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do so, the Nourannees in all probability would make some disturbance in that part of the country.

I am, Sir,

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The bearer was present when Meer Jammaul and Babu Basanta Shaw were killed, and will give you the particulars.

(A true copy.)

Petition of Syed Golam. Translation of the representation of Syud Golam Mustofa Khawn.

"My elder brother Syed Jammal Mahomed of Bokhara was empolyed to collect the Revenues in the pargana of Hosseypur in the Sircar of Sarun, Rajah Futteh Shaw, who had been long absent from the country, suddenly made an incursion from the jungles with a body of a thousand horsemen and peons in the night time of the 1st of Rubbee-ul-Awul in the 14th year of the King's reign, and killed my brother with Basant Shaw, the Zamindar, and many others, and carried off whatever horses, camels, ready money, effects he had and part of the Government's Treasure. I pray that the offender may be punished, and that my brother and his people may obtain redress, and then in future I shall know no other protector or person to apply to for justice in this country excepting yourself."

Agreed that the Governor-General and Council be requested to write to the Nabab of Oude and Mr. Bristow that the persons found to be concerned in the murder may be apprehended.

Read the following letters and enclosure from the Provincial Council of Patna.



Governor-General in Council in the Revenue Department,
Fort William.


We have been favoured with your letter of the 24th ultimo, and have, agreeable to your orders, summoned such of the parties as are now in Patna to appear before us. We before acquainted you that some of the parties with their sunnuds were still in Calcutta, and have to request you will be pleased to order them to return here to appear in their defence, when we shall enter upon the cause, and transmit you a copy of our proJ. 1. 27

ceedings thereon. The enclosed copy of a letter from Lieutenant Harding, who was ordered to co-operate with Fouzdar of Gorackpur in the Vizier's dominions for seizing Futty Shaw, the rebellious Zamindar of Hosseypur, will evince to you the little regard that has hitherto been paid to the Nabob's orders on that subject; and we cannot avoid observing on this occasion, that it is so much the interest of the officers employed by His Excellency in that part of the country to let this man remain in the state he is, that we can never expect any effectual assistance from them. Fatty Shaw holds the zamindary of Perg. Jugginee in Sircar Gorackpur adjoining to the district of Hosseypur, and from the collusion which has always prevailed between him and the different Aumils of the Nabab in that country, we have reason to believe that the Nabab himself is defrauded of his just revenue at the same time that Futty Shaw secures to himself a retreat and keeps himself the whole District of Hosseypur in a continual alarm. The Zamindaries of Perg. Jugginee and Hosseypur were some years ago held under the same Collector, and the Nabab's officers received their revenue from the Aumil of Hosseypur, till the former found it more to their own private advantage to separate them. Should this expedient be again adopted, it would, we apprehend, be more likely than any other to effect the purpose of securing the person of Futty Shaw by destroying his influence in the only place where he now finds protection.

The present farmer of Hosseypur, we understand, would readily engage, and give security for the regular payment of the rents of that part of Futty Shaw's zamindary in the Nabab's dominions, on a fair and reasonable adjustment, taken either from a medium of the last four or five years, or from a new and equitable valuation, As this proposal tends equally to the advantage of the Nobabs collections, as to remove the evil which has so long been experienced in the Company's District of Husseypur we are induced to recommend it to your consideration. In our correspondence some months ago with the Resident of the Nobab's Court, we proposed this measure, but as it was not then consented to, we apprehend the Fauzdar of Gorakhpur was referred to by His Excellency, and from the motives already mentioned prevailed on the Nobab to declinę it. The usual valuation is about twenty-five thousand rupees,

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Patna, the 6th February, 1777.

Chief of the Revenue Council at Patna.

By this you will perceive I am returned to Baragong with my Detachment. As I was directed by you only to co-operate with Syed Mahomed in the attack of Futty Shaw, I could by no means act as a principal. Seven days my detachment was with his camp every hour in expectations of coming to an action with the rebel; at last I even persuaded him to march within a hundred-and-fifty yards of his en trenchments, thinking a push must then inevitably have been made towards seizing Futty Shaw, but whether his troops were averse to engaging in a jungle, I will nor cannot pretend to say, but certain it is that not a man of them advanced a yard further. At this period a person came to me from Syed Mohammed Khan requesting the attack might be postponed till the morning. As I thought this was the last push I would make to force him to act with me, and at that very time finding he was on the eve of settling his revenue-matters with the rebel, instead of abiding by his promise, I that instant thought proper to march my detachment to Baragong, as I am confident your intentions were for me to assist him in the attack and not to collect the Nabab's revenue. Had Syed Mohammed Khan and his Council ever fully determined to drive the rebel out of the Perg. Jagnee, he would then have exerted himself to the utmost, for in my opinion there was not the smallest probability of our being defeated, but every likelihood in the world of our succeeding ; and I am afraid (unless you consent to our attacking him with the Company's troops only, and allow a greater force than I at present command, with a gun) we shall never meet with so great an opportunity as this time has afforded.

