Encyclopedia of World Pop Music, 1980-2001

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Greenwood Press, 2003 - 277 من الصفحات

In this eclectic encyclopedia, author Stan Jeffries chronicles the careers of over 110 musical artists from 37 different nations. Entries include biographical information, trace the entrants' musical development, and recount the performers' critical and popular reception. A collection of photos, an index by nation, and appendices of music industry awards and standards for gold and platinum certification by country complete this one-of-a-kind resource for music fans and aficionados.

Popular music's global diversity is often overlooked in America, especially when performers achieved success in nations outside the United States. Some performers, such as A-Ha and Falco, are known as one-hit wonders in America despite their tremendous success elsewhere. Bands such as The Stone Roses and The Sugarcubes achieved cult or underground status in the United States but were headline acts in their native countries. And acts such as Dragon Ash, The Leningrad Cowboys, and Powderfinger--all but unknown in America-are considered landmark acts in their homelands.

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Encyclopedia of world pop music, 1980-2001

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Here, music critic and radio show host Jeffries deals principally with artists who have achieved significantly greater acceptance and commercial success in their native countries than in the United ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله

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STAN JEFFRIES is a music critic radio show host. He was a contributor to The Rough Guide to Rock.

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