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Which Providence assigns them. One alone,

At one wide waft, and o'er the hapless

The red-breast, sacred to the household Hid in the hollow of two neighbouring

Wisely regardful of th' embroiling sky, In joyless fields, and thorny thickets, leaves

The billowy tempest whelms; till, upward

The valley to a shining mountain swells,

His shivering mates, and pays to trusted Tipt with a wreath, high-curling in the


His annual visit. Half afraid, he first Against the window beats; then, brisk, alights

On the warm hearth; then, hopping o'er
the floor,

Eyes all the smiling family askance,
And pecks, and starts, and wonders where
he is :

Till more familiar grown, the table-crumbs
Attract his slender feet. The foodless



As thus the snows arise; and foul and

All winter drives along the darkened air;
In his own loose revolving fields, the

Disastered stands; sees other hills ascend,
Of unknown joyless brow; and other

Of horrid prospect, shag the trackless
plain :

Nor finds the river, nor the forest hid Pour forth their brown inhabitants. The Beneath the formless wild; but wanders on

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And more unpitying men, the garden Stung with the thoughts of home; the
thoughts of home
Urged on by fearless want. The bleating Rush on his nerves, and call their vigour

Eye the bleak heaven, and next the glisten- In many a vain attempt. How sinks his
ing earth,
With looks of dumb despair; then, sad What black despair, what horrors fill his
Dig for the withered herb through heaps When for the dusky spot, which fancy
of snow.

be kind,

Now, shepherds, to your helpless charge His tufted cottage rising through the snow. He meets the roughness of the middle waste,

Baffle the raging year, and fill their pens With food at will; lodge them below the storm,

Far from the track, and blest abode of


And watch them strict for from the bil- While round him night resistless closes

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Then throng the busy shapes into his Save me from folly, vanity, and vice,


Of covered pits, unfathomably deep,

From every low pursuit! and feed my


A dire descent! beyond the power of With knowledge, conscious peace, and frost ;

Of faithless bogs; of precipices huge, Smoothed up with snow; and, what is

land, unknown,

What water, of the still unfrozen spring, In the loose marsh or solitary lake, Where the fresh fountain from the bottom boils.

These check his fearful steps; and down he sinks

Beneath the shelter of the shapeless drift, Thinking o'er all the bitterness of death, Mixed with the tender anguish Nature shoots

virtue pure;

Sacred, substantial, never-failing bliss!


These, as they change, Almighty Father, these

Are but the varied God. The rolling year

Is full of Thee. Forth in the pleasing Spring

Through the wrung bosom of the dying Thy beauty walks, Thy tenderness and


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Thy bounty shines in Autumn unconfined, And spreads a common feast for all that lives.

In Winter awful Thou! with clouds and storms

Father of light and life! thou Good Around Thee thrown, tempest o'er tempest

Supreme !



O teach me what is good! teach me Thy- Majestic darkness! On the whirlwind's


Riding sublime, Thou bidd'st the world His praise, ye brooks, attune, ye tremadore,

bling rills;

And humblest nature with Thy northern And let me catch it as I muse along.
Ye headlong torrents, rapid and profound;
Mysterious round! what skill, what force Ye softer floods, that lead the humid maze


Deep-felt, in these appear! a simple train,
Yet so delightful mixed, with such kind

Such beauty and beneficence combined;
Shade unperceived, so softening into shade;
And all so forming a harmonious whole,
That, as they still succeed, they ravish

Along the vale; and thou majestic main,
A secret world of wonders in thyself,
Sound His stupendous praise, whose
greater voice

Or bids you roar, or bids your roaring fall.
So roll your incense, herbs, and fruits,
and flowers,

In mingled clouds to Him, whose sun exalts,

pencil paints.

