Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down

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Harvard Business Press, 2010 - 198 من الصفحات

One small idea can ignite a revolution just as a single matchstick can start a fire.

One such idea--putting employees first and customers second--sparked a revolution at HCL Technologies, the IT services giant.

In this candid and personal account, Vineet Nayar--HCLT's celebrated CEO--recounts how he defied the conventional wisdom that companies must put customers first, then turned the hierarchical pyramid upside down by making management accountable to the employees, and not the other way around.

By doing so, Nayar fired the imagination of both employees and customers and set HCLT on a journey of transformation that has made it one of the fastest-growing and profitable global IT services companies and, according to BusinessWeek, one of the twenty most influential companies in the world.
Chapter by chapter, Nayar recounts the exciting journey of how he and his team implemented the employee first philosophy by:

* Creating a sense of urgency by enabling the employees to see the truth of the company's current state as well as feel the "romance" of its possible future state

* Creating a culture of trust by pushing the envelope of transparency in communication and information sharing

* Inverting the organizational hierarchy by making the management and the enabling functions accountable to the employee in the value zone

* Unlocking the potential of the employees by fostering an entrepreneurial mind-set, decentralizing decision making, and transferring the ownership of "change" to the employee in the value zone

Refreshingly honest and practical, this book offers valuable insights for managers seeking to realize their aspirations to grow faster and become self-propelled engines of change.

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Vineet Nayar is the Chief Executive Officer of HCL Technologies Ltd., India's leading global IT Services Company. He also serves on the board of the company as a whole time Director. A team of more than 50,000 professionals, HCL is spread across 18 countries with its current annual revenues of US $1.9 billion.

An entrepreneur at heart, Vineet joined HCL in 1985 after completing his engineering and management degrees. After seven years as engineer, product manager, sales & marketing head at HCL, Vineet founded HCL Comnet to provide IT infrastructure and networking services. A Mercer/TNS survey published in Business Today ranked HCL Comnet amongst the top 10 "Best Companies To Work For In India" for three consecutive years, and BT recognized Vineet as one of the "India's Hottest Young Achievers" in 2002.

Vineet became the President in April 2005 and CEO in October 2007 of HCL Technologies. The organization has quickly become one of the fastest growing companies in the Indian IT landscape. Brown-Wilson Group for The Black Book of Outsourcing deemed HCL Technologies as the world's No. 1 infrastructure outsourcing vendor in 2007.

Fortune magazine called his leadership style "The World's Most Modern Management" and the London Business School labeled him "the leader of organizational innovation". During his tenure, HCL Technologies made it to the fastest growing "Business Week Top 100 Tech companies" (2007). IDC recognized Vineet as having "the most cohesive and articulate vision" in the IT services sector.

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