Military Cold War Education and Speech Review Policies: Hearings Before the Special Preparedness Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, Second Session...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1962 - 3502 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 350 - By the Constitution of the United States the President is invested with certain important political powers, in the exercise of which he is to use his own discretion, and is accountable only to his country in his political character, and to his own conscience. To aid him in the performance of these duties, he is authorized to appoint certain officers, who act by his authority, and in conformity with his orders.
الصفحة 239 - The committee stands adjourned until 2 : 30. (Whereupon, at 12 :25 pm, the committee was adjourned, to reconvene at 2 : 30 pm the same day.) AFTERNOON SESSION The committee reconvened at 2 :30 pm, the Honorable Thomas E.
الصفحة 450 - In addition to the Distinguished Flying Cross with two Gold Stars and the Air Medal with two Gold Stars, Rear Admiral Connolly has the American Defense Service Medal ; the American Campaign Medal ; the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal ; the World War II Victory Medal and the National Defense Service Medal.
الصفحة 71 - German representatives which resulted in the unconditional surrender of the German armed forces in Italy and southern Austria. In discharging these responsible and important functions, he earned a reputation as an able negotiator and military diplomat. General Lemnitzer's skill as a planner was put to immediate use following the war when he was designated as the senior Army member of the Joint Strategic Survey Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in Washington, DC He next became Deputy Commandant...
الصفحة 350 - In such cases, their acts are his acts; and whatever opinion may be entertained of the manner in which executive discretion may be used, still there exists, and can exist, no power to control that discretion. The subjects are political: they respect the nation, not individual rights, and being entrusted to the executive, the decision of the executive is conclusive.
الصفحة 384 - DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE ARMY, Washington, DC, July 11, 1958.
الصفحة 96 - ... Geodetic Survey to fill vacancies in rank and grade caused by the transfer of such commissioned officers to the jurisdiction of the Department of the Air Force. The Coast and Geodetic Survey under existing law has this authority relative to vacancies caused by the transfer of commissioned officers to the Department of the Army and the Department of the Navy. In addition, section 3 would permit the temporary appointment to ensign of regularly appointed deck officers and junior officers in a total...
الصفحة 10 - December 1, 1943. Throughout this period, Captain Burke led his forces in many offensive operations * * * His indomitable fighting spirit and great personal courage contributed directly to the success of our forces in that area and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the US Naval Service.
الصفحة 423 - As a measure of defense against our most potent threat, our American schools should teach about communism and all forms of totalitarianism, including the principles and practices of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party in the United States. Teaching about communism does not mean advocacy of communism. Such advocacy should not be permitted in American schools. At the same time the National Education Association condemns the careless, incorrect, and unjust use of such words as "Red...
الصفحة 79 - And you are to observe and follow such Orders and Directions from Time to Time, as you shall receive from this or a future Congress...

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