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moved, ran, GK. 1727, 1735. aa. ix. 8.
GG. 72, 613, 1130.

RAYLED, p. t. spread, GK. 952; bordered,
163, 603, 745. AA. ii. 4.

RAYSOUN, reason, argument, GK. 227.
RAITH, RAITHLY, quickly, promptly, GG.
128, 371, 910, 986, 1129, 1252. See

RAK, vapor, fog, GK. 1695.

RAK, encounter, GG. 918.

RAKE, course, road, GK. 2144, 2160.
RAMAND, roaring, GG. 1129.

RAMY, to roar, growl, &c. 238. RAMYT,
p. t. roared, shouted, GG. 693, 966. See

KANDONE, Swift course, J. 254.

RANDONIT, p. p. flowed with a swift course,
GG. 248.

RANK, strong, GG. 691. See RONK.
RAPELY, quickly, GK. 2219.

RAPES, pr. t. moves quickly, runs, GK. 1309,

RARIS, roarings, GG. 85.

RASCH, encounter, shock, GG. 914.
RASEZ, pr. t. rushes, GK. 1461.
RASIT, p. p. abashed, GG. 396.

RASSE, raised mound, eminence, GK. 1570.
So also in another poem in the same MS.,
the author says of the Ark,

Hit saztled on a softe day, synkande to grounde;
On a rasse of a rok hit reste at the laste.

Nero A. x. f. 63.

The word is not in Jamieson; but is pre-
served in Cumberland. See Brockett, v.

RASSIT, p. t. razed, destroyed, GG. 986.
Rath, Rathe, quickly, soon, aa.li. 4. GG.
1314. See RAITH.

RATHE, savage, hasty? AA. xxxiv. 9.
RATHELED, p. p. fixed, rooted, GK. 2294.
RAUDE, a path? GK. 1710.

RAUGHT, p. t. reached, gave, GG. 458, 630.
c. 237, 323; p. p. given, c. 330.
RAVINE, beasts of chace, prey, Gr.K.416.
RAW, row, GG. 396. RAWEZ, pl. GK. 513.

RAWTHE, terrible, jarring, GK. 2204.
RAZTEZ, pr. t. gavest, GK. 2351. Razт, p. t.
rushed, 432; reached, gave, 1817, 1874,
2297. See RAUGHT.
REBANES, ribbons, aa. ii. 3.
+REBE, an error, apparently, for RUBYES,
AA. xxxi. 4, MS. D. Pinkerton and Ja-
mieson print it reve; and the latter gives
us the usual quantum of nonsense on it.
REBUTIT, p. p. repulsed, GG. 1136.
RECH, RECHE, to reach, give, GK. 66, 1804,
2059; attain, 1243. RECHes, Rechez,
pr. t. extends, 183; reachest, givest,


RECHAS, RECHAYSE, the recheat, a hunting

term, applied to the notes blown on the
horn to call the dogs, AA. v. 6, MS. D.
v. 10. The term is preserved in Shakspere.
See Nares Gloss. v. Recheat.
RECHATAND, blowing the recheat, GK. 1911.
RECHATED, p.t. blew the recheat, GK. 1466;
p.p. blown on with the recheat, 1446.
RECHLES, careless, GK. 40.
RECOMFORTHED, p. t. encouraged, ▲▲. iv. 4.
RECURE, remedy, GG. 1203.

REDDOURE, violence, aa. vii. 3.

REDE, n. counsel, AA. viii. 2. GG. 120. c. 87.
REDE, to maintain, GK. 1970; to counsel,

2111. AA. xli. 5, xliii. 4. REDez, Redys,
pr. t. managest, GK. 373; tells, AA. ii. 3.
REDE, REEDE, REDDEN, pr. t. counsel,
GK. 363. AA. xxxiv. 9. GG. 323. GC. 133.
RED, subj. should counsel, GK. 738.
REDDE, p. p. counselled, said, 443.
REDLES, void of counsel, GG. 1130.
REDLY, readily, GK. 373. See RADLY.
REFOURME, pr. t. renew, remake, GK. 378.
REFT, p. t. snatched, took away, GG. 81.
REHETE, to cheer, GG. 1158. REHAYTED,
p. t. cheered, encouraged, 895, 1422,

REIF, to rob, GG. 1314.

