Common Sense: Intelligence as Presented on Popular Television

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Lisa Holderman
Lexington Books, 2008 - 301 من الصفحات
This anthology examines the constructions of intelligence and intellectuality in popular television and the socio-cultural implications of those constructions. It considers the complexity of popular television images, the influences of these images as they both verify and vilify intelligence, and explores a range of representations of intelligence on television by looking at a variety of TV genres and through a variety of theoretical perspectives and methods. Topics range from broad explorations of patterned representations on television to examinations of particular genres, including science-fiction and reality programming, to in-depth analyses of specific programs such as The Simpsons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Six Feet Under. This book is grounded in the assumption that knowledge and intelligence are currency in the economics of power and that, given that the proliferation of certain images and the relative absence of others in fictional, reality, and fact-based media play an important role in social-order maintenance, a critical examination of how intelligence is demonstrated, portrayed, and evaluated in the public sphere is crucial.

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The Social Construction of Modern Intelligence
Book Street and Techno Smarts The Representation of Intelligence on PrimeTime Television
Social Class Gender and Youth Culture
Better Keep the Egghead Pragmatism in The Simpsons
Keeping the Intelligent Woman In Her Place within the Patriarchal Social Order Containing the Unruliness of Genius Brenda Chenowith on Six Feet ...
Being a Nerd and Negotiating Intelligence in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Is School Cool? Representations of Academics and Intelligence on Teen Television
Scientists and Science Fiction
Brains in Service of Brawn The ScientistSoldier Dynamic in Science Fiction Television
The CSI Effect Scientists and Priming on Prime Time Television
Talk Shows and Reality Television
MediaConstructed AntiIntellectualism The Portrayal of Experts in Popular US Television Talk Shows
Portrayals of Intelligence in Reality Television
Faking Intelligence? Representing Intelligence in TLCs Faking It
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Lisa Holderman is associate professor of communications at Arcadia University.

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