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Fourth Report, 1873.


whom these Ballads were books. Poor the lines may be; but they have interest for men who not only can read the lines, but read between them.

My attention has been called by some of our Members to a Reprint of the Roxburghe Ballads publisht in parts—of which the first appeared last summer-by Messrs. Reeves and Turner, of the Strand. Having had no previous notice of the intention of any one to repeat (almost) our Society's work -a notice which I should have expected any literary man to give Mr. Chappell or me—I was led to inquire into the circumstances of the new publication, and was informed that it was a matter of trade, undertaken by the son of a bookseller at Brighton, who, having previously modernized some old printed texts,--spoiling correct sentences occasionally, altering good words like ‘dung' (perf. of ding, batter down) to dug,' and introducing into one text, at least, passages written by himself,* as the original author's,—had resolved to discontinue these reprehensible practices, and adopt the better one of reprinting old Texts as he found them t; and that he had resumed a formerly-entertained scheme of taking the Roxburghe Ballads as his to-be-let-alone texts. While applauding the resolve not to modernize old spelling, and spoil old words and sentences, and while recognizing the soundness of the trade judgment which took advantage of the fresh publicity given to the worth of the Roxburghe

Ballads by our Society's edition, and the notices in the Percy Folio Romances, one would still have been glad if the new reprinter had thought the Bagford or some other collection likely to pay, and so cleared it out of the Society's way. But as it would doubtless not have paid so well, and as the Roxburghe Collection was, and is, of course, open to any one to reprint, the Members of the Ballad Society can only rest well content that the readers of the Roxburghe Ballads are largely increast in number by the new reprint, and can only hope that the interest created in them by that publication will make them want to know more about the Ballads than they find in the reprint, and thus induce them to buy the Society's edition, by that most competent Ballad-editor, Mr. William Chappell.

* This was confesst by the writer-much to his credit-to the Editor of Notes and Queries, and the confession was made public by an editorial Notice to Correspondents.'

† A like course would have removed the temptation in other editors to compose those interesting additions to Dulwich Letters, Revels at Court, etc., from which Shakspere students so long suffered.

I ask all Members to try and get fresh ones for the Society, and all Members in arrear to pay their subscriptions at once.

The Ballad Society's books are printed in demy 870., like those of the Early English Text Society and the volumes of the Percy Folio (but on toned paper for the sake of the woodcuts), and also in super-royal 8vo. on Whatman's eighty-shilling ribbed paper, tinted expressly for the Society. The subscription for the demy octavos is One Guinea a year; that for the super-royal ribbed papers Three Guineas. The subscriptions date from Jan, 1, 1868. The Society's books can be had only by Subscribers. The Society's printers are Messrs. Austin & Sons, Fore Street, Hertford, and to them all complaints as to non-delivery of Texts should be made.

Local Secretaries are wanted.

Subscriptions should be paid either to the account of The Ballad Society at the Alliance Bank, Bartholomew Lane, E.C., or to


London Hospital, London, E. Early English Tert Society. Subscription £1 1s. a year, and £1 18. (Large Paper, £2 128. 6d.) additional for the Extra Series. Hon. Sec. George Joachim, Esq., St. Andrew House, Change Alley, London, E.C.

The Publications for 1873 are, in the ORIGINAL SERIES, 53. OLD ENGLISH HOMILIES, Series II., from the unique' MS. of the

13th-century in Trin. Coll. Camb., with three unique 13th-century hymns, and two

photo-lithographic facsimiles, edited by the Rev. RICHARD MORRIS, LL.D. 10s. 54. WILLIAMS VISION OF PIERS PLOWMAN, Text C (ab. 1393 A.D.);

RICHARD THE REDELES, by the same Author (A.D. 1399); and CRIST, CROWNED

KING. Edited from the MSS. by the Rev. W. W. SKEAT, M.A. 188. 55. GENERYDES: A Romance in Verse. Edited from the unique MS. (ab. 1440 A.D.) in Trin. Coll. Camb. by W. Aldis Wrigut, Esq., M.A. Part I. 38.

