Marketing Management

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McGraw-Hill Education, 1975 - 571 من الصفحات

 This book depicts marketing in contemporary and future India by providing a clear understanding of the

marketing concepts, with due emphasis on developing application skills. It comprehensively discusses

marketing management concepts and frameworks with numerous illustrations and cases in the Indian


This revised and up-to-date text presents the evolving marketing scenario with the latest marketing data.

Salient Features

- Emphasis on ‘Innovations in Marketing' through examples and cases.

- Numerous new examples, data, research inputs and concepts introduced.

- Outcome-based pedagogy with Learning Objectives and content tagged with LO.


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Pricing Objectives of Different Firms
Section 4
Advertising Management
Managing the Sales Function
Managing the Distribution Function
Retail Management
Direct Marketing
Customer Relationship Management

Preparing a War
Section 2
Structure of Marketing Plan
Marketing Research and Information Systems
Data Mining and Warehousing
Consumer Behaviour
Organisational Buying Behaviour
Segmenting and Targeting
Requirements for Effective Segmentation
Market Measurement and Demand Forecasting
Section 3
New Product Decisions
Brand Management and Decisions
Customer Service
Marketing Organisation
Marketing Performance and Control
Efficiency Control
Section 6
Services Marketing Mix
Rural Marketing
Importance of Rural Markets
Rural Consumer
for the Rural Markets
NanoA Dream Car for the Poor
Author Index
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