REYKYNGE, running, &c. 110.
REIME, realm, GG. 1258.
REIRDIT, p. t. clamored, GG. 914; p. p.
resounded, 85; reared? 238.

REKENLY, straightway? promptly? GK. 39,
251, 821.

REKNAND, riding? GG. 519.

RELED, p. t. swaggered, GK. 229; rolled,
spread, 304.

RELYES, pr. t. follow? continue? AA. v. 6.
REMENE, to remember, GK. 2483.
REMORDE, to blame, GK. 2434.
REMWE, to change, GK. 1475.

RENAY, pr. t. refuse, GK. 1827. RENAYED,

p. t. refused, 1821.

RENK, RENKE, man, knight, GK. 303, 691,
1558, 1821. AA. xxvi. 5, l. 3. GG. 72, 113.
862, 1134, 2246. GG. 11, 133. In Rich-
ardson's Dictionary, 4to. 1837, I regret
to find this by no means unusual word
entered as REUK, on the authority of
Whitaker's vile text of Piers Plouhman.
RENNANDE, running, GK. 857.
RENNE, to run, GK. 1568. RENNES, REN-

NEZ, pr. t. runs, 310, 731, 1570.
RENTARIS, holders of lands, chiefs, GG.

RES, swift course, pace, GK. 1164, 1899.
AA. xxvii. 7, MS. D. See RACE.
RESAYT, a hunting term, applied to the
stations taken up by those on foot, GK.

RESCOWE, rescue, GK. 2302.

RESETTE, RESSET, place of reception, abode,
GK. 2164. GG. 38.

RESYNGE, pr. t. resign, AA. 1. 4.

REST, p. t. rested? AA. xxv. 5, MS. D.
RESTAYED, p. p. stopt, driven back, GK.


RESTEYED, p. t. constrained? GK. 1672.
RESTLES, without rest, GG. 113, 307.
RESTLING, struggling? GG. 458.
REUTH, Sorrow, GG. 693, 996, 1129.
REUAY, festivity, GG. 1343.
REUE, to take away, bereave, GK. 2459.
REUEDE, p. p. bereaved, AA. xxii. 8.
REUERSSEDE, p. p. trimmed, AA. ii. 3. The
same phrase is found in the alliterative
Morte Arthure.

And with ladily lappes, the lenghe of a zerde,
And alle redily reuersside w2 rebanes of golde.
MS. Linc. f. 87b.

Pinkerton misprints this word reidsett,
from the Douce MS., which is gravely
received by Jamieson, and dignified with
a Saxon derivation !!

REW, to repent, GG. 98. REWYTH, pr. t.
repents, GC. 195. REWIT, p. t. pitied,
GG. 1090.

REWFULLY, compassionately, AA. xxv. 5.
royal, GK. 905. AA. xxvi. 7, xlix. 3. GG.
15,72. GC. 26, 593. RYALLE, pl. nobles,
used substantively, AA. 1. 4.
RIALLEST, royalest, GG. 402.
RYALME, realm, GK. 691. RYalmes, pl.


RIALTE, royalty, GG. 1041.
8; prepares, dresses, 1309, 1873. RICHEN,
RICHES, pr. t. pl. dress, GK. 1130; march,
AA. xxi. 3, MS. D. RYCHED, p. p. pre-
pared, GK. 2206.

RICH, RICHE, RYCH, RYCHE, noble, proud,
powerful, GK. 8, 20, 39, 40, 397, 1744.
GG. 402. Used substantively in the plural,
nobles, GK. 66, 362.

RYCH, pr. t. teach? GK. 1223.
RICHCHANDE, running, GK. 1898.
RICHE, n. (?) GK. 2177.

RYCHED, p. p. enriched, GK. 599.

RICHELY, RYCHELY, proudly, nobly, GK.
308, 931.

RYD, RYDDE, to release, GK. 364; rescue,

RIDAND, riding, GG. 189.

RIDE, fierce, rough, GG. 500. Used also by

RYDE, p. t. proceed, GK, 1344.

RYGGE, back, GK. 1344, 1608.
RIGHTE, p. t. rip, cut, aa. xxxix. 11.
RIGHTUIS, righteous, GG. 1091.