In the ÈXTRA SERIES, XVIII. THE COMPLAYNT OF SCOTLAND, A.D. 1549, with four contempo

rary English Tracts on the English Claim to Scotland, edited by J. A. H. MURBAS,

Esq. Part II. Ss. XIX. THE MYROURE OF OUR LADY, A D. 1530, from R. Fawkes's rare edition, edited by the Rev. J. H. Blunt, M.A. 248.

Chaucer Society.
Subscription £2 2s. a year. Hon. Sec. A. G. SNELGROVE, Esq.

The publications for 1873-4-5 are1873, in Series 1. THE SIX-TEXT CANTERBURY TALES. Part V. (Clerk

and Merchant.)



(Squire and Franklin.). With five separate 8vo. issues. (Now ready.

2. ESSAYS ON CHAUCER: his Words and Works. Part II. 1875, 1. THE SIX-TEXT CANTERBURY TALES. Part VII.

(Second Nun, Canon's Yeoman, Manciple,-Parson Link.) With six separate Svo. issues.

Now ready. 1. CHAUCER'S TROILUS and BOCCACCIO'S FILOSTRATO compared, by W. M. Rossetti, Esq. Part I.


(To be ready at Easter, 1874. 2. ELLIS'S EARLY ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION. Part IV.

[ To be ready at Easter, 1874.

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Ballad Society.

Abstract of Income and Expenditure for the Year ending 31st Dec., 1872. RECEIPTS.


£ s, d. Balances on ist Jan., 1872—

Printing :

£ s. d. £ s. d. Petty Cash ...

£ o 14
Cash at Bankers 13 10

from MSS., Vol. I.,
Part II., etc....


Sundries Members' Subscriptions 93

9 Postage, Packing, etc...

4 II Woodcuts







... 220

I 20



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ALEXANDER, J., Esq., 43, Campbell Street, Glasgow.
BEAUCHAMP, EARL, 13. Belgrave Square, S.W.
BREMNER, JOHN A., Esq., Albert Street, Manchester.
EUING, WILLIAM, Esq., 209, West George Street, Glasgow.
FALCONER, J. J., Esq., 2, Upper Phillimore Gardens, Campden Hill, W.
FORD, J. W., Esq., 8, Walbrook, E.C.
JOHNSON, RICHARD, Esq., Langton Oaks, Fallowfield, Manchester.
KERSHAW, John, Esq., Park House, Willesden Lane, N.W.
LEIGH, JOHN, Esq., Town Hall, Manchester, Local Sec.
MEDLICOTT, W. G., Esq., Massachusetts, U.S.A. (by Quaritch).
Nichols, G. W., Esq., Augusta House, Rotherhithe, S.E.
PAINE, CORNELIUS, Esq., Oak Hill, Surbiton.
RAND, E. S., Esq., 53, Tremont Street, Boston, U.S.A. (by Quaritch).
SACRED HARMONIC Society, 6, Exeter Hall, W.C.
THORP, HENRY, Esq., Wittington Road, Whalley Range, Manchester.

