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Book XIV.

our own ruin

Had we sailed

have won it

And other wilis of werre wroght for our sake, 5612 That may hast vs to harme, & hindur our spede

(fol.87 b.) With all fare þat may forthir, & filsyn our

bai holdyn vs vnhardy hom for to negh,

Or with note for to noye now at þis tyme : 5616 And ay the ferrer þat we fay our fare opon The longer we

delay the more longe,

are we procuring The more

we procure our payne & our pure
bis I hope in my hert & holly beleue,
Hade we sailit all somyn to be Cité euyn,

straight to the 5620 In our course as we came, & cast vs þerfore, city, we might We shuld lightlier haue laght þe lond at our

wille :
Or any we hade ben warre, wonen of ship
Withouten hurt other harme to haue in the

dede, 5624 Or any lede to be lost, or hor lyue tyne. Now are the war of our werkes, wetyn vs at but they are now

prepared for us. hond, Vs will gayne mykell greme er we ground haue : And

ay the ser þat we sit our sore be pe harder. 5628 Therfore, sothely me semys, yf ye so wille,

Therefore, if ye

80 will, let us be bat we dresse to our dede when þe day ready at day

sprynges ;
All redy to rode, aray for our shippes,

Iche wegh in his wede, as hym well likes, 5632 All boune ynto batell on his best wise. Row forthe in a rape right to the banke,

Row right to the

shore, and lake Tit vnto Troy, tary no lengur;

up our position. And monly with might meve vnto londe, 5636 The ground for to get, gayuis vs non other.

If the Troiens with tеne turne for to fight, If the Trojans
We wynnyt not of water but with wight


rush upon them strokes ;

attack us we can

from all sides,

Book XIV.

no longer.
The attack must

with this counsel

and determined to follow it.

And with fightyng full fell with a fuerse pepull,

5640 To set vp on yche syde vppon sere haluys. Therefore, delay

perfor, lause of our lyuys, leng we not here;

Put of all purpos, prese on our gate ! be made."

This bus duly be done, dem we non other,

5644 Syn we wyn to our wille be no way ellis.” All were pleased

All plesit the prinse with his prise wordes, (fol. 88 a.)

And the dom, þat he dulte, duly was kept.

When the derke was done, and the day sprange, At day-break all 5648 All the renkes to row redyn hor shippes, are ready

Halit out of hauyn to the hegh see,
There plainly thaire purpos putto an end.

Who fare shuld be-fore, of þo felle kynges,
5652 And wo kepit his cours for to caire after,

Thus demyt thes dukes on the depe water :One hundred ships A hundrith of hede shippes to hale on before,

Sadly to saile on þe salt waghes,
5656 With baners o brede bret for þe werre;

The forcastels full of fuerse men of armys,

With shot & with shildis shalkes to noy. then, another

Anoper hundrith, anon, negh sone aftur, squadron of one hundred ; and the 5660 With sailes vp set on þe same wise, whole fleet follow.

All wroght for the werre & wight men þerin. ben folowet all the flete fast oponon,

Euyn kepyn hor course, as þai kend were, 5664 Turnet euyn to be toune, tariet no lengur,

Till o sithen þai segh þe Cité at hond, When they reach And the bonkes aboute to be bare walles. the city, the sails are dropped ;

Then þai turnyt hor tacle tomly to ground, lowered; and all 5668 Leton sailes doun slide, slippit into botes,

Launchet vp to the lond lyuelé bedene,
Buernes buskit vnto bonke ; bold men in hast,
Thoght þe ground for to gete, & no grem suffer.

with fierce meni and all sorts of missiles to annoy the enemy are sent first


boats are

make for the land.


But the Trojans saw their boats

5672 But the Troiens, truly, þes tourfer beheld,



Book XIV.

making for the bank, and mounting their horses dashell down to prevent the landing

(fol. 88.)

The Greeks marvel at the number and skill of the Trojans;

How the fflete of þere fos fell to þe bonke,
And armyt hom [at] all peces abill to fight;

Lepon vpon light horses, lappit in stele; 5676 Withouten leue of the lege, or þe leffe prince,

Bowet euyn to pe banke or þai bide wold;
Out of rule or aray raungit on lenght.

The Grekes in the gret shippes graidly beheld, 5680 Segh the pepull so plaintiouse, presaund in

The bonke to forbede, bold men ynow:
Thai hade meruell full mekyll in hor mynd all,

To se the gcuernaunce graithe, & the grete chere, 5684 How wisely po werriours wroghten vndur shild. There was no Greke so grym, ne of so gret wille, and f»r a timo

not one would Durst abate on bo buernes, ne to bonke stride ; land.