MS. D.

righteously, AA. XXV. 5,

RIGNE, to reign, GG. 424. See RING.

[blocks in formation]

RIOLYSE, nobles, GG. 910.

RYOT, revel, GG. 1345.

RYPEZ, pr. t. becomes ripe, GK. 528.

RISE, RYS, bough, twig, GK. 1698. GG. 854, 1344.

RISSHE, n. rush, AA. xliii. 7.
RISTE, resting place? ▲▲. v. 6.
RYSTE, p. t. rested, AA. xviii. 10.
RYTTE, pr. t. cut, rip, GK. 1332.

RYUE, rife, much, GK. 2046.

RYUEZ, pr. t. rips, rives, cuts, GK. 1341, 2290.

RIVED, p. t. arrived, AKC. 32.

RYзT, p. t. addressed, prepared, GK. 308.
ROCHE, rock, GK. 2199.

ROCHER, rock, GK. 1432. ROCHERES, RO-
CHEREZ, pl. 1327, 1698.

RODE, ROODE, complexion, aa. Xiji. 5. GC. 367.

RODE, Rood, GK. 1949.

ROE, peace, rest, Gr.K. 395. Germ.ruh. It is left unexplained by Ritson in Le Bone Florence, Metr. Rom. iii. 36; and Erle of Tolous, ib. iii. 122.

ROF, blow, cut, GK. 2346.

ROGH, ROGHE, Ro3, Ro3E, rough, shaggy, GK. 745, 1432, 1608, 1898, 2162, 2198. ROY, ROYE, king, AA. xlix. 3. GG. 189. ROKKED, p.p. rolled, cleansed, GK. 2018. Geoffrey of Vinesauf says, "Rotantur loricæ, ne rubigine squalescunt," which Sir S. Meyrick adds, was done by putting the coat of mail into a barrel filled with sand, and rolling it about.—Crit. Inq.1.85. Hence may be explained a passage in Lazamon, 1. 22287.

ROME, to growl, roar, c. 209. See RAMY. ROMEZ, pr. t. walks, proceeds, GK, 2198. RONEZ, pl. thickets, brush-wood, GK. 1466. RONGE, p. t. resounded, GK. 2204.

RONK, RONKE, strong, GK. 513. AA. xlvii. 6. See RANK.

RONKKLED, p. p. wrinkled, GK. 953.
ROOKE, heap, c. 370.

ROTE, (?) GK. 2207.

ROUGHT, p. t. recked, lamented, Gr.K. 242. ROUN, to whisper, commune, GK. 362. ROUNCE, steed, GK. 303.

Rous, fame, GK. 310.

ROUSE, brag, boast, Gr.K. 166. See RUSE. Rour, army, multitude, GG. 307. TG. 131, 175.

ROUT, ROUTE, violent movement, impetus,
GK. 457; blow, aa. xli. 5. GG. 630, 940.
ROUTIS, pl. blows, c. 500.

ROUE, p. t. cleaved, cut, GK. 2346.
ROUEZ, roofs, GK. 799.

Roz, Ro3E, see ROGH.

RUBES, rubies, AA. ii. 4. The Douce MS. reads, rybees, which is only a variation in spelling, or blunder of the scribe, but which Jamieson chooses in the 8vo edit. of his Dictionary to explain "shoes called turn-overs"!!!

RUCHCHED, RUCHED, RUSCHED, p. t. moved, advanced? GK. 303, 367, 2219. See Ric


RUDE, adj. strong? GG. 85.
RUDE, n. Rood, GG. 124.

RUDEDE, p. p. ruddy, GK. 1695. See RODE.
RUDELEZ, curtains, GK. 857.

RUDLY, speedily, GG. 561, 673. Gr.k. 153. See RADLY.

Rugh, Ruze, rough, Gê. 953, 2166. See ROGH.

+RUYSCHLY, apparently an error for RuNYSCHLY, violently, GK. 432. RUNISCH, violent, impetuous, GK.457. RUNISCHLY, fiercely, roughly, GK. 304. See MS. Cott. Nero A. x. ff. 80b, 85b. RURD, RURDE, noise, clamor, GK. 1149, 1698, 1916, 2219, 2337.

[blocks in formation]

SABATOUNZ, steel shoes, GK.574. See Notes, p. 315.