SMALL PAPER (ONE GUINEA A YEAR). ADAM, A. MERCER, Esq., M.D., Bargate Lodge, Boston, Lincolnshire. ADAMS, GEORGE E., Esq., College of Arms, E.C. ADAMSON, EDWARD, Esq., Church Street, Rye, Sussex. ADDIS, JOHN, junr., Esq., Rustington, Littlehampton, Sussex. ADRIAN, ALFRED D., Esq., 8, Clifton Road, Camden Square, N.W. ALLEN, EDWARD G., Esq., 12, Tavistock Row, Covent Garden, W.C. ASHER & Co., Messrs., Unter den Linden, Berlin (by Asher & Co., London). ATHENÆUM LIBRARY, Boston, U.S.A. (by Allen). BAIN, JAMES, Esq., 1, Haymarket, S.W. BAIRD, A. S., Esq., 19, Sardinia Terrace, Glasgow (by Kerr & Richardson). BAKER, THOMAS, Esq., Coatbridge, Glasgow (two copies) (by Kerr & Richardson). BARGAR, B. F., Esq., Bloomington, Illinois, U.S.A. (by Cazenove). BARTLETT, HERBERT H., Esq., 20, Addington Road, Bow. BARWELL, THOMAS, Esq., 17, Cank Street, Leicester. BAYLIS, THOMAS C., Esq., II, Sackville Street, W. BEARD, JAMES, Esq., The Grange, Burnage Lane, Manchester. BELL, EDWARD, Esq., York Street, Covent Garden, W.C. BERLIN Royal Library, Berlin (by Asher). BLACKMAN, F., Esq., 4, York Road, S.E. BLADON, JAMES, Esq., Albion House, Pontypool. BRIGHT, HENRY A., Esq., Ashfield, Knotty Ash, Liverpool. BUCKLEY, Rev. W. E., Rectory, Middleton Cheney, Banbury. CALDWELL, JAMES, Esq., Writer, Paisley. CAZENOVE, C. D., Esq., 15. Beaufort Buildings, W.C. (by Trübner). CHAPPELL, W., Esq., Strafford Lodge, Oatlands Park, Weybridge Station. CHILD, PROFESSOR F. J., Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Hon.

Sec. for America). CLARKE, Messrs. R. & Co., Cincinnati, care of Mr. Cazenove (by Trübner). CLINTON HALL ASSOCIATION, U.S.A. (by Trübner). CONGRESS, LIBRARY OF, WASHINGTON, U.S.A. (by Allen). Cook, J. W., Esq., Wentworth House, Snaresbrook, E. COWARD, George, Esq., Carlisle. CULLEY, MATTHEW T., Esq., Coupland Castle, Wooler, Northumberland. CURTIS, MAJOR-GEN. N. MARTIN, Ogdensburg, St. Laurence Co., New York. DAVIES, ROBERT, Esq., The Mount, York. DENNY, H. G., Esq., 37, Court Square, Boston, U.S.A. Dodds, Rev. JAMES, The Abbey, Paisley. DONALD, C. D., Esq., Glasgow (by Kerr & Richardson). DONALDSON, ROBERT, Esq., 71, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow (by Kerr and

Richardson). DOWMAN, R., Esq., 29, Shakspeare Street, Ardwick, Manchester. DURHAM CATHEDRAL Library, care of S. Rowlandson, Esq., The College,

Durham. EBSWORTH, Rev. JOSEPH WOODFALL, M.A., Molash Vicarage, by Ashford, Kent. ELLIS, F. S., Esq., care of Messrs. Trübner & Co. FAIRBAIRN, Rev. James, Newhaven, Edinburgh. FERGUSON, Robert, Esq., Morton, Carlisle. FINDLAY, Rev. WILLIAM, Adrie, Strathspey (by Kerr & Richardson). FORSTER, John, Esq., Palace Gate House, Kensington, W. FOTHERGILL, J. M., Esq., W. B. Lead Office, Newcastle-on-Tyne. FRY, DANBY P., Esq., Gwydr House, Whitehall, S.W. FURNIVALL, F. J., Esq., 3, St. George's Square, Primrose Hill, N.W. (Director). GALT, Robert, Esq., 263, Argyle Street, Glasgow (by Kerr & Richardson). GEROLD, Messrs., Vienna (by Asher & Co.). GILCHRIST, DAVID, Esq., Glasgow (by Kerr & Richardson). GUILD, JAMES Wylie, Esq., 17, Park Terrace, Glasgow. HARRISON, JOHN, Esq., Laurel Cottage, Cottage Green, Camberwell, S.E. HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (per Boone).

List of Subscribers, 1873.


