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Smal fendal bifides, a felure hir ou?

Of tryed Tolouse, of Tars tapites ī nogħi,

þat were enbrawded & beten wyth þe beft gemes,
þat myzt be preued of prys wyth penyes to bye,
pe comlokest to discrye,

per glent wt yzen gray,

A femloker þat eu? he fyze,

Soth mozt no mon say.

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Bot Arthure wolde not ete til al were ferued,

He watz fo joly of his joyfnes, & fù quat child gered,
His lif liked hy lyzt, he louied þe lasse

Aup to lenge lye, or to longe fitte,

So bified him his 3onge blod & his brayn wylde;

& also anop9 maner meued hi eke,

Pat he þurz nobelay had nomen, he wolde neu? ete
Vpon fuch a dere day, er hy deuised were
Of fu auentur9 þyg an vncouþe tale,
Of fu mayn m'uayle, þat he myzt trawe,
Of1 alderes, of armes, of op auentur,
Op9 fù fegg hy bi-fo3t of fu fiker knyzt,

To joyne wyth hỹ i iustÿg in joparde to lay,

Lede lif for lyf, leue vchon op3,

As fortune wolde fulfu hō þe fayrer to haue.

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pis watz [the] kýges coûtenauce where he i co't were,
At vch farand fest amōg his fre meny,

in halle;

per fore of face so fere,

[fol. 92b.] He stiztlez stif i stalle,

1 Of of, MS.

Ful zep i þat nw zere,

Much mirthe he mas wt alle.


Thus p' ftondes i ftale þe stif kýg his feluen,
Talkkande bifore þe hyze table of trifles ful hende ;
There gode Gawan watz gyped, Gwenore bifyde,
& Aguayn a la dure mayn on þat op fyde fittes,
Bope þe kýges fift? fues, & ful fiker kniztes;
Bifchop Bawdewyn abof bi-ginez þe table,
& Ywan, Vryn fon, ette wit hyfeluen ;
pife were dizt on þe des, & derworply ferued,
& fipen mony fiker fegge at þe fidbordez.
pē þe first cors come with crakkýg of trūpes,
Wyth mony baner ful bryzt, þat þer bi henged,
Nwe nakryn noyfe wt þe noble pipes,
Wylde werbles & wy3t wakned lote,

þat mony hert ful hize hef at her towches;
Dayntes dryuen þer wyth of ful dere metes,
Foyfou of pe fresche, & on fo fele difches,
þat pine to fynde pe place pe peple bi-forne
For to sette þe fyluen?, þat sere sewes halden,
Iche lede as he loued hy felue

per laght wt outen lope,

Ay two had disches twelue,

Good ber, & bryzt wyn bope.





|| on clothe;



Now wyl I of hor feruise say yow no more,
For vch wyze may wel wit no wont þat p9 were,


An op9 noyfe ful newe nezed biliue,

þat þe lude my3t haf leue liflode to cach. For vnepe watz þe noyce not awhyle sesed, & þe fyrft coce i pe co't kyndely ferued, per hales i at þe halle dor an aghlich mayft", On þe most on þe molde on mesure hygħ ; Fro pe fwyre to be fwange fo fware & fo pik, & his lyndes & his lymes fo longe & fo grete, [fol. 93.] Half etayn i erde I hope þat he were. Bot mon most I algate myn hy to bene, & þat þe myrieft i his muckel þat myzt ride; For of bak & of breft al were his bodi fturne, Bot his wombe & his waft were worthily fmale, & alle his fetures folzande, i forme þat he hade, For wonder of his hwe me hade,

Set i his femblaut fene;

He ferde as freke were fade,

[blocks in formation]

& ou al enker grene.


Ande al grayped i grene þis gome & his wedes,
A ftrayt cote ful strezt, þat ftek on his fides,


A mere mantile abof, mensked wt ine,

Wt pelure pured apert þe pane ful clene,

Wt blype blaun' ful bryzt, & his hod bope,


þat watz lazt fro his lokkez, & layde on his fchulderes ;
Heme wel haled hofe of pat fame grene,

þat spenet on his fparlyr, & clene spures vnder,

Of bryst golde, vpon filk bordes, barred ful ryche,

& fcholes vnder fchankes, pere pe fchalk rides ;


& alle his vesture uerayly watz clene v'dure,

Bope be barres of his belt & op blype ftones,
pt were richely rayled i his aray clene,
Aboutte hy felf & his fadel, vpon filk werkez,
Pat were to tor for to telle of tryfles þe halue,
Þat were enbrauded abof, wyth bryddes & flyzes,
With gay gaudi of grene, pe golde ay i myddes ;
pe pendaūtes of his payttrure, þe proude cropure,
His molaynes, & alle þe metail anamayld was þēne,
pe steropes þat he stod on, stayned of þe fame,
& his arfouz al after, & his apel sturtes,
Þat euer glemed & glent al of grene stones.
pe fole þat he ferkkes on, fyn of þat ilke,

[blocks in formation]






Wel gay watz pis gome gered i grene,
& be here of his hed of his hors fwete;
Fayre fannand fax vmbe-foldes his fchulderes ;
A much berd as a bufk ou? his breft henges,
pat wyth his hizlich here, þat of his hed reches,
Watz enefed al vmbe-torne, a-bof his elbowes,


pat half his armes þer vnder were halched i þe wyfe
Of a kÿgez capados, þat clofes his fwyre.


pe mane of þat mayn hors much to hit lyke,
Wel crefped & cemed wyth knottes ful mony,
Folden i wyth fildore aboute pe fayre grene,

1 as as, MS.


Ay a herle of þe here, an op9 of golde;
pe tayl & his toppyg twynen of a fute,

& bouden bope wyth a bande of a bryzt grene,
Dubbed wyth ful dere ftonez, as pe dok lafted,
Sypen þrawen wyth a þwong a þwarle knot alofte,
per mony bellez ful bryzt of brende golde rungen.
Such a fole vpon folde, ne freke þat hy rydes,
Watz neu fene i þat fale wyth fyzt er þat tyme,
He loked as layt fo lyzt,

So fayd al þat hý fyze,
Hit femed as no mon my3t,

Vnd his dynttez dryze.

|| wt yze;



Whep hade he no helme ne hawbrgh naup,
Ne no pyfan, ne no plate þat pented to armes,




Ne no fchafte, ne no fchelde, to schwne ne to fmyte,
Bot i his on honde he hade a holyn bobbe,
pat is gratteft i grene, when greuez ar bare,
& an ax i his op, a hoge & vn-mete,
A fpetos fparpe to expoù i fpelle quo fo myzt;
pe hede of an elnzerde þe large lenkþe hade,
pe grayn al of grene ftele & of golde hewen,
pe bit burnyft bryzt, wt a brod egge,

As wel schapen to schere as fcharp rafores ;
pe ftele of a stif staf þe sturne hit bi-grypte,

[fol. 94.] Pat watz waūden wyth yrn to þe wandez ende,
& al bigrauen wt grene, i gcos werkes;
A lace lapped aboute, þat louked at þe hede,

& fo aft' pe halme halched ful ofte,

Wyth tryed taffelez perto tacched i nogħe,




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