SAD, stable, strong, GG. 249; grave, 428. SADEL, to saddle, GK. 1128. This word is only inserted for the purpose of pointing out a singular error of Mr. Guest, who prints the word fadel, and then explains it fettle. Hist. Engl. Rh. ii. 167.

SADLY, gravely, steadily, GK. 437,1593, 1937, 2409. GG. 574.

SAF, save, except, GK. 394.

SAFE, SAUENE, to assuage, alleviate, ▲▲. xvii. 1.

SAGE, (?) GK. 531.

SAGE, man, GG. 266. See SEGE.

SAY, saint, GK. 774.

SAIKLESE, guiltless, GG. 3, 797.

SAIL, SAILL, SALE, hall, GK. 197, 243, 349.

AA. XXVII. 1. GG. 72, 133, 360, 1092.

SAYLANDE, flowing, GK. 865.

SAILL, happiness, GG. 267.

SAYN, girdle, GK. 589.

SAYN, saint, GK. 1788.

SAYND, SAYNDIS-MAN, messenger, GG. 47, 326, 367.

SAYNE, see Sane.

SAYNED, p. t. blessed, GK. 761, 1202.

SAYNT, rich stuff, Fr. samit, GK. 2431.

SALAND, sailing, GG. 250.

SALER, salt-cellar, AA. xxxv. 8, MS. D. SA

LERS, pl. AA. xxxv. 8.

SALF, to save, preserve, GG. 793.

SALT, assault, GG. 473.

SALUE, to salute, GK. 1473.

SALURE, salt-cellar, GK. 886. See SALER. SALUST, p. t. saluted, GG. 136, 382, 1278. Salued, SALUEDE, p. p. saved, aa. xvii. 12,

xix. 10.

SAMBUTES, housings, saddle-cloth, aa. ii. 11, MS. D.

SAME, SAMEN, SAMYNE, together, GK. 50, 363, 673, 744. GG. 906, 914.

SAMEN, to assemble, GK. 1372. SAMNED, p.p. joined, 659.

SAMYNE, same, GG. 304, 315. SANAP, SANAPE, napkin, GK.886. AA.XXXV. 8, MS. D. SANAPES, pl. AA. XXXV. 8. "Sanoppe, manutergium," Prompt. Parv. Jamieson absurdly interprets this mustard!!! SANDEL, see SENDAL.

SANE, SAYNE, to say, GG. 4. J. 57. SANED, SANEDE, p. p. healed, aa. liv. 4, 10. +SAUDE, p. p. served? AA. ii. 11, MS. D. Jamieson prints this sande, and explains it girt.

SAUF, to save, GG. 1102.

SAUGHTILLE, to make peace, to be reconciled, AA. lii. 10.

SAUGHTNYNG, peace, reconciliation, GG. 1264.

SAULL-PROW, spiritual benefit, GG. 269. SAUAND, saving, excepting, GG. 441. SAUED, p. p. healed, AA. liv. 4, 10, MS. D. SAUER, safer, GK. 1202.

SAUERLY, savourly, carefully, GK. 1937,


SAW, SA3E, saying, speech, GK. 1202, 1246. GG. 266. SAWIS, SA3EZ, pl. GK. 341. GG. 873.

SAWTIRE, saltire, AA. xxiv. 8.

SAWTRY, SAWTRYE, psaltery, Gc. 598. c. 466.

SAZTLYNGE, reconciliation, AA. li. 11, MS. D. See SAUGHTille.

SCADE, p. t. severed, GK. 425.

SCAR, to frighten, GG. 279.

+SCAS, probably a mistake for cast, AA. xlviii. 2, MS. D. Those who wish it may see what Jamieson has made of the corruption. SCATHE, harm, GK. 674, 2353. SCHADDEN, p. t. shed, dropt, GK.727. See SHADE.

SCHAFTE, spear, GK. 205.

SCHAFTED, p. t. set, sank, GK. 1467. SCHAGHES, groves, aa. vi. 2, MS. D. See SCHAZE.

SCHAIP, imp. go, GG. 599.

SCHAIR, SCHARE, p. t. cut, smote, GG. 930, 968.

SCHALE, shall, GK. 1240.

