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Wilele pes wight meñ, þair" wepenes bey welde,

[blocks in formation]

He bronched him yñ with his bronde, vnder þe brode shelde, porgh the waaft of pe body, and wonded him ille;

þe fwerde stent for no stuf, hit was so wel fteled;

þat oper startis on bak, and stondis fton stille.

Though he were stonayed þat ftonde, he strike ful fare;

He gurdes to f Gawayñ,

Thorgħ ventaile, and pefayñ;

He wanted not to be flayn

pe brede of añ hare.


Hardely þeñ þes haþelefe on helmes þey hewe,
pei beten downe beriles, and bordures bright;
Shildes on fhildres, pt fhene were to fhewe,
Fretted were in fyne golde, þei faileñ in figħt;
Stones of iral þey strenkel, and ftrewe,
Stipe ftapeles of stele þey strike doñ stiзt ;
Burnes banneñ þe tyme þe bargañ was brewe,
The dougħti with dyntes fo delfully were dight.
Then gretes Gayno', wt bothe her gray ene;
For po douzti þat fizt,

Were manly mached of might,

With oute refon, or right,

As al men fene.


Thus gretis Gayno', with bope her gray yene,
For gref of f Gawayñ, grifly was wounded;

[blocks in formation]




The knight of corage was cruel and kene,

And with a stele bronde, þat sturne oft' stonded;

Al þe cost of [the] knyght he carf downe clene, þorgħ þe riche mailes, þat ronke were, and rounde ;] [fol. 160.] 'Swylke a touche at þat tyme' he taughte hym in tene, He girdede' f Galleron growelynge one grownde. 'Galleron full greuoufely granes on þes grene; And als wondede als' he was,

'Swyftly vpe he rase,

And folowde 'in faste on his faas',

Wt a fwerde fchene 10.



Clenly þat crewette cou'de hy' on highte,

And wt a caste of pes care, in kautette he strykes;
'Futt zerne he wayttis f Wawayne pet wighte,
Bot hym lympede pe werfe,-and þat me wele lykis.
He etyĦde with a flynge hafe flayne hym wt fleghte;
The fwerde 'fleppis on flante, & one the mayle flydys';
And f® Gawayne by pe colere clekis' the knyghte ;-
Than his lemane 'so lowde fkremes 10 and fkrykis.
'Scho grete" one dame" Gayno", wt 'granes fo" gryte,
'And faide", "lady! makles of myghte,-
Hafe now mercy one zone" knyghte,


þat es fo dulefully dyghte,

Giffe it be thi witt."



[blocks in formation]


'Than wilfully' dame Wayno 'vn to be kynge went,
Scho' caught of hir coronate, & knelyde hy tit ;—
"Als þu erte roye* ryatte, and' recheste of rent,
And I thyñ3 wyfe, weddid at myñ' aweñ witt,

'3one beryns in zone batełłe, pt bledis one zone bent,

pay are" wery, I wyffe, and wondide full ill;

Thurgh [her] schene schildis þaire" fchuldirs are schent;
[The grones of f Gawayñ dos my hert grille."]


The granes of f Gawayne greuys" me futt" fare;-
'Wolde p", lufly" lorde,

'Gare the" knyghtis accorde,


Tilli alle pt here" ware.'

It ware grete" comforde



'Bot þan hy spake' Galleron to Gawayne pe gude:

"I wende no2 wy, in this werlde, 'were haluendeffe3 fo wyghte.
Here I make the relese 'in my rentis', by pe rode !
And 'by-fore thiese ryalle, refynge' the my ryghte;
And fytheñ Io make the manredeñ, wt a mylde mode,
'Als to mane in this medilerthe' makles of myghte."

[fol. 160b.] He talkes to-warde pe 'knyghte, one heghteR þere he ftode,



3 Ho. ioy (sic.) 5 Om. 6 pi. 7 pi. XLIX. Wifly. to. 8 pefe burnes in pe bataile, fo blede on pe. 9 arñ. 10 Omitted in MS. L. 11 her. 12 This line is wanting in MS. L. :3 greuen. 14 Om. 15 Woldeft pou leve. 16 Make pes. 17 a grete. 18 For. 19 per.