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I am, Sir,

Your very obedient, humble servant,

Lieut., 5th Battalion Sepoys.

Camp Barragong, 29th January 1777.

(Sd.) SHEARMAN BIRD, Secretary.
(A true copy).

Extract from a letter to the Chief and Provincial Council of Revenue at Patna, dated the 1st July, 1777.

Para 5, 6th February.—The season of the year is too far advanced to send a military force on a fresh attempt to seize Futty Shaw, but we

recommend it to you to endeavour by all possible means to surprise him, and if you judge that it may be the means of effecting this, we authorise you to offer, by proclamation, a reward of ten thousand rupees to any person who shall either apprehend him or point out the place of his residence so that he shall be apprehended.


Agreed that Captain Coxe be written as follows:

Const., 13st January, 1778.



Commanding the Battalion at Bagga.

We direct that when you shall receive notice from Mr. Middleton, that the Nabab of Oude has complied with our requisition to him to divest Futtay Shaw and his family of the Zemíndary of Husseypore, you will march your Battalion to Gorruckpore, and use your utmost endeavours, in conjunction with the force which the Nabab may employ upon this occasion both to apprehend Futtay Shaw and to put the person in possession of the Zemindary to whom the Nabab shall grant

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Extract from the Proceedings of the Governor-General in Council in the Revenue Department, dated the 17th April, 1778. Extract from a letter from the Revenue Council of Patna, dated 2nd April, 1778.

We have received petitions from Mohesh Dutt, the son of Babu Boshunt Shaw, who was a relation of Futtay Shaw and murdered by him when renter of Husseypore, and from Dhujjoo Singh, a Talookdar of that District, who has long acted as partizan against the rebel and been wounded in the service, and is recommended by Captain Coxe for his activity and the assistance which he has afforded him, praying that their title to some recompense for their losses and services may be taken into consideration, which we have to lay before you.

We have before mentioned to you the distressed circumstances of Mohesh Dutt. Instead of any allowance which we before recommended, we would now rather propose that Futtay Shahi should be declared to have forfeited his Zemindary, and that it should be bestowed on this young man, that some villages should be declared to have forfeited his

Zemindary, and that it should be bestowed on this young man, that some villages should be added to the talooka of Dhujjoo Singh, and that he should be declared the Dewan. In justice to Moulvi Meer Gulam Mustapha, the present Collector in Husseypore, we must observe that his brother Meer Jummaul was also assassinated by the rebel, and the family by that means reduced to very necessitous circumstances. A small Jaigir would perhaps be their best method of support, and this might be formed chiefly of waste land at present yielding little revenue to the Company.



My father, Baboo Basant Shahi, was employed by Government and spent his days in their service, and since his demise, I have not been deficient in my duty to the Company, and am now with my guardian, Dhujjoo Singh, opposing the arms of the rebel Futtay Shahi, who is attended by the ryots and renters of the Pergannahs who accompany him, buoyed up with the hopes of seeing more prosperous days in future.

My grandfather and Futtay Shahi's father were own brothers. I am therefore by this alliance entitled to the Zemindary of these Pergannahs which I request you will grant to me; and the ryots who now wait upon the rebel will then repair to me, and give up all future prospect from that quarter, and after a deduction of the collections made by the rebellious Raja, I am willing to enter into engagements adequate to the produce, and undertake the management of the


(A true copy.)

(Sd.) Lt. CRUSS-Laplant,


Extracts of a letter to the Provincial Council at Patna, dated the 17th

April, 1778.

Para 8.-We have attentively considered your recommendations of Mahesh Dutt, Dhujjoo Singh and Moulvi Meer Gulam Mustapha, but do not think it proper at this time to comply with them. You may inform them that when, with their assistance, we shall have apprehended the person of Futtay Shahi, we shall pay proper attention to their pretensions and services.

Terrl. Depmt:

The 18th August, 1829.


(Sd.) W. M. TILGHMAN, Offg. Deputy Secretary to Government.

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