The sack full of newes; now first repr., since 1673, ed. by J.O. Halliwell

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الصفحة 15 - But she would have had the pan from him, when that she saw it was in danger; yet he would not let her, but still urged her to fetch him some eggs, which she did. Tush said the fryer, here are not enow, go fetch ten or twelve.
الصفحة 22 - ... ditch side, so that his feet did hang in the water, and, lying on his back, the Moon shined in his face. Thus he lay, till the rest of the company came from drinking ; who, as they came home, found the priest lying as aforesaid, and they thought to get him away ; but, do what they could, he would not rise, but said : ' do not meddle with me, for I lie very well, and will not stir hence before morning : but, I pray, lay some more cloathes on my feet, and blow out the candle, and let me lie and...
الصفحة 17 - I pray you put on my cloathes and go meet him ; so when he comes to you, beat him well, and chide him : for I know well he will not strike you, because you are his Master ; and then he may amend himself and prove a good servant ; and the man was well pleased therewith.
الصفحة 6 - great ouersight hath . . . in matters of storie" : For az for King Arthurz book, Huon of Burdeaus, The foour suns of Aymon, Beuys of Hampton, The squyre of lo degree, The knight of courtesy, and the Lady Faguell...
الصفحة 6 - Morels skin. The sak full of nuez. The seargeaunt that became a Fryar, Skogan, Collyn cloout. The Fryar & the boy, Elynor Rumming, and the Nutbrooun maid, with many moe then I rehearz heere : I beleeue hee haue them all at hiz fingers endz.
الصفحة 22 - ... should be there, and thither they went with other people, and being there, the priest drunk and made so merry, that he was quite foxed and thought to go home before he laid him down to sleep; but having gone a little way, he grew so drousie, that he could go no further but laid him down by a ditch side, so that his feet did hang in the water, and lying on his back, the Moon shined in his face : thus he lay till the rest of the company came from drinking, who as they came home found the priest...
الصفحة 15 - Then she brought a whetstone. He asked her likewise if she had not a frying-pan. ' Yea,' said she, ' but what the divil will ye do therewith ?' ' Marry,' said the fryer, ' you shall see by and by what I will do with it ;' and when he had the pan, he set it on the fire, and put the whetstone therein. ' Cocks-body,' said the woman,
الصفحة 18 - So her servant arose and, as she bade him, took a good staff with him and went into the garden, as though he knew not it was his master, and said unto him, "Nay, you whore, I did this but only to prove thee, whether thou wouldest be false to my good master, and not that I would do such a vile thing with thee.
الصفحة 19 - ... also. When the old man came to bed to his wife, she demanded of him how he sped. He answered and said, "By my troth, wife, I have the trustiest servant in the world, and as faithful a wife; for my servant came thither with a great staff, and did beat me right sore, thinking it had been you; wherefore I was well pleased therewith.
الصفحة 5 - Cox, an od man, I promiz yoo : by profession a mason, and that right skilfull, very cunning in fens, and hardy az Gawin, for hiz tonsword hangs at his tablz eend; great oversight hath he in matters of storie...

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