America on the Cusp of God’s Grace: The Biblical Connection to the Stars and Stripes

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America on the Cusp of God’s Grace issues a rousing call for true, Bible-believing patriots to save America by reverting back to the august principles of our Founding Fathers. With simple, straightforward language, Dennis G. Hurst digs deep into the ideas and beliefs upon which the Republic was founded and then juxtaposes them with the sobering reality of today.

Hurst provides a history of the beginning of America, from its seventeenth-century colonies based on religious freedom to the Revolutionary War’s stunning impact on the world and to the Constitutional Convention’s innovative ideas. Hurst shows how faith in God guided the Founders during every step of the process and compares and contrasts this history with the present state of American culture. In addition, he looks at the damaging effects of Islam on the United States and how it has brought about a decisive, polarizing effect on ideologies today.

But Hurst doesn’t stop with mere commentary and historical scholarship. Instead, he offers a blueprint for how God-loving American citizens begin a revival in their country. This includes a return to character, leadership, and integrity, plus a steady focus on Christ.

True believers were this country’s founders; true believers were its sustainers; and true believers will be its rescuers, even an America on the Cusp of God’s Grace!


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Part One The Seeds Of Freedom
Part Two A Constitutional Republic
Part Three Conflicting Ideologies
Part Four A New Revival
Appendix The Founding Documents
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