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6414 But Glaucon the grete, with a grym batell,
Theseus, be tore kyng, turnyt hym agayn,
With iij. M. pro men pronge hym aboute,
And socurd the same kyng with hor sad helpis.
6448 But the first of po frekes pat he fell to,

The buerne, with his bare sword, bere hym to


þat he felle of his fole flat to pe ground!

6452 Mony on he martrid at the meane tyme !

Was Archilacus, a choise kyng, hym cheuit The Dethe of
full ille:
Archilacus by
Ector Slayne.

6456 Yet Ector, eftsones, ettillit to assay,

(fol. 100 b.)

The pruddist, pat hym preset, plainly he slogh.
Breme was the batell on the bent pan!
Mony stithe, in the stoure, stale fro pere lyues. Hector alights to

The battle rages
fiercely; yet

despoil Patroclus;

And Myrion, pat I mynt, with his men all.

6464 Thay preset so the prince with power of knightes,

þat þai warnit hym his wille, & away put:

But fele dynttes he delt, & to dethe cast,


Book XV.

rescued by

And Patroclus proud geere preset to haue.
He light doune full lyuely, lettid he noght,
And bounet to pe body, pere the buerne lay.
6460 ben come pere a kyng with kene men of armys,
Idymynus, full dernly, & dressit hym to,
With two thowsaund pro knightes, & pronge men throng
hym aboute:

Idomeneus and
Merion with their

towards him to
prevent it.

6472 Gird to the grekes in his grete yre.

Mony woundis he wroght, weghis to dethe;
Hondes of hew heturly fast;

And other weghis hym with woundet the grekes.

6468 When he segh pat hym-selfe was set vppon fote, Seeing himself

And so fele of his fos fuerse hym aboute,
All horset but he, & on hegh set,

surrounded by so
many mounted
knights, he girds
at the crowd
with all his

He aforset hym felly with his fyn strenght;

Mony foteles freike of his fell dinttes; 6476 ffele horses with his hond hew he to dethe,

slashes right and left, till he makes way for himself.

Till all shent fro pat shene, & pe shalke leuyt!
So he rid hym a rowme in a rad hast,

Of po tulkes, with tene, pat hym take wold.

Merion presses to 6480 Than Merion, pe mody kyng, þat I mynt first, Presit to Patroclus in place þere he lay,

the body of Patroclus, and bears it to his tent.

Braid vp the body on his big horse,

And so the freike hym before ferkit to his tent.

6484 Now the grekes with grem gedrit vnto Ector, His horse for to haue, & hym away lede.

Book XV.

The Greeks so press around Hector, and attempt to capture

his horse, that it

is impossible to remount.

(fol. 101 a.) A faithful servant of the prince strikes down the knight Carion, and another:

then calls on the Trojan knights to rescue their


Thay caupit at the knight, kene men of armys, hat the wegh on no wise might wyn on his horse. 6488 In þat company kene was a knight noble, That Carion was cald by his kynd nome, ffull ernestly with Ector auntrid to fight; Gaf hym dinttes full dedly, & derit hym mekill. 6492 But a souerain seruand of þe same prinse

Segh his maistur at mischefe amonges his fos; Two speirus full dispitus he sparet to cast, bat fuerse were before & of fell bite.

6496 At the knight Carion cast he þat one,

As he mellit with his maistur, merkit hym euyn,
Hit hym so hitturly with a hard dynt,
hat he gird to be ground, & þe gost yalde.

6500 ben anoper, þat was next, noyet hym alse,
Mellit with his maistur at þe mene tyme,
The tother speire, þat he sparit, spent vpon hym:
Brochit hym prough pe body pat pe buerne swalt.
6504 Then criet he full cantly þe knightes vpon,

And the tyde men of Troy, with a tore steuyn,
In hast for to hye to perc hed prinse,

þat in perell was put in plite to be slayn.

Synabor, a natural 6508 pen Synabor, forsothe, with a sad pepull,

brother of Hector,
with his company
dashed upon the

Neghit to be note, his naturall brother;
He come to pe crye with a cant will,

Greeks; slew
thirty of them;
and succoured

And gird to the grekes mony grym dynt,

6512 ffelled mony fuerse men with his fyne strenght,



Made wais full wide, wan to his lord, Halpe hym full hertely, hurt of his fos; Gird hom to ground, & to grym dethe. 6516 Thretty of pe proest he pronge out of lyue: Mony weghis he woundit & warpit to erthe! pen the troiens full tyt tokyn þere hertes, ffell of hor fos with a frike wille,

6520 Getyn pere ground with a gret strenght, And frusshet pere fos fer vppo backe. ffuerse Ector was fayn of his fyn helpe,

And as wode as a wild bore wan on his horse.


And mard of po men, out of mynd fele

Gird hom to ground with mony grym hurt.

Hector remounts
his horse, and
(fol. 101 b.)
pressing fiercely

6524 He shouuyt purgh his sheltrum, shent mony on the enemy,

cuts them down on all sides.

