As I Write These Words

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Every poem in As I Write These Words seeks to take the reader on a journey with author Samir Georges. This very personal collection of poetry, begun by Samir at the age of ten and completed on his twentieth birthday, offers an invitation to travel across the tapestry of emotion and experiences he weaves.

Raised in a culture that values and nurtures poetry, Samir first began writing poetry in his native language without any training. His need for expression spurred him on. From the emotion of "He Whistles as He Walks, This Man" to the charm of "Lady," he improvises every poem, writing before he thinks; to him, emotions are felt like flint and stone in the hand, long before thought sparks from between.

As I Write These Words presents an offer to dream, journey, and grow-an offer made with an open hand that is there for the taking.

Contemplating quietly and fluently is he

Not with speech but by mind and precision in every degree,

Congratulate those who assimilate to those around them with decree.

But he who cares not for the throng knows better than to be bound by such wrong,

For judgment is to be awarded by deeds best unknown to the judge,

Not as a tool to be handed down from a man to fool.

ما يقوله الناس - كتابة مراجعة

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Samir Georges has been writing poetry for over a decade. His expressionist spirit brought him to Canada to study, a choice that he made without hesitation in order to pursue new experiences. He has been living and writing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, ever since.

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