History Of The Chamar Dynasty : (From 6Th Century A.D. To 12Th Century A.D.)

الغلاف الأمامي
Gyan Publishing House, 2008 - 1014 من الصفحات
The learned author has produced the work with the sole intent to grasp the real Indian civilizational and cultural postulates in the folds of Indian history. As history forms a colossal steep monumental wall with a crest of todayness, it becomes an uptill task to see the lower parts of this characteristic monument from the crest. To see the intended parts, one, brave like a historian, needs climb down with care and hardihood in the valley of such dark monument, to cheak, examine and observe the intended fact. In this work, the author painstakingly has found the truth about the Hindu sub-caste sudra, of which , members overwhelmed time and again against the set caste norms to be rulers and lay foundation of the magnificent dynasties an the Indian sub-continent. This work of History suggests many factual things and nullifies the caste myths-and contributes a lot to the dalits movements. It starts a new debate on the emancipation of castes, present day reservation to sub-castes, and a new perspective of caste system in India. Stands a work of immense value.

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