Ne afforse hym with fight to ferke out of ship. 5688 But for hom gaynet no ground to get at þe tyme, But þurghe strenght of strokes, & of strong fight, Seeing there was

nothing to be got And with batell full big on a breme wise, but by hard þai armyt hom at all peces all the ost well,

length they seize 5692 Wonyn to þere weppons wyghtly by-dene,

And girdyn vp to be ground with hor grete land

Prothessalon the proude, of Philace was kyng,

He was formast on flete with the first hundrith, Protesilaus was 5696 þat boldly to bonke braidis to fight.

those ; but his But his shippes were shent with a sharpe wynd, shattered on the Gird on the ground with so grym wille,

Till þai rut on a Rocke, & rent all to peses, 5700 bat mony was mard & the men drownet : Vne sunkyn in þe se mony sure knightes. Many of his men

were drowned; And who, þat lacchit the lond with the lyf þen, and those who

got to land were Were takon with the Troiens & tyrnet to dethe, blain. 5704 Martrid & murthrid, manglit in peses. Den the fight wex fell þo fuerse men amonge,

The battle became With shot fro the shippes and the shire banke.

fighting, at

their weapons and drive to

foremost of


fierce: the air

Book XIV.

was thick with
arrows and
cross-bow bolts,
and resounded the form
with the din of

But the second

Of Arowes & Awblasters þe aire wex thicke, 5708 And dynnyt with dyntes, þat delte were pat

1.70!**- The rynels wex red of the ronke blode,

þat were slayne in the slicche, & in slym


There sothely was sene what sorow & pyne, (fol. 89 a.) 5712 And how balfull & bittur the banke was to wyn.

How the grekes were gird vnto grym dethe,
Neuer red was in Romanse with no renke yet,

That any weghes in the world, þat to werre yode, 5716 With soche baret, fro þe bote vnto bank wan,

As hit happit here with so hard fight.

But the secund sort sothely, þat sewet hom division, through better skill,

aftur, reached the bank,

Were graither of gouernaunce, grippet hor sailes, and press on fiercely.

5720 And light vnto lond lyuely and sound.

More wisely þai wroght þurgh warnyng before. pai preset vp proudly with panys in hond,

In refut of hor felowes, þat were foule mart; The Trojans

5724 And the Troiens tyt turnyt hom agayne, resist stoutly;

ffor-bode hom the banke with mony bale dintes. but the Greeks,

bai braid to bere bowes, bold men in hast,

With alblastis also atlet to shote, cross bow, bicker

5728 With big bowes of brake bykrit full hard,
confuse their
ranks :

Lacchet on þe ledis, þat on lofte stode,
Hurt hom full hidiously, hurlet hom abake.
There were ded of þo dyntes, mony derfe


5732 The shalkes for þe shot shout fro pe banke, then driving

And the grekes vp gird in a gret nowmber, upward press them hard.

ffell fuersly to fight, & hor felowes halpe,

po þat left vpon lyue, þof pai lyte were. 5736 Den gird pai to-gedur with a grym fare!

ffull fell was the fight with þo fuerse troiens. Prothesselon, pe prise kyng, preuyt his strenght,

with bow and

on them and

Protesilaus low



Book XIV.

and cut down many brave

Greeks had been cu$ down to a man.

But what could even he do with

7000 brave

There wonderfully wroght his weghis to helpe; 5740 Mony Troiens with tеne tyrnyt to ground, displayed his

great strength Thurgh swap of his sword swaltyn belyue ! Mony doughty were ded with dynt of his hond, Trojans.

And myche fortherit his feris in hor fell angur! 5744 Hade not the freike ben so fuerse with his fell But for him the

dyntes, All the grekes hade ben gird vnto grym dethe, And all brittnet yche ben, þat were to banke (fol. 89 0.)


But what fortherit his fight, þof he fell were, 5748 With seven thowsaund þro men þrongen to-gedur, 100 men against

bere a hundrith hole were on a hepe somyn Trojans ?
All triet men of Troy þat hom tene wroght?

Mony dynttes full dedly delt were anon! 5752 The Grekes were gird doun, & on ground lay,

Mony swonyng, & swalt, & in swym felle.
The grekes were so greuyt, & to grem broght,
pai wold fayn haue ben forthe, fled on hor way, Fain would the

Greeks have fled; 5756 But no wise might þo weghis wyn into ship;

but they could Ne to lepe fro pe lond into pe low se, Hit was not holsom for hom, so hard was the

stour !

Hom was leuer on þe lond leng at hor aunter, 5760 And be brittnet in batell, þen burbull in the flod.

hai fell fuersly to fight, þo few þat þere were,
And put all þere pcuer, pynyt hom sore.

They make a

rush against the The Troiens dong hom doun in the depe slithe, Trojans, who soon

drive many of 5764 Mony lost hor lyues, & light in the water,

And were ded in the depe withouten dyn more.
The might was so mekyll of þo mayn Troiens, Again they would

have been overbai hade no strenght to withstond, ne hor stid come, but for

Archelaus, who holde,

rallies them; and 5768 But all borne were bai backe to pe buerne syde, combat ensues.

And hade deghit by-dene with dynttes of hond;
But Archelaus in armys auntrid to banke,


them into the sea.

another fierco

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