HOLME, J. Wilson, Esq., 34, Old Jewry, E.C.
HOOPER, W. H., Esq., 28, Fleet Sireet, E.C.
HOUGHTON, LORD, Athenæum Club, S.W.
HOWARD HENRY, Esq., Stone House, near Kidderminster.
HUTH, HENRY, Esq., 30, Prince's Gate, Kensington Road, W.
JAFFRAY, G. W., Esq., Glasgow (by Kerr & Richardson).
JAMES, COLONEL EDWARD C., City of Ogdensburg, New York State ( two copies).
JAMES, F. L., Esq., Beaconfield, Woolton, Liverpool.
JENKINS, Dr. James, care of Hallett & Co., 7. St. Martin's Place, Trafalgar

Square, W.C.
JOACHIM, GEORGE, Esq., St. Andrew's House, Change Alley, E.C.
JONES, Rev. JAMES, 26, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin.
JONES, JOSEPH, Esq., Abberley Hall, Stourport.
JORDAN, P. A., Esq., 606, Sansom Street, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
KAYE, WILLIAM, Esq., 14, Blackett Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
KELLY, WILLIAM, Esq., Southfields, Leicester.
KERR & RICHARDSON, Messrs., 89, Queen Street, Glasgow.
KERSHAW, JOHN, Esq., Park House, Willesden Lane, N.W.
LAING, DAVID, Esq., Signet Library, Edinburgh.
LEATHES, F. de M., Esq., 17, Tavistock Place, Tavistock Square, W.C.
LEEDS LIBRARY, Commercial Street, Leeds.
LEVANDER, H. C., Esq., 376, Wandsworth Road, S.W.
LINDSAY, ALEXANDER, Esq., M.D., 101, West Nile Street, Glasgow.
LITTLE, HERBERT J., Esq., Thorpelands, Northampton.
LOCKWOOD & Co., Messrs., care of Messrs. Trübner & Co.
LYELL, DAVID, Esq., 6, Chalmers Crescent, Grange, Edinburgh.
M'CURDY, DELAS, Esq., Ogdensburg, St. Laurence Co., New York.
MACGREGOR, P. COMYN, Esq., Lonend House, Paisley.
MANCHESTER, THE DUKE OF, 1, Great Stanhope Street, Mayfair, W.
MARTINEAU, P. M., Esq., Littleworth, Esher.
M'WHANNELL, Rev. ALEXANDER, Blairingone Manse, Dollar,
MILLER, W. M., Esq., 3, Balmano Street, Glasgow (by Kerr & Richardson).
MUNTZ, GEORGE H. M., Esq., Birchfield, Birmingham.
MURDOCH, J. BARCLAY, Esq., 20, Buchanan Street, Glasgow.
NICHOLL, G. W., Esq., The Ham, Cowbridge, Glamorgan.
OAKEY, JOHN, junr., Esq., 172, Blackfriars Road, S.E.
ODELL, A. J., Esq., 26, Exchange Place, New York, U.S.A.
ORMEROD, HENRY M., Esq., 5. Clarence Street, Manchester.
PARKER, CAPTAIN GEORGE, Gouverneur, St. Laurence Co., New York.
PARKER, The Hon. A. X., Potsdam, St. Laurence Co., New York.
PATERSON, WILLIAM, Esq., 74, Princes Street, Edinburgh.
PATTERSON, JOHN, Esq., Manchester and Liverpool Bank, Manchester.
PEABODY INSTITUTE, Baltimore, U.S. A. (by Allen).
PEACOCK, EDWARD, Esq., Bottesford Manor, Brigg, Lincolnshire.
PEACOCK, REGINALD, Esq., Roker, Sunderland.
Pocock, CHARLES INNES, Esq., 112, Rouge Bouillon, Jersey.
POLLOCK, the Hon. Baron, The Croft, Putney, S.W.
Portico LIBRARY, Manchester (by Slater).
PRIAULX, OSWALD DE B., Esq., 8, Cavendish Square, W.
RAE, JOHN, Esq., 9, Mincing Lane, E.C.

123. Seymour Street, N.W. RAND, E. S., Esq., 53. Tremont Street, Boston, U.S.A. RAND, E. S., jun., Esq., 53, Tremont Street, Boston, U.S.A.

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