The Historians of Scotland, المجلد 3،صفحة 2

الغلاف الأمامي
Edmonston and Douglas, 1872
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الصفحة 134 - ... be Fra land to land be-yhond the Se. Fra that the sowth Bate ware sene The landis wndyre sayle betwene Fra the sowth as than passand Toward the north the trad haldand, The north Bate suld be redy made Towart the sowth to hald the trade : And thare suld nane pay mare Than foure pennys for thare fare, Quha-evyr for his frawcht wald be For caus frawchtyd owre that Se.
الصفحة 128 - Wamen by gangand; And thai Wemen than thowcht he Thre Werd Systrys mast lyk to be. The fyrst he hard say gangand by, 'Lo, yhondyr the Thayne of Crwnv bawchty.' The tothir Woman sayd agayne, 'Of Morave yhondyre I se the Thayne.
الصفحة 322 - And alway quhen scho yhed till mete, That [cophyne scho gert by hir] sett ; And till hyr lord, as in presens, Ay to that scho dyd reverens. And thare scho gert set ilka day, [As] wont before hyr lord wes ay, 1490 All the cowrssys coweryd welle In to sylver brycht weschelle Browcht fra the kychyn, and thare set.
الصفحة 135 - Bredyr twa. Tham Malcolme sayd, he had a ferly, That he hym fandyde sa thraly Of Scotland to tak the Crowne, Qwhill he kend hys condytyowne. Forsuth, he sayde, thare wes nane than Swa lycherows a lyvand man, As he wes ; and for that thyng He dowtyde to be made a Kyng. A Kyngis lyf, he sayd, suld be Ay led in-til gret honeste : For-thi he cowth iwyl be a Kyng, He sayd, that oysyd swylk lyvyng.
الصفحة 58 - Sevyn hundyr wynter and sextene, Quhen lychtare wes the Virgyne clene, Pape off Rome than Gregore The Secund, quham off yhe herd before, And Anastas than Empryowre, The fyrst yhere off hys honowre, Nectan Derly[ng] wes than regnand Owre the Peychtis in Scotland. 5820 In Ros he fowndyd Rosmarkyne, That dowyd wes wytht kyngys syne, And made was a place Cathedrale Be-north Murrave severalle ; Quhare chanownys ar seculare Wndyr Saynt Bonyface lyvand thare.
الصفحة 172 - ... And fra it a space wes drawyn, As men for till wndyrstand, Large thre akyre leynth off land. This tre" may happyn for to get The kynd rwte, and in it be set, 550 And sap to recovyr syne, Bath [the] leyff, and flewowre fyne, And the froyte the tre oure-sprede. Than is to lyppyn sum remede.' " F. I6i. b. Than the knycht sayd, " Now I se In to the kynd rwte set the tre" ; This tre" yhe may wndyrstand To be the kynryk off Ingland, That in honowre, and ryches, And in gret welth abowndand wes. 560...
الصفحة 139 - He wes rycht wa, aud tuk the flycht : And owre the Mownth thai chast hym than Tyl the Wode of Lunfanan. This Makduff wes thare mast felle, And on that chas than mast crwele. Bot a Knycht, that in that chas Til this Makbeth than nerest was, Makbeth turnyd hym agayne, And sayd, ' Lurdane, thow prykys in wayne, For thow may noucht be he, I trowe, That to dede sall sla me nowe. That man is nowcht borne of Wyf Of powere to rewe me my lyfe.
الصفحة 131 - Fyfe the Thayne That ilk yhoke of oxyn awcht, That he saw fayle in-to the drawcht. Than spak Makbeth dyspytusly, And to the Thayne sayd angryly, Lyk all wrythyn in hys skyn, His awyn Nek he suld put in The yhoke, and ger hym drawchtis drawe, Noucht dowtand all hys Kynnys awe.
الصفحة 121 - Icmman will wes off gud red ; But scho a batward efftyr that Till hyr spowsyd husband gat, And off land in heritage A peys till hyr and hyr lynage : Efftyre that mony day The Batwardy's* Land that callyd thai.
الصفحة 131 - He thame ressawyd thankfully, And trettyd thame rycht curtasly. And in Scotland than as Kyng This Makbeth mad gret steryng; And set hym than in hys powere A gret Hows for to mak of Were A-pon the hycht of Dwnsynane : Tymbyr thare-til to drawe, and stane, Of Fyfe, and of Angws, he Gert mony oxin gadryd be.

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