Muhammad: An Evolution of God

الغلاف الأمامي
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The advent of the holy prophet Muhammad (PBH) was foretold in so many pages of all the previous scriptures. He was finally unveiled by the Almighty God, with a message to all the world (the holy Quran). The holy Quran (as prophesied in the previous scriptures) is the actual word of the Almighty God - Allah. It was revealed for the benefit of all mankind: "Blessed is He who sent down the criterion to His servant, that it may be an admonition to all creatures". (Q.25:1). It is complete and comprehensive and in conformity with the prophecy in the previous scriptures. The Almighty Allah says: ".Nothing have we omitted from the Book". (Q.6:38) The message given to the holy prophet Muhammad (PBH) by the Almighty Allah for mankind thus contains a complete code which provides for all areas of life, whether spiritual, intellectual, political, social or economic. It is a code which has no boundaries of time, place or nation. Before Islam, religion was on the authority of its own leaders, and was thus the avowed enemy of reason resulting in making theology to be based on intricate subtleties and credulous admiration of miracles. The holy Quran came and took religion by a new road untrodden by the previous scriptures in fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy. It spoke to the rational mind and alerted the intelligence. It sets out the order in the Universe, the principles and certitudes within it, and required a lively scrutiny of them that the mind might thus be sure of the validity of its claim and message. Even in relation to the narratives of the past, it proceeded on the conviction that the created order follows invariable laws, as the holy Quran says: "Such was the way of God in days gone by and you will find (that) it does not change (Q.48:23). And again, "God does not change people's case until they change their own disposition (Q.13:11). Even in matters of morality, the holy Quran relies on evidence: "Requite evil with good and your worst enemy will become your dearest friend (Q.41:34). Thus for the first time in a revealed scripture, reason finds its brotherly place; and toleration made a corner stone of religion as the holy Quran says: "There is no compulsion in religion".(Q2:256) But warned that tyranny and injustice are the two enemies of social solidarity and inter- social amity.

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