But wandering oft, with rude unconscious Whose breath perfumes you, and whose gaze, Man marks not Thee, marks not the mighty Ye forests bend, ye harvests wave to Him: Breathe your still song into the reaper's heart,


That, ever busy, wheels the silent spheres;

Works in the secret deep; shoots steam

ing thence

As home he goes beneath the joyous


The fair profusion that o'erspreads the Ye that keep watch in heaven, as earth


Flings from the sun direct the flaming day; Feeds every creature; hurls the tempest forth,

And, as on earth this grateful change revolves,

With transport touches all the springs of

Nature, attend! join, every living soul
Beneath the spacious temple of the sky,
In adoration join; and ardent raise
One general song! To Him, ye vocal

Breathe soft, whose spirit in your freshness

Oh! talk of Him in solitary glooms,
Where o'er the rock the scarcely waving

Fills the brown shade with a religious awe.
And ye, whose bolder note is heard afar,
Who shake the astonished world, lift high
to heaven


Unconscious lies, effuse your mildest

Ye constellations, while your angels strike,
Amid the spangled sky, the silver lyre.
Great source of day! blest image here be-

Of thy Creator, ever pouring wide,
From world to world, the vital ocean


On nature write with every beam His praise.

The thunder rolls: be hushed the prostrate world,

While cloud to cloud returns the solemn

Bleat out afresh, ye hills; ye mossy rocks
Retain the sound; the broad responsive


Ye valleys, raise; for the Great Shepherd reigns,

And His unsuffering kingdom yet will come. The impetuous song, and say from whom Ye woodlands all, awake; a boundless

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Burst from the groves; and when the restless day,

Expiring, lays the warbling world asleep, Sweetest of birds! sweet Philomela, charm The listening shades, and teach the night His praise.

Ye chief, for whom the whole creation smiles;

At once the head, the heart, the tongue of all,

Crown the great hymn! in swarming cities vast,

Assembled men to the deep organ join The long resounding voice, oft breaking clear,

At solemn pauses, through the swelling base;

And, as each mingling flame increases each,

In one united ardour rise to heaven.

Or if you rather choose the rural shade, And find a fane in every sacred grove, There let the shepherd's lute, the virgin's lay,

The prompting seraph, and the poet's lyre, Still sing the God of seasons as they roll. For me, when I forget the darling theme, Whether the blossom blows, the Summer

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In the void waste as in the city full; And where He vital breathes, there must be joy.

When even at ast the solemn hour shall come,

And wing my mystic flight to future worlds,

I cheerful will obey; there with new


Will rising wonders sing. I cannot go
Where universal love not smiles around,
Sustaining all yon orbs, and all their suns;
From seeming evil still educing good,
And better thence again, and better still,
In infinite progression. But I lose
Myself in Him, in light ineffable!
Come, then, expressive silence, muse His



Hail Nature's utmost boast! unrivalled

My fairest reign! where every power benign

Conspir'd to blow the flower of humankind,

And lavished all that genius can inspire.
Clear sunny climates, by the breezy main,
Ionian or Ægaan, tempered kind.
Light, airy soils. A country rich and gay;
Broke into hills with balmy odours crowned,
And, bright with purple harvest, joyous

Mountains, and streams, where verse spontaneous flowed;

Whence deemed by wondering men the seat of gods,

And still the mountains and the streams

of song.

All that boon Nature could luxuriant pour Of high materials, and my restless arts

2 G

Frame into finished life. How many states,

And clustering towns, and monuments of fame,

For that they lived entire, and even for that The tender mother urged her son to die. Of softer genius, but not less intent

And scenes of glorious deeds, in little To seize the palm of empire, Athens rose.

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Where, with bright marbles big and future


Hymettus spread, amid the scented sky,
His thymy treasures to the labouring bee,
And to botanic hand the stores of health;
Wrapt in a soul-attenuating clime,
Between Ilissus and Cephissus glowed
This hive of science, shedding sweets

Of active arts, and animated arms.
There, passionate for me, an easy-moved,
A quick, refined, a delicate, humane,
Enlightened people reigned. Oft on the

Of ruin, hurried by the charm of speech,
Inforcing hasty counsel immature,
Tottered the rash democracy; unpoised,
And by the rage devoured, that ever tears
A populace unequal; part too rich,
And part or fierce with want or abject


Solon, at last, their mild restorer rose : Aliayed the tempest; to the calm of laws Reduced the settling whole; and with the weight

Which the two senates to the public lent, As with an anchor fixed the driving state. Nor was my forming care to these confined.

For emulation through the whole I poured, Noble contention who should most excel In government well-poised, adjusted best To public weal: in countries cultured high; In ornamented towns, where order reigns, Free social life, and polished manners fair: In exercise, and arms; arms only drawn For common Greece, to quell the Persian pride:

In moral science, and in graceful arts. Hence as for glory peacefully they strove, The prize grew greater, and the prize of all.

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