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الصفحة 2194 - and as rapidly •distilled as possible. The keyhole and spaces about the door should then be packed with cotton or cloth. 5. The room thus treated should remain closed at least ten hours. If there is much leakage of gas into the surrounding rooms a second or third injection of formaldehyd at intervals of two or three hours should be made.
الصفحة 2170 - that the following points are worthy of consideration and further investigation. 1. The best beechwood creosote can be given with benefit, in amounts varying from 120 to 240 minims daily, in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. 2. The drug is best administered in cod-liver oil or in a spirituous solution, and in some cases the ' creosote chamber
الصفحة 2315 - ON" ACETIC ACID AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR ETHYL ALCOHOL IN EXTRACTING THE ACTIVE PRINCIPLES OF SOME OFFICINAL DRUGS. BY EDWARD R. SQUIBB, MD," OF BROOKLYN, NY (THIRD PAPER, BELLADONNA ROOT.) In continuing this subject for a third paper,—see American Journal of Pharmacy for January 1899, Vol. 71, No.
الصفحة 2191 - (2) because it is less injurious in its effects on household goods ; {3) because it is less toxic to the higher forms of animal life ; (4) because, when supplied from a generator placed outside of the room and watched by an attendant, there is less danger of fire. Apar.t from the cost of the apparatus and the greater time involved,
الصفحة 2256 - every element of this conductor at right angles to its surface when a disruptive discharge occurred in the circuit of which the tube formed a part. This remarkable result was obtained by means of the very high electromotive force obtained by a Plante rheostatic machine which was charged by ten thousand storage cells.
الصفحة 2138 - Although the statistics of the antitoxin treatment of tetanus up to the present time apparently show a diminution in the mortality under this treatment, they may be legitimately criticised as on the whole insufficient in total number, in definiteness of reports, and as probably not including all fatal cases treated. (2) The more
الصفحة 2138 - to give it at the earliest possible moment. The serum should be injected directly into the blood stream. (6) The strength of the antitoxic preparations furnished by the Massachusetts and the New York Boards of Health, when first supplied, was so slight as to render it necessary to employ 500 cubic centimetres as the initial dose.
الصفحة 2215 - This practice was suggested by the favorable results obtained by the same treatment in variola. Only one or two rubbings seem to be necessary to reduce the temperature to normal, when the patches gradually grow pale and disappear. It requires only four or five days to complete the results, after which a warm bath removes what is left of the salve.
الصفحة 2255 - were conducted with Crookes tubes containing no interval between the anode and the cathode ; and no discharge therefore in the usual sense occurred in the tubes. A continuous conductor was led through the rarified tube, and it was discovered that the X-rays were given
الصفحة 2137 - The injection of antitoxin may produce rashes, joint-pains and fever ; with these exceptions no prejudicial action has been observed in the series of cases investigated to follow even in cases in which a very large amount of antitoxic serum has been used.

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