Fifty Key Figures in Islam

الغلاف الأمامي
Routledge, 27‏/09‏/2006 - 280 من الصفحات

The perfect resource for those wishing to learn more about the Muslim culture, its people and its teachings, Fifty Key Figures in Islam explores the lives and thoughts of fifty influential individuals in Islam and surveys a heritage that spans 1,500 years.

Covering key figures such as the Prophet Muhammad, Suleiman 'the Magnificent' and El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X), the entry for each figure includes:

  • biographical details
  • a presentation and analysis of their main ideas
  • an account of their impact and influence within and, if appropriate, beyond the Islamic tradition
  • list of major works and additional reading.

Fully cross-referenced for ease of use, this clearly presented work is ideal for those interested in or studying the area, and could not have come at a more fascinating time in history for Islam.

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Prophet Muhammad
AbuBakr c 570634
Abu Bakrc 570634 Umar ibn alKhattab c 581644
Malik ibnAnas c 709795
Ahmad ibnHanbal 780855
Yaqub ibnIshaq alKindi Alkindus c 801873
Muhammad alTabari 839923
Akbar 15421605
Muhammad ibn Abd alWahhab 17031792
Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan 18171898
Muhammad Abduh 18491905
Rashid Rida 18651935 Sir Muhammad Iqbal 18731938
Hasan alBana 19061949 Sayyid Qutb 19061966 Muhammad Taha 19081985
Hasan Hanafib 1935 Rachid Ghannoushib 1941
alBana Hasan 19061949

Ubaydallah AlMahdi c 873934 AbualHasan Ali alMawardi 9721058
SalahalDin Saladin 11381193 Yahya Suhrawardi 11541191
Ibn Taymiyya 12631328
AlSuyuti 14451505
Khomeini Sayyid Ruhollah 19021989
alShafii Muhammad
حقوق النشر

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Dr. Roy Ahmad Jackson has been a lecturer and writer of religion and philosophy for over fifteen years. He has lectured in Islamic Studies at various universities, including University of Durham and Kings’ College London. He has previously written books on Nietzsche, Plato, Islam and Philosophy of Religion.

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