L.-Theñ fpak fir. 2 neuer.
6 Om. 7 As mañ of medlert.


3 had beň half.
8 king, on hie.

+ renke.

5 by rial reyfon

He' bedde pt burely his brande, pt burneschede was bryghte:"Of renttis and reches I make the relese."

[blocks in formation]

And carpis thies" wordes one highte; And 'cōmandis pe pese.-
The kyng ftude vp-ryghte,-


pe kynge 'comandis þe1 pese, and cryes2 one highte;
And Gawayne was gudly, and lefte for his fake;
And' þañ 'to be lyftis pe lordis leppis* full lyghte,
f 'Owayne fytz-Vryene, and Arrake, full rathe';
'Marrake, and Menegatte", þat maste were of myghte.
Bathe pase trauelde 'knyghtes trewly pay taghte';
Vnnethes myghte 'thofe knyghtes' ftande vp ryghte;
'pay were for-bett, & for-blede, þaire wedis1 wexe blake,
[Her blees were brofed, for beting of brondes. "].

Wt owtten more lettynge,


'Was dighte there thiere femblynge"; And" helde vpe pair" handes.By-fore pat" comly kynge,


"'I gyffe to the', f Gawayne," 'quode pe kynge, "trefoure', and golde, 'Glamorgans landis', with greuys fo grene;

pe wirchipe of Wales, 'to welde and to* wolde,

9 And. 10 kneled pe.

LI. comaunded. Eriaň, & Arrak fiz Lake. R Vnneth. 9 9 po fturne. is wanting in MS. L. LII.-' Here I gif.

11 carped. 12 comaunded.

2 cried. 9 Om. ✦ lordes to liftes pey lopen. 5 Ewayñ fiz

6 fir Drurelat, and Moylard. 7 meñ pey truly vp take.

10 What for buffetes and blode, her blees. 19 Dizte was here fastlynge. 13 pe.


14 pei.

2 wt gerfoň. Al pe Glamergañ londe.

11 This line

15 her.

at wil and at.

With Gryffons caftette', kirnelde fo° clene;
'And þe Hufters Hautte', to hafe, and to holde,
'Wayfurthe, and Wakfelde, wallede, I wene ;
Twa baronryfe in Burgoyne', wt burghes fo balde,
That 'are moted 10 abowte, and byggede full bene.

I satt 'endowe þe als" a duke, and dub the wt myñ" hande,-
With pipu saughtill wt'zone" gentill knyghte,-

That es so hardy and wyghte,


And graunte hy his lande."

And relese hym thi" ryghte,


'Now, and here I gyffe hy," quod Gawayne', "w' owttyñ ony gyle, Atte pe landes, & pe lythes, fra Lowyke' to Layre;

'Commoke, and Carrike', Conyghame, and Kylle,

'Als the cheualrous knyghte hase chalandchede als ayere* ;

'The Lebynge, the Lowpynge, be Leveaftre Ile',
Bathe frythes, and foreftes, 'frely and' faire ;
[Vnder 30' lordeship to lenge þe3 while,
And to be Rounde Table 'to make❞ repaire ;

I fhal refeff him in felde, i foreste so fair910."]
Than" be kynge, and be quene,
And atte the doghety by-dene,
Thorow be greuys so grene,

5 caftelles. 6 ful. 7 Eke Viftur halle.
10 arñ batailed.
11 dizt pe.

To Carlele pay kayre.



8 Wayford, and Waterforde, i Wales. 12 Om. 13 pe. 14 his.

Lauer. 3 Connoke, and Carlele.


9 Bretayne.
LIII. Here I gif fir Galeron, qd G.
ginally in MS. D. pet if he haf cheualry, and chalange hit for are, but altered by a
second hand to pet if he of cheualry, chalange ham for air. Pe Lother, pe Lemok,
pe Loynak, pe Lile. In MS. L. the last word was at first written helle, then Ile, and
lastly I lee. 6 With. 7 and foffes, 8 So written by the first hand, but altered to
By the second hand; the first has only a. 10 The last word was
originally written fare; hence Pinkerton's text to fare. These lines within brackets are
wanting in MS. L.
11 Bope.

heren by a second.


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