Twentieth Century Practice: Tuberculosis, yellow fever, and miscellaneous. General index

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الصفحة 198 - The only thing for these people to do is to use squares of soft muslin, cheese-cloth, cheap handkerchiefs or Japanese paper handkerchiefs specially manufactured for that purpose, which can be burned after use. They should also place in their pockets a removable lining of rubber or other impermeable substance which can be thoroughly cleaned. This additional pocket could be fastened to the inside of the ordinary pocket by clamps, and would thus be of no inconvenience to the patient. A pouch of vulcanized...
الصفحة 345 - ... winds by higher mountains, and preferably surrounded by a pine forest. A farm in the vicinity, where the thoroughly convalescent patients could do light work, might make the institution in a measure selfsupporting. To this place the selected incipient and the improved cases from the city sanatorium should be sent to complete their cure. To the mountain sanatorium there should also be attached a department for children suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. 4. Several sea-side sanatoria for the...
الصفحة 345 - The beneficial effect on the woman's and child's constitutions through such an arrangement can hardly be overestimated. Leaving aside the physical well-being thus largely assured to mother and child at a period when their organisms need the most tender care, the hygienic training which the mother will have received in such an institution will be of lasting utility to herself and child, to the family and to the community.
الصفحة 217 - If it is necessary to stable animals under unusual conditions or among unusual surroundings that make them uneasy and excited the tuberculin test should be postponed until the cattle have become accustomed to the conditions they are subjected to, and then begin with a careful physical examination of each animal. This is essential, because in some severe cases of tuberculosis...
الصفحة 344 - Its renovation or even destruction may be imperative when it is evident that tuberculosis has become "endemic" there, owing to the condition of the soil or to other sanitary defects. 5. To determine the financial condition, whether the patient is or is not able to pay, and whether or not by his being taken to an institution the family will become destitute. If the latter should be the case, it would be necessary for the municipality to provide for the family.
الصفحة 205 - In conclusion the following general directions for the disinfection of rooms may be of value : — 1. All cracks or openings in the plaster or in the floor or about the door and windows should be caulked tight with cotton or with strips of cloth. 2. The linen, quilts, blankets, carpets, etc., should be stretched out on a line, in order to expose as much surface to the disinfectant as possible. They should not be thrown into a heap. Books should be suspended by their covers so that the pages are all...
الصفحة 206 - ... as rapidly as possible. The key-hole and spaces about the door should then be packed with cotton or cloth. 5. The room thus treated should remain closed about ten hours. If there is much leakage of gas into the surrounding rooms, a second or third injection of formaldehyde at intervals of two or three hours should be made.
الصفحة 344 - If the latter should be the case, it would become an imperative duty for the municipality to provide for the family. In many cases a letter of inquiry, sent to the former medical attendant of the patient, would materially aid the work of the investigation committee. Any individual should have the right to present himself for examination, and every physician should be at liberty to recommend any person for examination to the board of his precinct or district.
الصفحة 329 - Berlin/01 he elaborated his classification, giving the following indications as to choice of climate for pulmonary invalids : 1. In cases with limited disease at one or both apices, without or with only a slight amount of fever, nearly all climates can be made use of, but especially high altitudes and sea voyages, if the constitution is a strong one. 2. Cases with limited local disease and high fever must be at first treated in their houses or immediate neighborhood.

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