SCHALK, man, knight, GK. 160, 424, 1776, 2061, 2372. GG. 599. SCHALKEZ, SCHALKIS, pl. GK. 1454. GG. 639, 891. SCHALK, gen. pl. 562.

SCHANE, bright, AA. xxvi. 4. See SCHENE.
SCHANKES, legs, GK. 160. See SCHONKES.
SCHAP, p. t. was formed, GK. 2328.
SCHAPE, to escape? GK. 1210.
SCHAPEN, p. p. shaped, GK. 213.
SCHAPES, pr. t. relates, GK. 1626.
SCHAPLY, fitly, fairly, &c. 453.

SCHARP, used substantively for sword, GK.

1593, 1902; axe, 2318. SCHATERANDE, dashing, GK. 2083. SCHAWE, to shew, GK. 27.

SCHAJE, grove, wood, GK. 2161.


SCHEDDIT, p. t. cut, GG. 990. SCHED, p. p.

cut, shaved, 604.

SCHEDER, pr. t. drifts? GK. 956.
SCHEDEZ, pr. t. pours, GK. 506.

SCHEIDIS, a misprint for Scheildis, gg. 668. Jamieson, however, endeavours to find a meaning, and explains the word distances!

SCHEIRLY, SCHIRLY, SCHYRLY, cleanly, GK. 1880; brightly, GG. 22, 477. See SCHIR. SCHELDEZ, shields of a boar, GK. 1456, 1626.

SCHEMERED, p. t. glittered, GK. 772. SCHEND, SCHENDE, to destroy, confound, GK. 2266. GG. 1077. SCHENT, p. t. went to pieces, 619. SCHENT, SHENTE, p. p. injured, conquered, disgraced, aa. xlix. 7. GG. 689, 1068, 1186. J. 16, 514. SCHENE, SCHEYNE, SHEENE, SHENE, bright, beautiful, clear, GK. 662, 2314. AA. xxiv. 8, xxx. 7, xxxix. 7, liv. 7. GG. 242, 444, 477,639. Gr.K. 447. Used substantively, GK. 2268.

SCHENE, p. t. were conspicuous, GG. 1273. SCHENT, n. disgrace, GG. 1077.

SCHERE, SCHIERE, countenance, mien, GK. 334. GG. 616.

SCHERE, to shear, cut, GK. 213. SCHER, p. t. 1337. See SCHAIR. SCHIDES, SCHYDES, splinters, AA. xxxix. 7,9.

+SCHILDE, should, GK. 1286. SCHYLDE, subj. forbid, GK, 1776. SCHINANDE, shining, GK. 269. SCHYNBAWDES, greaves? armour for the legs, AA. xxxi. 5. MS. D. seems to read SCHYNBANDES, and it is so printed by Pinkerton and Jamieson. The same term occurs again in the alliterative Morte Arthure: The schafte schoderede and schotte in the schire beryne,

That the schedande blode one his schanke runnys,

And schewede one his schynbawde, that was schire burneste.

MS. Linc. f. 93. SCHYNDERED, p. t. severed, shivered, GK. 424, 1458, 1594.

SCHIR, SCHIRE, SCHYIRE, SCHYR, SCHYRE, fair, bright, clear, GK. 317, 425, 619, 772. GG. 537, 610, 639, 690, 1331. Used substantively for skin or neck, 2256. See SCHEIRLY.

SCHYRE, fairly, clearly, GK. 506, 2083.
SCHYRER, fairer, clearer, GK. 955.
SCHо, she, GK. 1259, 1550, 1555. AA. i. 13,
iii. 1, xxvii. 7.

SCHOLES, pr. t. (?) GK. 160.

SCHONKES, SHONKEZ, legs, GK. 431, 846. SCHONKIT, p. t. gave way, failed, GG. 619. Jamieson prints it Schenkit, and interprets it agitated. See also Weber's Gloss. to Metr. Rom. v. Schenche.

SCHORE, shore, earth, GK. 2161, 2332.
SCHOREZ, pl. 2083.

SCHORE, high, eminent, GG. 340.
SCHORE, threat, GG. 103.
SCHORE, to threaten, GG. 276.
SCHOTTEN, p. t. shot, GK. 1167.

shove, push, throng, GK. 1454, 2161.

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