All þat met hym with malis in pe mene tyme,

6528 Auther dyet of his dynttes, or were ded wondit.

Mony batell he broke, myche bale wroght,

6532 All his wedis wex wete of hor wan blode :

ben found he no frekes to fraist on his strenght, Ne non so derfe to endure a dynt of his hond. Then Menestaus, pe mighty, with his men hole, 6536 The Duke of Athens full derf, drogh into batell,

break and flee.

The grekes, for pe greuaunce, gyuen hym þe way, In terror they ffled all in fere, ferd of hor dethe.


He launchit in o pe left side with his ledis all,

Book XV.

6540 There Troilus the tried, turnyd to fight

The Trojans thus assisted take heart and drive the Greeks back.

With the frigies fell, pat pe freike lad,

bat myche greuaunce & grem to be grekes did;
With Alcanus, a kyng, a kid man of strenght,

6544 And Machaon, the mighty, with his men all:

Xantipus the same batell sothely was pen.

There mynget pai pere men, machit hom to-gedur;
Mony dedly dint delt hom amonge!

With pre thowsaund pro men, priuond in armys,
And other folke full fuerse, pat the freike hade. Troilus, Machaon,

Alcanus, and

Menesteus, Duke

of Athens, with

his division joins

battle with

Book XV.

Troilus is unhorsed, but still fights bravely.

Menesteus and his knights surround him.

(fol. 102 a.)

He is captured and led away to their tents.

But Miseres calls upon the Trojans to rescue Troilus, or be disgraced.

Alcanus, with a great spear, presses after the Greeks, who guard Troilus.



ffaght vppon fote felly agayne:

6552 Mony woundit the wegh of his wale fos.
Menestaus, the mighty, mainly beheld,

Segh Troiell in toile, & tynt had his horse,
ffoght vppon fote in pe fuerse batell,

And myche harme with his hond happit to do.
Then aforsit hym the freike with his fuerse

Troilus to take and to tent lede.

Big was the batell vpon bothe haluys,

And myche slaghtur in slade, & slyngyng to


Troilus, in the toile, turnyt was of hors,

Presit hym full prudly with his prise folke,
6560 Halit hym fro horse fete, & in hond toke.
Then he led hym furthe lyuely, and his wille


But a mon of pat mighty, þat Myseres was cald,
To the frigies in fere felly he saide ;-
"Alas! ledis of þis lond, þat ye lyfe haue!
Wherto bounet ye to batell in your bright geire,
Whethur worship to wyn, or willfully shame?
Se ye not the sun of youre sure kyng,
6568 With torfer be takon, & turnyt away ?

If ye let hym be led furthe, your lefe haue ye

And of sham, pat be shapyn you, shent be ye


Mellis you with monhod & might of your

6572 To Restore the rynke in a rad hast,

Er he be led out of lenght, & lost of your sight,
And past fro your pouer thurgh the prese hoge!"
Then Alcanus, the kyng, kyndlit in yre,

6576 Gird after the Grekes, with a grete speire,

bat Troilus hade takon, hym tenyt full ylle.

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So he frusshet to a freike, pat the fre led, bat sodenly he seit doun, soght out of lyue; 6580 And anoper, anon, he nolpit to ground,

Shent of po shalkes, shudrit hom Itwyn. So fuersly he fore, and freikes pat hym halpe, bat Troilus was takyn, & turnyt furth louse, 6584 And don out of daunger for the due tyme.

The freke pen in fuerse hast ferkid on horse,
Grippit to a grym sword, gird on his fos,

ffor to comford the kyng, pat hym caght hade. 6588 his Xantipus soght forth with a sad dynt

To Mynestaus with might, & pe mon hit,

That pe freike hade ben fay but for his fyn


Then Menestaus mournyt, & mykell sorow hade,
6592 That Troilus, pe triet, was takyn of his hond,
And afforsit hys frekys to be fight harde:
He gedrit all hys gomys in a grete hate.
be fyght was fel po frekis betwene;

6596 Mony derf, to pe deth, vndur dyntes yode;
Mony buerne on the bent bytturly wondyt;
Mony knyghtys were kyld to pe cold deth!
Ector was euermore Eger with-all;

6600 Mony weghys in hys wrath welt to pe ground;
Mony Slogh in þe slade purgh sleght of hys hond;
And sore greuyt pe Grekys with his grete dyntys.
Menestaus pe mighty, þat mekill was in yre,
6604 ffor he faylit of pe freke, pat he first toke,

As he rod purgh pe rout with his roid fare,
be troiens to tene with his tore strenkyth,

He met with pis Myseres at þe mene tyme, 6608 By qwom he lost pe lord, pat he laght hade.

He knew hym full lyuely by colore of his armys, And frunt euyn to pe freke with a fell spere, Hurlet hym to hard vrthe vndur horse fete; 6612 But pe lede vppon lyue leuyt he pen,

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