ran chapáw pa Farrah bánde

had made a descent on Farrah, oda Mahammad Siddeek Khan bandee wodal.

and taken away Mahammed

Sideck Khán prisoner.
So rwaze soo,ee dee chi Kásid la How many days is it since a Cos-

Loodiáne rághale de ? s sid arrived from Loodiana ?
Ka za durwagh zam na gham pinz If I remember right it is five days.

rwaze soo i dee
Wale jar ra naghale?

Why have you not come quickly?

J I will go out riding by afternoon Na psheen spareshan

prayers. Za be khartsa yum muwajam me I have no money, will you give ráka?

Ś me my pay ? Madar woka chi da hinde muddal Wait till the bill of exchange be poorá see

s due. Dode zmá da para pakhaka chi | Get ready dinner for me, as I am

wujee yum chi wakhuram I hungry and have an appetite. Tsa bara sta zoe zma deedan lara | What's the reason your son does ranághai ?

$ not come to see me? Sa lara da kár na kave? Why don't you do that? Tasta sa we?

What is become of you ? Ka za spansee darkam dá shpaj If I give you ready money, what kameesa pa tso mazdooree ba will you take for making six

shirts ? Da ghar moom laree ka na laree Has this mountain a name or not? Sardárán da Candahár chi dee pa The Sardars of Candahar when

wakht da mukadame chi da they want to get money from cha tsakha tsa ghwadee akhpul any one in time of need, are in da ourate psol wa hagha sadee the habit of pawning their wives ta giroje kghee dee

jewels Akhpul maindina biya wo poos) They instruct their wives to get

hawee chi byá pa fand tara da. the jewels out of pawn by a

khpul psol bidta zeenee rávdá s contrivance of their own. Pa Candahár ki jha ás tsa keenruet | What is the price of a good horse laree?

in Candahar?
Gha ás pa salor souwa pa lás razee A good horse can be got for 400 Rs.
Deráwat tso zara rupo, ee mályá | What is the revenue of Derawat

s in thousands ?
Dergh zara rupo,ee mályá laree It is a revenue of 30,000 Rs.

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jod ke ?

Shah Shuja chi raghalai woo Sar-) When Shah Shuja appeared, all

dárán tola razá woo chi ghar the Sardars were content to give warkee baghair la you Sardár up the city except Kohn Dil Kohn Dil Khánchi waigil chi Khán, who said, my head with zma sar dai o da Kalá Kungre

these parapets. Tási arvedalai dai chi da Maham- Have you heard the uncle of

mad Shah aká Shikarpoor lare Mahammad Shah has arrived raghalai dai?

in Shikarpoor?

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Specimen of Afghan verse from Abdul Rahman. Har matloob сhighwaje tá, uka When the musician turns the da rabab

screw of the Rebeck Padá táuk jhee zmá zada kandee By each turn that is made my kabab

heart is burnt. Chi saiye panaghma pa taránash- When I pay attention to the tune um

S and the tone Dewána sham grewantsiree most I get mad, and tear my clothes okhráb

s frantic and lost. Hame tár hame guftar hose as ar- The strings and burthen of the ka

song so distress me Chi hetsok na takat laree na tab That none could bear it orendure it.

Let there be music first, then the Youve sáz, bulawáze da belto

theme of absence, Dream shaar paraghaz ka intikhah & Third, let a poet recite his good



{ Tsalaram you sakeeye tar sangk-} Fourth, let a cupbearer be near

sun or moon

ghenee Che makh na mahtáb li dilaivee Who has never been looked on by

na áftáb Da talor wáda fitne dee pa tslor These four are four traitors in kunja

s four cornersOpinzame suráeedai ada mai nab? And the fifth be a bottle of the

noubahar o best and the zawanee

of the new spring and youth, Ou owam shughal da bayazoda | And the seventh reading of alkitáb

bums and books. Chidá hoomree áfatoona sara tol If all these wonders be collected shee

together Turo tsok saranga zeenee kandel Who can deliver himself from

ijtanáb Chi dá hasee dilbarán par as ar-] He who is not affected by any of naka

s these rarities Ya ba devee ya deewaz dai yadaw | Must be either more than human, ab

s a wall or a beast.


hez ga

Da tsargand bashee parhez da par- Here the abstinence of abstainers

s will be discovered Kakádar shee pa spahade pa shráb! When they be surrounded by love


and wine. Za Rahman lareeya zohda pana May God defend Rahman from gh wadam

s hypocrisy; Dareeya zohad ázáb de hamitab Hypocrisy is trouble and reproach.

(Signed) R. LEACH.

(True Copy)

Depy. Secy, to the Govt. of India.

With the Govr. Genl.

Art. II.-Sisupa'la Bad’ha, or death of SisuPA'LA by Ma'Gha,

Translated, with Annotations, by J. C. C. SUTHERLAND, Esq.

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Book I.-- The conference between Krishna and Na'RADA.

Salutation to the fortunate GANESA !

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वसन्ददवितरन्तमम्बराविरण्यगर्भाङ्गभुवंमुनिहरिः ॥९॥

1. Hari, husband of Sri, dwelling in the fortunate abode of Vasudeva, to reform the world, though himself the abode of worlds, saw descending from the sky, the sage, who sprang from a portion of the being, that was conceived in the golden mundane egg.

विधाकृतात्माकिमयंदिवाकरोविधूमरोचिःकिमयंहताशनः । गतन्तिरवीनमनूरुमार थे प्रसिवमूईज्वञ्चलनंहविर्भुजः । पतत्यधोधामविसारिसर्वतःकिमेतदित्याकलमीक्षितंजनैः ॥२॥

2. Is this the Sun itself parted into two orbs ? Is it fire shining with light divested of smoke? The motion of the luminary whose charioteer has no legs is curvilinear. The ascent of fame is a well known property of fire. What is this, which descends diffusing light around ? Thus was the sage contemplated by wonder by the people.

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