Specimens of the Early English Poets: To which is Prefixed, an Historical Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the English Poetry and Language,

الغلاف الأمامي
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1811 - 1334 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 324 - Now have we many chimneys ; and yet our tenderlings complain of rheums, catarrhs, and poses ; then had we none but reredosses, and our heads did never ache. For as the smoke in those days was supposed to be a sufficient hardening for the timber of the house, so it was reputed a far better medicine to keep the good-man and his family from the quack or pose, wherewith, as then, very few were acquainted.
الصفحة 326 - As for servants, if they had any sheet above them, it was well, for seldom had they any under their bodies to keep them from the...
الصفحة 331 - Rushes green!" another gan greet; One bade me buy a hood to cover my head, But for want of Money I might not be sped, Then I hied me into East Cheap; One cries "Ribs of beef," and many a pie; Pewter pots they clattered on a heap, There was harp, pipe, and minstrelsie. "Yea, by cock!
الصفحة 303 - As for the time (though I of mirthis food Might have no more) to look it did me good.
الصفحة 208 - Gower will find smooth numbers and easy rhymes, of which Chaucer is supposed to have been the inventor, and the French words, whether good or bad, of which Chaucer is charged as the importer. Some innovations he might probably make, like others, in the infancy of our poetry, which the paucity of books does not allow us to discover with particular exactness; but the works of Gower...
الصفحة 278 - Austin or Guy Earl of Warwick, ludicrous " or legendary, religious or romantic, a history " or an allegory, he writes with facility. His...
الصفحة 215 - I HAVE observed, that a reader seldom peruses a book with pleasure, till he knows whether the writer of it be a black or a fair man, of a mild or choleric disposition, married or a bachelor, with other particulars of the like nature, that conduce very much to the right understanding of an author.
الصفحة 306 - And in my head I drew right hastily; And eft-soones I lent it forth again : And saw her walk that very womanly. With no wight mo'° but only women twain.
الصفحة 323 - Mary's days to wonder, but chiefly when they saw what large diet was used in many of these so homely cottages; insomuch that one of no small reputation amongst them said after this manner — "These English (quoth he) have their houses made of sticks and dirt, but they fare commonly so well as the king.
الصفحة 331 - I saw where hung mine owne hood, That I had lost among the throng; To buy my own hood I thought it wrong: I knew it, well as I did my creed; But, for lack of money, I could not speed. The taverner took me by the sleeve,

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